David ist Mitte zwanzig, als er aus dem Gefängnis ausbricht. Er weiß, "dass die schwersten Fehler am leichtesten zu begehen sind", und setzt doch alles auf eine Karte. Mit seinem Jugendfreund Hearn versucht David erneut zwei Tonnen Marihuana durch das Hurrikangebiet zwischen Kolumbien und Neufundland zu schmuggeln. Ein scheinbar hoffnungsloses Abenteuer. Denn den neuen Geldgebern ist nicht zu trauen und Phil, der trinkselige Skipper, weigert sich, ohne seine nymphenhafte Geliebte zu fahren. Lisa Moore, die mehrfach ausgezeichnete Autorin aus Kanada, schickt in "Der leichteste Fehler" ihre Helden auf die Suche nach der Freiheit und nach der einen Entscheidung, die das Leben verändern kann.
About the book, This is a book for most every season of our lives. It will offer you an opportunity to think about, and to possibly answer some of the most questionable and irritating things that you have pertaining to your walk with God. Most people are hesitant about discussing their personal issues with others because of what they might think or say. These issues can range from a bad thought when someone cuts you off while driving, to a perverted image that passes through your mind at any given time. In most cases the answers or solutions to these things may never come from the pulpit. The articles in this book address issues of this nature. It offers a view from a different perspective that may hold the answers or solutions that you're searching for. God wants us to have clear thinking in the things pertaining to Him and His Kingdom, and by resolving these menacing and unanswered issues is a step in the right direction.
Peter Thomas has composed the film music for hundreds of films ever since the 1950s, amongst those the popular „Edgar Wallace“ or „Jerry Cotton“ film series. Thomas won many awards, for example the „German Film Award“ in the category „Best Soundtrack“. Available here the piano sheet music for the title "Caught At Midnight" from the Jerry Cotton film "Um Null Ihr Schnappt Die Falle Zu" / "3-2-1 Countdown Hurricane Friday". Peter Thomas komponierte seit den 1950er Jahren die Musik zu hunderten von Kinofilmen, darunter die erfolgreichen „Edgar-Wallace“-Filme oder die „Jerry-Cotton“-Reihen. Er gewann zahlreiche Preise, z.B. den Deutschen Filmpreis in der Kategorie „beste Filmmusik“. Hier erhältlich die Klaviernoten zu dem Titel "Caught At Midnight" aus dem Jerry Cotton Film "Um Null Uhr Schnappt Die Falle Zu".
All my life, I’ve had a love for control. In order to have control, I needed money. It started out from something as simple as an allowance. If it wasn’t given to me, I found a way to get it. Hell, I was filling my little Gerber baby food jars with all the coins that I could get my hands on at an early age. The sound of the money clinking against the glass thrilled me. Somehow, I understood that what I had in my hand was power, and I wanted it all the time. I was becoming a master of money before I even mastered multiplication. I’ve always excelled at anything that I made up my mind to do. From grade school through high school, I had no problems academically. I graduated college, had a successful business, and entered into the positive career field of law enforcement. I was extremely blessed, but greed got the best of me while climbing my way to the top of the economic ladder. Then there I was, living it up in Laughlin, Nevada, in a clean brown Armani suit to match my complexion, wearing jewelry that could pay someone’s mortgage for a year, enjoying the high life in the “City of Lights and Chances”. Everything was so exciting, every moment so electric, and I was clueless that the ground beneath me was caving in. As I placed another bet, eyes glazed over in anticipation, waiting for the big money hit, I was oblivious to the fact that my quiet, secure, humble home and my business were being surrounded for a raid. How foolish and greedy could I have been to let it get this far? Now there was no way out. I was caught!
‚Caught in the same boat - Gefangen im selben Boot’ ist ein spannendes Abenteuer aus der Reihe ‚Boyzone’, geschrieben von Jugendbuchautoren für Jungen im Alter von 12-14 Jahren. Deutsche Erzählpassagen wechseln sich mit englischen Dialogen ab. Ein abwechslungsreicher Sprachmix aus Englisch und Deutsch für Schüler ab dem dritten Lernjahr. Das Vokabular orientiert sich an den wichtigsten Schulbüchern für die 5. und 6. Klasse, zahlreiche Vokabelangaben erleichtern das Verständnis. Zum Inhalt: Pete freut sich: Sein Freund Scott hat in zwei Jahren intensiver Arbeit ein Segelboot gebaut und lädt ihn nun zur Jungfernfahrt auf dem Chiemsee ein. Doch sie bekommen unerwarteten Besuch: Zwei gefährliche, bewaffnete Bankräuber fliehen vor der Polizei auf das Boot. Und dann wird das ganze Abenteuer viel gefährlicher, als es sich die beiden Jungs je hätten träumen lassen...
