They are tiny. They are tall. They are gray. They are green. They survey our world with enormous glowing eyes. To conduct their shocking experiments, they creep in at night to carry humans off to their spaceships. Yet there is no evidence that they exist at all. So how could anyone believe he or she was abducted by aliens? Or want to believe it? To answer these questions, psychologist Susan Clancy interviewed and evaluated "abductees"--old and young, male and female, religious and agnostic. She listened closely to their stories--how they struggled to explain something strange in their remembered experience, how abduction seemed plausible, and how, having suspected abduction, they began to recollect it, aided by suggestion and hypnosis. Clancy argues that abductees are sane and intelligent people who have unwittingly created vivid false memories from a toxic mix of nightmares, culturally available texts (abduction reports began only after stories of extraterrestrials appeared in films and on TV), and a powerful drive for meaning that science is unable to satisfy. For them, otherworldly terror can become a transforming, even inspiring experience. "Being abducted," writes Clancy, "may be a baptism in the new religion of this millennium." This book is not only a subtle exploration of the workings of memory, but a sensitive inquiry into the nature of belief.
Howdy, I am Orlo James Goodson. You may have read one of my other books, the “Jacksonville Norseman Society” or “The Scorpion”. I would like to tell you about another one of my stories “Abducted”. In my reading I found this quote from Bob Lazar a former Government Scientist who worked at S4 near area 51 in southern Nevada. “Obviously the ET craft do exist, something had to build them. So their must be aliens and since there are and the craft are there. There must be some sort of factory and an entire civilization somewhere, and if in fact that is true and it apparently is, then there must be others.” Bob Lazar Former Government Scientist. One of the greatest fears faced by any parent is the fear of one of their children being abducted. Imagine that your child has been abducted and you are an eye witness to a strange craft lifting off the ground with your child inside, it goes straight up disappearing into the star studded night sky. You call for help, you tell the truth, but no one believes you. You are accused of killing your child, you go to jail, lose your job, your spouse divorces you, and you go to court for murder. You are acquitted through strange circumstances. In order to retrieve your child from among the stars and to clear your name, your only hope is to do what can’t be done at a place that doesn’t exist. You must steal an alien ship you know is held on a secret military base in the deserts of Southern Nevada. Once you acquire the ship, before you can go after your child you must out smart an ultra secret government organization that is determined to stop you. After you step off the planet in search of your child among the stars, you encounter a race of cold blooded hateful reptilian aliens that consider you and your child to be animals to be experimented on or a source of food. This book is available in bookstores everywhere and on the internet. You can get an autographed copy or the E-book from my Website at “”. I also have other products available. Enjoy the read.
Estimates the incidence of 5 categories of children, those who were: abducted by family members; abducted by non-family members; runaways; thrownaways; and missing because they had gotten lost or injured, or for some other reason. Data was collected from 6 separate sources: household survey; juvenile facilities survey; returned runaway study; police records study; FBI data reanalysis; and community professionals study. Charts, tables and graphs.
In 1999, at the tender age of ten, Charlene Lunnon and Lisa Hoodless were snatched as they walked to school. Over the next week, they were held captive, tortured, raped and almost killed. News of the girls' disappearance dominated the headlines, and the entire country held its breath, praying for their safe return as a massive police hunt failed to turn up any clues. But then a miracle happened. The girls were found alive, their abductor was arrested and the case was closed. But there was to be no such closure for Charlene and Lisa. Over the coming years, their friendship was strained to breaking point, as they struggled to reconcile themselves to their painful memories and to each other. Abducted is their astonishing first-hand, insider account of how it feels to be kidnapped, how they survived their horrific ordeal and how they have found the strength to move on and rebuild their lives.
