Deutschsprachige Exilliteratur seit 1933 vermittelt ein genaues Bild der deutschsprachigen Exilliteratur in den Vereinigten Staaten. Schriftstellerinnen und Schriftsteller, die aus politischen oder ethnischen Gründen nach der Machtübernahme Hitlers ihre Heimat verlassen mussten, werden hier mit ihren im Exil verfassten Werken vorgestellt. Außer der Belletristik werden auch Film, Theater und literaturnahe Essayistik erschlossen. Mit Erscheinen von Teilband 3/5 ist das Werk jetzt abgeschlossen! Die beiden ersten Bände geben einen Überblick über die Schwerpunkte der Emigration: Band 1 - Kalifornien befasst sich z.B. mit Thomas Mann, Lion Feuchtwanger und Bertolt Brecht sowie mit Autoren, die für den Film in Hollywood arbeiteten, etwa Billy Wilder. In Band 2 - New York werden Emigranten vorgestellt, die nach New York gegangen sind, einem wichtigen Zentrum des Exils und der Auseinandersetzung mit dem Nationalsozialismus. Band 3, der in fünf Teilbänden erschienen ist, stellt mehr als 80 Persönlichkeiten in Einzelporträts vor. Die Teilbände 3/3 bis 3/5 enthalten außerdem thematische Aufsätze, die sich mit spezifischen Aspekten der Emigration beschäftigen und mit den Bedingungen, unter denen die Emigrierten leben mussten. Der aktuelle Teilband 3/5 bietet zudem eine gründlich überarbeitete und vervollständigte Tabelle "Exiljahre in den USA", die die genauen Daten des Exilaufenthalts aller in Band 5 enthaltenen deutschsprachigen Schriftsteller auflistet. Band 4 birgt in drei Teilbänden insgesamt 225 Personalbibliographien, davon sind 150 Erstbibliographien.
Between the two world wars, at a time when both sexual repression and sexual curiosity were commonplace, New York was the center of the erotic literature trade in America. The market was large and contested, encompassing not just what might today be considered pornographic material but also sexually explicit fiction of authors such as James Joyce, Theodore Dreiser, and D.H. Lawrence; mail-order manuals; pulp romances; and "little dirty comics." Bookleggers and Smuthounds vividly brings to life this significant chapter in American publishing history, revealing the subtle, symbiotic relationship between the publishers of erotica and the moralists who attached them—and how the existence of both groups depended on the enduring appeal of prurience. By keeping intact the association of sex with obscenity and shameful silence, distributors of erotica simultaneously provided the antivice crusaders with a public enemy. Jay Gertzman offers unforgettable portrayals of the "pariah capitalists" who shaped the industry, and of the individuals, organizations, and government agencies that sought to control them. Among the most compelling personalities we meet are the notorious publisher Samuel Roth, "the Prometheus of the Unprintable," and his nemesis, John Sumner, head of the New York Society for the Suppression of Vice, a man aggressive in his pursuit of pornographers and in his quest for a morally united—and ethnically homogeneous—America.
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The Annual Bibliography of the History of the Printed Book and Libraries aims at recording articles of scholarly value which relate to the history of the printed book, to the history of arts, crafts, techniques and equipment, and of the economic social and cultural environment, involved in its production, distribution, conservation and description.
This book is the first to make the case that women's changing role in European andAmerican society was critical to Dada. Debates about birth control and suffrage, a declining malepopulation and expanding female workforce, the emergence of the New Woman, and Freudianism wereamong the forces that contributed to the dadaist enterprise.Among the female dadaists discussed arethe German émigré Baroness Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven; Berlin dadaist Hannah Höch; expatriate poetand artist Mina Loy; the "Queen of Greenwich Village," Clara Tice; Margaret Anderson and Jane Heap,the lesbian couple who ran the Little Review; and Beatrice Wood, who died in 1998 at the age of 105.The book also addresses issues of colonialist racism, cross-dressing and dandyism, and the genderingof the machine.
The Annual Bibliography of the History of the Printed Book and Libraries aims at recording articles of scholarly value which relate to the history of the printed book, to the history of arts, crafts, techniques and equipment, and of the economic social and cultural environment, involved in its production, distribution, conservation and description.