Caught exposes the attempts made by the juvenile justice system of the day to curb modern attitudes and behaviour; at the same time, it reveals the changing patterns of social and family interaction among adolescent girls.
Master of suspense Harlan Coben delivers a twisted #1 New York Times bestseller about a man who—with the best of intentions—opens the wrong door... Reporter Wendy Tynes is making a name for herself, bringing down sexual offenders on nationally televised sting operations. But when social worker Dan Mercer walks into her trap, Wendy gets thrown into a story more complicated than she could ever imagine. Dan is tied to the disappearance of a seventeen-year-old New Jersey girl, and the shocking consequences will have Wendy doubting her instincts about the motives of the people around her, while confronting the true nature of guilt, grief, and her own capacity for forgiveness...
When Jonah and Katherine travel to early 1900s Switzerland and Serbia to return Albert Einstein's daughter, Lieserl, to history, her mother Mileva grasps entirely too much about time travel and has no intention of letting her daughter go.
"Holy Moldy Bread Contest! Kiester strikes again with four more stories plus mini-lessons, writing workshops, and a complete grammar reference. Solid classroom-proven techniques turn students into better writers. Includes teacher keys, tests, and special notes for the home school teacher. A time-saver that really works!"
He wants forever. She just wants his body. Neither of them want to give in. Mitch Harris has it all. As a successful music manager, who isn’t hard to look at, he has women falling at his feet. And that’s just the way he likes it. For years he’s laughed as, one by one, his buddies have found their women and settled down. He vowed it would never happen to him. Until he sets eyes on the owner of the town’s new spa. Jodie Miller is everything Mitch didn’t think he wanted, but now desperately needs. She’s tough, wicked, smart and so damn sexy it hurts to look at her. Mitch isn’t sure if it’s love at first sight, or just plain lust. All he knows is that Jodie is the woman for him and he’ll do anything, and everything, to make her see that they are meant to be together. Jodie Miller was inoculated against relationships when she divorced her ex. She learned the hard way that men might say they like strong, independent women, but in reality they’d rather tie themselves to someone who couldn’t kick their ass. As a martial arts expert, spa owner and proud feminist (she’s got the T-shirt to prove it), Jodie plans to pour her energy into her business instead of another relationship. She’s happy to let Mitch play the part of her sex toy—after all, she isn’t dead and he’s hot as hell—but there’s no way she’s giving him her heart. No matter how dirty he plays to get it. ***** This book comes with a bonus short story - Invertary, the finale. *****
Ms. Scarlett was making her crazy! Marilee knew that Ms. Scarlett and her grey haired posse were organizing all of the pranks that kept happening in town. But why was it that, every time Marilee tried to hide the pranks, the annoying, all-seeing and irritating Emerson, the new sheriff, arrived with his brooding eyes and annoyingly broad shoulders?! It was almost as if the man had a sixth sense for when she was going to make a fool of herself and he showed up to enjoy the show! Emerson thought Marilee was adorable and sexy and…odd. But he couldn’t resist her. All of those lush curves and gorgeous smiles. He might not understand the lovely Marilee, but he was falling for her. And he wasn’t sure he cared!
One of a series of readers for African students which aims to help them to develop an awareness and a love of language, and consists of stories from all over Africa. In this story Mpho doesn't have enough money to buy chocolate for herself and Neo. What will she do?
