This groundbreaking new book outlines current developments in nineteenth- and twentieth-century Australian and New Zealand serials bibliography. Researchers have been hampered by the lack of access to lists and contents of nineteenth- and early twentieth-century serials, including newspapers, and the chapters of this book discuss in some detail the progress being made on projects in this area. Other chapters deal with the contribution of the National Centre for Australian Studies to Australian studies and Australian bibliography. The importance of this center lies in its role in improving access to source and other material of Australian origin or interest of specific use to researchers. There are also accounts of current trends in serials bibliography, online newspaper services, current research projects in Australian studies, sports bibliographies, and newspaper and periodical bibliographies in Australia and New Zealand. Bibliographers, librarians, publishers, rare book dealers, as well as students, will find this book to be helpful and enlightening.
Written by a team of experienced teacher educators, this textbook is designed for initial teacher training and for newly qualified teachers in physical education for five- to 11-year-olds. It covers the range of activities, from gymnastics to dance, adventurous activities to health education. It blends theory and practice, providing worksheets, sample documents and reports, and it covers pedagogical concepts, such as progression, differentiation, assessment and inclusive education. There is advice not only on teaching and learning but also on subject leadership and co-ordination. The treatment, which includes local authority and inspectoral perspectives, should show students how to meet requirements for qualified teacher status in this subject.
Examines the relationship between sport and education from both social and moral points of view. The text argues that sport has such a vital role to play in society that it should be an integral part of the curriculum. It presents guidelines for an effective teaching of sports in schools.

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