This resource guide provides information about the range of activities that can be implemented to maintain and improve the condition of research collections to ensure that they remain usable as long as possible. After an introduction that describes the major activities and a review of an investigation process that gives an overview of good practice, the following articles are presented: (1) "Handling Books in General Collections" (Library of Congress); (2) "Care and Handling of Library Materials" (John DePew); (3) "Preservation Guidelines for Processing Staff" (University of Texas at Austin); (4) "Preservation Guidelines for Circulation and Stack Maintenance Personnel" (University of Texas at Austin); (5) "General Preservation: What an Institution Can Do To Survey Its Own Preservation Needs" (Karen Motylewski); (6) "Storage and Handling: Choosing Archival-Quality Enclosures for Books and Paper" (Karen Motylewski); (7) "Storage and Handling: Cleaning Books and Shelves" (Northeast Document Conservation Center); (8) "Preservation" (Ann Swartzell); (9) "Guidelines for Using Vacuum Cleaners" (National Archives and Records Administration); (10) "Collection Management" (American Library Association); (11) "Reformatting: Microfilm and Microfiche" (Northeast Document Conservation Center); (12) "Archives and Manuscripts: Conservation" (Mary L. Rizenthaler); (13) "Basic Conservation of Archival Materials: A Guide" (Canadian Council of Archives); (14) "Care, Handling, and Storage of Photographs" (International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions); (15)"Storage and Handling: Storage Enclosures for Photographic Materials" (Northeast Document Conservation Center); and (16) "The Care and Handling of Recorded Sound Materials" (Giles St-Laurent). A bibliography lists 19 selected readings for further study. (SLD)
This twelfth volume of ABHB (Annual bibliography of the history of the printed book and libraries) contains 3333 records, selected from some 2000 periodicals, the list of which follows this introduction. They have been compiled by the National Committees of the following countries: Italy Australia Austria Luxembourg Belgium The Netherlands Poland Bulgaria Canada Portugal Denmark Rumania Finland South Africa France Spain German Democratic Republic Switzerland German Federal Republic USA Great Britain USSR Hungary Yugoslavia Ireland (Republic of) Spain and Latin America have partially been covered through the good of fices of an American colleague. Benevolent readers are requested to signal the names of bibliographers and historians from countries not mentioned above, who would be willing to co-operate to this scheme of international bibliographic collaboration. The editor will greatly appreciate any communication on this matter. Subject As has been said in the introduction to the previous volumes, this bibliography aims at recording all books and articles of scholarly value which relate to the history of the printed book, to the history of the arts, crafts, techniques and equipment, and of the economic, social and cultural VIII INTRODUCTION environment, involved in its production, distribution, conservation, and description. Of course, the ideal of a complete coverage is nearly impossible to attain. However, it is the policy of this publication to include missing items as much as possible in the forthcoming volumes. The same applies to countries newly added to the bibliography.
Recommended by AB Bookman's Weekly, Special Women's Studies Issue, '94 & Am Lib Assoc., The Source, '91. Historical & Biographical adventures from around the world written by 42 diversified women from a prestigious college 1908 graduating class. Through their letters from 1918-1958 written with honesty, humor & compassion, we read about feminism before our time. In areas of education, the arts, social & family, these women pursued their goals before society expected it. Included are a vice-president's daughter; wife of a diplomat in the Orient before WW II entertaining the Lindberghs; missionaries in China during the Chinese revolution; professor in S. Africa; woman rancher in the CO Rockies; journalist in NY; & a housewife in Ireland during the "Black & Tan" war. They share their personal opinions & experiences during WW I & WW II, The Great Depression, The New Deal, Literature & changes in their modern society. The lost art of letter writing is discovered as they share their joys & sorrows. Descriptions of travel through India, China, Africa & Europe before modern transportation, inspired a book reviewer to claim the book a "literary thrill." Suggested for use in high schools & colleges. Orders placed through Baker & Taylor or Cassiopeia Press, P.O. Box 208, Morrison, CO 80465-0208.

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