Slaney lay there, flat on his back, chest hammering, looking at the stars. It was as far as he had been from the Springfield penitentiary since the doors of that institution admitted him four years before. It was not far enough. He heaved himself off the ground and started running. It’s June 1978 and David Slaney can be sure of only one thing. He can’t get caught. Not this time. He’s escaped from prison, needs to make good on the drug heist that went wrong, win back the woman he loves and buy himself a new life. First, though, he must travel across a vast country of watchful eyes, booby traps and friends who could be foes – he can’t trust anyone, it turns out. And then on to Columbia, where the real test begins. With bravado and the exuberant folly of youth, Slaney embarks on a road trip that will take him from the seedy motels of Nova Scotia to a beach party in Columbia, navigating bad weather and a ferocious storm at sea, undercover cops and gun-toting drug barons. In elegant, forensic prose and a fierce, dry humour, Lisa Moore tightens the net around Slaney in a suspenseful and compulsive adventure story.
When shortstop Mike Watson catches his Junior Varsity teammate Robby Brown slipping a tube of ChapStick into his pocket at the store, he doesn't know what to think. Mike has had the hots for Robbie since the two boys started high school and finds it difficult to talk to him without feeling awkward and stupid. But he has to say something. What if someone else saw and Robby gets in trouble? Does Robby make a habit of stealing things? Has Mike’s perception of his friend been wrong all these years? Is the ChapStick a cry for help or a way of getting Mike’s attention? Mike is determined to find out.
CAUGHT is the story of a young man from Malverne Long Island, who without warning is arrested for a murder that was a cold case from 9 years ago. The murder had occurred during his High School days when as a champion athlete Cross Country Runner, one of the boys from a competitive school Cross Country Team became the murder victim. Amos had seemingly lived an exemplary life all these years, from High School, through College, and into the present time when he was about to branch out as an Aeronautical engineer with a brand new job waiting for him at Boeing in the state of Washington. Plans are made to marry his High School sweetheart, who herself has been offered a new teaching job out in Washington where they have just signed papers for their dream home. All this occurs and he and his family have to suffer as they are scrutinized, while the police go over every detail of their lives for the last 9 years. The Prosecuting Attorney seems to be coming up with information from experts in Forensic Science, that put Amos deeper and deeper into trouble, and he did indeed feel CAUGHT.
Describes a teaching technique which uses one sentence per lesson of a funny story to help students in all grade levels improve grammar
Book three of Men of the Show Shannon Morrison’s dreams of becoming a lawyer are finally coming true. After landing a job at a prestigious law firm in Chicago, she’s willing to sacrifice everything, including putting her personal life on hold, as nothing will stand in her way of making partner. Nothing except perhaps the gorgeous Detroit Rockets’ All-Star catcher, Matt Buck. Just when he didn’t think his luck would turn around, life finally throws Matt a fastball right down the middle, reconnecting him with the one girl who has always intrigued him. As before, the timing isn’t right, but Matt refuses to let this opportunity pass him by again. He knows Shannon’s career leaves little room for anything else in her life, but he’s unwilling to give in and will do whatever he can to make them work. Together, Matt and Shannon struggle through one hurdle after another, determined to find a way to have everything they want. Just when they’ve finally figured it out, someone from Matt’s past shatters everything, and leaves them both grappling to pick up the pieces…
A sexy category romance from Entangled's Brazen imprint... She was hired to clean up his image. He wants nothing more than to get her dirty. Watching sex tapes at the office is just part of PR professional Vivian Blake's job, especially when she has to clean up a celebrity's image. Except that her newest client isn't quite that easy. Racecar driver Jarod Cage is beyond hot, and his onscreen "performance" is already compromising Viv's cool professionalism. While Jarod hasn't exactly been discreet about his personal life, he never thought his reputation could cost him both his sponsor and his racing career. Now he has to put his future in the hands of a tiny, pixie-like publicist. Which is becoming a problem, because the heat between them is about to redline. But when you go this hard and fast, putting on the brakes is the most dangerous thing you can do...
First released in the LEGALLY HOT anthology, this sensual short story from bestselling author Red Garnier will pull you in and not let go. Available for the first time ever as a stand-alone e-book, get lost in the sexy story of a man come back to stake his claim on the woman he cannot live without... After his parents were murdered, young Cody was put in foster care...and Megan, his first true love, has thought about him ever since. Now Cody is back, and he's ready to show that his desire for her knows no bounds--and that her darkest, sexiest dreams of him are about to be a reality...in Caught.
Riley's unfaithful wife, Jillian, has returned home, three days before the divorce is to become final, to ask him to take her back….

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