Puts detailed information right in your pocket! Barron's Business Dictionaries may be small in size, but they are extremely useful and economical reference sources for business students, business managers, and general readers seeking advice and information on specific business subjects. Each pocket-size book defines thousands of authoritative yet specialized terms within its subject area and features an abundance of diagrams, charts, and line art. These are must-haves for students and professionals alike. This updated and expanded edition features more than 3,000 terms defined and explained. Topics covered include every conceivable aspect of investment banking and commercial banking practices, finance and money management, and much more.
Die Mehrzahl vermögender Kunden ist über die aktuelle Höhe und realistischen Werte ihres Vermögens unzureichend informiert. Zudem werden die Risiko-/ Ertragsprofile einzelner Anlagen, die Risikofaktoren gewachsener Vermögensstrukturen und auch steuerliche Belastungen von privaten Anlegern häufig falsch eingeschätzt. Kurzfristig orientierte Maßnahmen gefährden Lebensziele - es fehlen eine klare Zustandsanalyse, eine langfristige Strategie sowie eine professionelle Betreuung. Private Finanzplanung gilt deshalb im Markt für Finanzberatung und Altersversorgung als Schlüsseldienstleistung. Finanzinstitute und freiberufliche Berater entwickeln verstärkt neue Vertriebskonzepte, in denen der ganzheitliche Ansatz aus der Vernetzung von Anlage-, Finanzierungs-, Versicherungs-, Immobilien-, Steuer- und Erbschaftsfragen im Vordergrund steht. In diesem Buch erhalten Finanz- und Vermögensberater einen umfassenden Überblick zur aktuellen Marktsituation, wertvolle Tipps für die Vorgehensweise im Beratungsprozess und erfahren, wie Financial Planning in der Gestaltung privater Finanzen Gewinn bringend eingesetzt werden kann.
More than 5,000 terms related to stocks, bonds, mutual funds, banking, tax laws, and transactions in the various financial markets are presented alphabetically with descriptions. The new ninth edition has been updated to take account of new financial regulations and recent dramatic swings in equities, credit, and other financial developments. Readers will also find a list of financial abbreviations and acronyms, as well as illustrative diagrams and charts. Here’s a valuable, thorough dictionary for business students, financial professionals, or private investors.
Gary Gastineau and Mark Kritzman team up once again for the third edition of this classic reference tool designed for financial analysts and managers. Anyone involved in financial risk management must have a proper understanding of the words, terms, and phrases used in this fast paced field-and Dictionary of Financial Risk Management clearly provides that understanding. Risk management terminology is a part of almost any financial operation, including cash, forwards/futures, swaps, options-and is found in many disciplines: probability and statistics, tax and financial accounting, and law. The vocabulary of the risk manager continues to expand with the creation of new products and new concepts. This volume carefully defines and illustrates all the words and phrases that financial professionals need to know and understand. The Dictionary of Financial Risk Management includes listings of common acronyms, profit/loss diagrams of new financial instruments, and extensive coverage of derivatives and quantitative techniques. This invaluable reference guide provides comprehensive definitions of the key terms and concepts that many financial professionals need to know on a day-to-day basis.
This dictionary provides comprehensive coverage of the terms used in banking and finance, ranging from personal bank accounts to international money markets. It is aimed at professionals working in or involved with banking and finance, and for students, whether studying A-Levels, degree or professional qualifications in banking and finance. Fully revised and updated this dictionary contains over 9000 entries providing clear, up-to-date coverage of all aspects of banking and finance. The book also includes encyclopedic comments on banking and financial practice, expanding on complex terms such as "poison pills" and "bills of exchange", and special supplements on money, currencies, international banks and stock exchanges.
This manual takes readers through the legal and practical details they must follow in the process of forming and maintaining a corporation. They will learn about the advantages and disadvantages of different types of corporate structure.
A well-organized and efficiently run business meeting helps employees share common aims and focus on goals. This book's advice includes ways to encourage group participation and teamwork, making best use of audiovisual tools, dealing with disruptive personalities at the meeting place, and wrapping up a meeting with a sense of shared purpose.
Key business terms defined, important concepts reviewed, and pertinent examples of business transactions summarized.
This manual will take readers through all the legal and practical details connected with bankruptcy law and filing for bankruptcy. This new edition reflects the latest changes in bankruptcy laws.
Barrons Test Prep Material that is now out of print.
A dictionary of medical terminology for descriptions of diseases, symptoms, first-aid procedures, anatomy, dentistry, medications, and more.
Defines terms and concepts related to computers, programming, electronics, telecommunications, information science, and the Internet

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