ON THE RUN When the high school sweetheart she never expected to see again bursts through the door of her medical mission clinic, nurse Sarah Gallagher can't hold back her shock. But Dominic Jett isn't there to catch up. He's trying to save a life, and the thugs on his tail will stop at nothing to catch him. Now abducted and imprisoned on a remote island, Sarah and Jett become pawns in a tug-of-war between a powerful drug lord and a devious madman. And their only chance for survival is working together to find the valuable painting the dangerous men are searching for. But with someone trying to kill them at every turn, can they locate it in time to keep their reunion from turning fatal?
After solving the mayor’s murder and exposing corruption among the top brass in Las Playas, Carly Edwards is happy to be back on patrol with her partner, Joe, putting bad guys behind bars. For once, everything in life seems to be going right. But then everything starts going wrong. Slow to recover from an injury, her ex-husband, Nick, begins pulling away just as they were starting to get close again. Meanwhile, when Joe’s wife lands in the hospital with a mysterious illness, their baby is kidnapped. As Carly chases down every lead in a desperate search to find the baby, her newfound faith is pushed to its limits.
Imagine waking up to discover that the world you know is no longer beneath you? Gareth Oakley should have awoken to his unhappy existence as a primary school teacher in South Wales, recovering from the break-up of a long-term relationship and a long battle with alcoholism. Instead, he wakes up inside a cocooned chamber in a strange laboratory, unsure about how he got there or why he was taken. But he is just one of twenty-five strangers from different backgrounds, places and times who have been abducted and abandoned on a seemingly deserted alien world. Bryony Jamesis a glamorous yet naive actress from 1930s Hollywood, hiding a dark secret about her past. Simon Gradyis an arrogant, impulsive Sergeant in the US Marine Corps who refuses to accept Gareths natural leadership.Christopher Veronia suave 80s music producer with dark plans of seduction and power. The group also includes a nineteenth century coalminer, a golf-loving Scot, two frightened children and a young WWI Medic. The challenges of surviving together are as complex as the mysteries of this unfamiliar world. The abductees unite to discover a wild, alien jungle beyond this facility that offers hope that salvation may be away from the building in which they awoke. They are left with many unanswered questions but nobody suspects the dangers that may be waiting for them as they set off on their perilous journey to find the way home.
At seventeen, Jacqueline Pascarl married a royal prince and embarked on what she believed would be a fairy-tale existence. But it soon became a nightmare. After years of abuse at the hands of her husband, Jacqueline escaped with her children, hoping to leave her past behind. But what followed would haunt her for the next fourteen years. In this heart-rending story, Jacqueline describes how her husband kidnapped their two young children and forced them to cut off all contact with her. She tells of the pain and helplessness she felt at their loss but also of how she channelled her grief, forging an existence as an aid worker and humanitarian ambassador, all the while desperately hoping to hear news of them. In 2006, she was reunited with her long-lost children, and in Abducted she reveals the dramatic events that led to their meeting. This is a candid, compelling account of living under the shadow of child abduction. It is an unforgettable ride through tragedy, loss and, finally, triumph.
From a New York Times bestselling author comes an irresistible novel of 16th century Scotland! When a spirited Scottish lass crosses paths with a charismatic Outlander, sparks fly that threaten to set fire to their separate worlds… Vibrant Fiona MacLeod has never left the Isle of Skye, except in the pages of cherished books. However, everything changes when her mother makes a deathbed request that Fi travel to Falkland Palace and experience the royal court. It may be her last chance to see the world before she is married off to an overbearing Highland warrior. Across the ocean in Europe, architect Christophe de St. Briac enjoys a perfectly-ordered life. He’s a rising star among the artistic builders of the Renaissance and has his pick of women to warm his bed - until King François I pressures him to accept a project at Scotland’s Falkland Palace. Although Fiona and Christophe are from different worlds, they soon find their passionate souls have everything in common. But while they seem to be on a collision course with destiny, dark forces are conspiring to keep them apart… Connecting Books YOU AND NO OTHER (Thomas & Aimée) OF ONE HEART (Andrew & Micheline) ABDUCTED AT THE ALTAR (Christophe & Fiona) The St. Briac Family in the 18th century THE SECRET OF LOVE (Gabriel & Isabella) HIS MAKE-BELIEVE BRIDE (Justin & Mouette)
Gaia learns some shocking news about her mother and father that has her questioning her lack of fear and her desire to escape the heartbreaking situation.
