Failure to keep meticulous records can threaten the legal validity of a corporation -- and lead to a date with the IRS. The Corporate Records Handbook provides all the information and forms business owners need to call records and organize minutes. Forms provided include: - Notice of Meeting - Meeting Summary Sheet - Minutes of Shareholders' Meeting - Waiver of Notice of Meeting - Shareholder Proxy - and more The book also provides 75 resolution forms and minutes, included as tear-outs and on CD-ROM. The 4th edition is completely updated with the latest laws.
This book provides practical information about the legal formalities of running a nonprofit – from how to keep proper books and records to how to call and hold meetings and take corporate action.
Self employed? Or ready to be your own boss? This book is for you! Working for Yourself provides all the legal and tax information you need to start your business off on the right foot--and run it successfully. Whether you're an independent contractor, freelancer, consultant, or considering self-employment, it all adds up to the same thing: you need to be more aware of laws and taxes than the average person. Get all the information you need to know to: obtain necessary permits and licenses determine how much to charge your clients write legally binding contracts and avoid unfair ones qualify for independent contractor tax treatment make the most of your tax deductions and comply with strict IRS rules get benefits (including health coverage) and insurance keep accurate records in case you get audited, and make sure you’re paid in full and on time. The 10th edition is completely revised to provide the up-to-date information you need, including recent changes in tax law and business practices (from pricing services to buying insurance).
The most comprehensive, easy-to-use guide to selling a business available! Out there somewhere is a buyer looking to buy a business like yours -- so if you're ready to sell, make sure that you protect your interests and maximize your profit with The Complete Guide to Selling a Business. It covers: getting your business ready to sell pricing your business and valuing your assets finding the right buyer analyzing the tax issues negotiating a payment plan and other terms of sale planning your future relationship with the business limiting your liability working with lawyers, accountants and brokers closing the deal and transferring the business to its new owner The Complete Guide to Selling a Business helps you create more than two dozen crucial documents for both asset and entity sales, including: the sales agreement confidentiality letter promissory notes and security agreements noncompete and consulting agreements closing checklists This edition edition is completely updated with the latest tax considerations, and now provides more advice on marketing the sale of your business. There are literally dozens of competing titles on the market, but none can match The Complete Guide to Selling a Business for sheer depth, accuracy and ease of use.
Failure to keep meticulous records can threaten the legal validity of a corporation -- and lead to dates with the IRS and the courts.The Corporate Minutes Book provides all the plain-English legal information, instructions and forms readers need to take and organize meeting minutes.Forms include: -- Call of Meeting-- Meeting Summary Sheet-- Minutes of Shareholders' Meeting-- Waiver of Notice of Meeting-- and much moreThe book also provides readers with 75 resolutions to insert into their minutes. All forms and resolutions are included as tear-outs and on CD-ROM.
Your Limited Liability Company gives you everything you need to maintain the legal validity of your LLC before the courts and the IRS. It helps you approve and document important legal, tax, and business decisions to create a paper trail that avoids legal trouble. The book shows you how to: prepare minutes of meetings record important legal, tax, and business decisions handle formal record keeping fill out an LLC Records Book Your Limited Liability Company provides all the documentation you'll need, including: minutes written consents checklists over 50 ready-to-use resolutions This book has downloadable interactive forms.
Wie viele Präsentationen haben Sie in Ihrem Berufsleben bereits verfolgt? Und Hand aufs Herz: Wie viele davon haben einen bleibenden Eindruck bei Ihnen hinterlassen? Wirklich gute Präsentationen sind noch immer die Ausnahme, denn nur selten werden die Möglichkeiten dieses Mediums optimal genutzt. Wer sein Publikum nachhaltig überzeugen möchte, muss seine Ideen verdichten und in stimmige Bilder umsetzen. slide:ology setzt hier an und führt Sie in die Kunst des visuellen Erzählens ein. Die Autorin Nancy Duarte weiß, wovon sie spricht: Sie leitet Duarte Design, das Unternehmen, das unter anderem die Slide-Show in Al Gores Oscar-prämiertem Film Eine unbequeme Wahrheit entwickelt hat. In slide:ology gewährt sie tiefe Einblicke in ihr umfangreiches Wissen als Designerin. Anhand von Fallstudien bringt sie Ihnen darüber hinaus die Visualisierungsstrategien einiger der erfolgreichsten Unternehmen der Welt nahe. slide:ology zeigt Ihnen unter anderem, wie Sie: - Ihr Publikum gezielt ansprechen - Ihre Ideen auf den Punkt bringen und ein stimmiges Design entwickeln - Ihre Aussagen mit Farben, Bildern und prägnantem Text unterstützen - Grafiken erstellen, die Ihren Zuhörern das Verständnis erleichtern - Präsentationstechnologien optimal nutzen
Whether you already own a business corporation, or are considering forming one, this book can save you valuable time and money, and help you avoid legal pitfalls Clearly explains the principles, rules, and documents crucial to proper corporation maintenance and formation, including: When and How to Incorporate Selecting a Corporate Name Articles of Incorporation Bylaws Merger and Dissolution Foreign Corporations S. Corporations Close Corporations Role of Officers and Board of Directors Registered Office and Agent Issuance of Stock Stock Dividends Stock Transfer Shareholder Agreement Stock Purchase Agreement Voting Trust Agreement Directors Meetings Shareholders Meetings Corporate Minutes and Resolutions Securities Laws Annual Reports Corporate Record Keeping Revoking a Corporate Charter Indemnification Required Permits and Licenses Insurance Bank Accounts Not-for-Profit Corporations Limited Liability Companies Gives the tools and understanding you need to maintain a corporation. Sample Documents Articles of Incorporation Bylaws Plan of Merger Stock Purchase Agreement Stock Certificates Lost Stock Affidavit Subscription Agreement Voting Trust Agreement Voting Trust Certificate Corporation Registration Meeting Agenda Organizational Minutes Proxy Waiver of Notice Checklists What to do and what to avoid Selecting a Business Lawyer Key Matters for Bylaws Corporate Checklist Statutory Checklist Frequently Filed Documents Form Samples IRS Application SS-4 IRS 2553 Election Articles of Merger
Corporate Governance - A Practical Handbook is a user-friendly resource for those needing a practical set of tools to carry out the complex work of the board of directors. The writing is simple and direct with information icons to indicate particularly important passages. Drawing on research and international best commercial practice, this practical handbook provides clear, pragmatic guidance, effective techniques and must-know principles for good governance. No matter what your experience level — whether in a large corporate or a community not-for-profit - this book will inform and stimulate your thinking and help you build the best governance knowledge and practices for your organisation. Practical checklists, templates and tables enable the reader to develop a comprehensive set of governance tools and documents (eg performing a governance audit, developing business strategy and governance policies, recording minutes).
Ein gutes Corporate Governance-System ist für den effizienten Einsatz des Unternehmenskapitals von entscheidender Bedeutung.

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