Molly Gordon, the Maid of Dunsithe, would be the wealthiest woman in Scotland...if anyone could find her fortune. But spirited away by her greedy uncle, she is kept captive on a misty island, separated from her treasure and the rest of her family, perhaps forever. She longs for a hero to rescue her. But when Sir Finlay Mackenzie, the fiery warrior, gains possession of Molly, her defiance and his temper lead them into a battle of wills. Armed with the right to marry her or barter her, he finds a proud princess who resists his passion and fights his every command. Now the real adventures begin as together Molly and Fin face danger, desire, and the fate that will drive them until they can open their hearts to magic-and to love.
Born the second child of Laird Justin MacGreagor, Paisley was a rare blue-eyed beauty with hair that turned snowy white before she reached her sixteenth birthday. Once rumors spread of her beauty, unmarried men from miles around came just to see her. Laird Chisholm Graham only spent a few hours with Paisley, but it was enough to know he wanted to make her his wife. Yet, as desperate as her father was to protect her, it was not enough to keep her from being abducted. Who took her and how were they ever going to get her back? ~ Loved by young adults and baby-boomers alike, this 30 book historical family saga follows a Scottish highlander clan from the Viking era, through the middle ages, into the 20th century. From the first love story to the last, we hope you too will enjoy these tales of courageous men, strong women, fierce clan wars, fun characters, and perilous struggles to survive.
THE VENGEFUL GROOM Betrothed to the son of her father's Spanish friend, Mistress Deborah Stirling is taken captive by a roguish privateer. Nicholas, Marquis de Vere, has vowed vengeance on her future husband, and plans to use Deborah to lure the murderous Spaniard from his hiding place. Revenge was never so sweet—or so tempting…. At first furious, Deborah soon finds herself unable to resist her handsome captor's charms. Swept away by their passion, she can't help but fall in love. But what if it's a lie? Could it be part of Nicholas's revenge to seduce her, then be rid of her?
The second instalment in the exciting sci-fi mystery thriller series, 'abducted', sees the stakes getting higher for the group of alien abductees lost on a strange, alien world. For more information, check out
This book is offered to raise your interest and possibly tease you to consider the possibility that UFOs do exist. Space and all that makes it up, should stimulate your mind and make you ask yourself if were really alone. The thought that you could be abducted by beings from space should surely arouse your interest. As you read, consider the real likelyhood of UFOs and aliens that are trying to communicate with us. This book will hold you interest, make you question your thoughts, and possibly open up your own investigation into abductions and the subject of UFOs. Put yourself in that of Randall Shipley as his life is changed forever by the events.
She's not waiting for her prince. He's not looking for a bride. But sometimes the most unlikely love stories end in ‘happily ever after'... SHE WAS STOLEN AWAY Ellie Stratham gave up her childhood dreams of a fairy tale romance long ago. To repay her late father's debts, she's forced to serve her spoiled cousin, Lady Beatrice. But Ellie has devised a secret plan to escape her life as a drudge. A plan that is thrown into jeopardy when she's abducted by a mysterious stranger. BUT CAN HE STEAL HER HEART? A notorious seducer of women—and a scoundrel to boot—Damien Burke has earned his nickname as the Demon Prince. But his plot to kidnap Lady Beatrice to make her brother return a priceless heirloom backfires—and he ends up with their penniless cousin Ellie as his hostage. By the time Damien realizes his mistake, he and his fiery-willed captive are trapped in a remote castle during a wild winter storm. And he soon finds that the true hostage may be his own heart. The Cinderella Sisterhood series is: "Filled with romance [and] breathtaking passion."—Night Owl Reviews "Magical."—Once Upon a Romance "Sensual...engaging...beautiful."—RT Book Reviews (4 stars)

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