Expanded with new entries and updated to reflect recent economic developments and the current business climate, this quick-reference dictionary defines more than 7,500 terms relating to accounting, taxation, advertising, business law, communications, transportation, computers and the Internet, economics, finance, insurance, international business, management, marketing, real estate, and statistics. Definitions come with examples, illustrations, and cross-references. An appendix defines hundreds of business-related abbreviations and acronyms. Here is a useful, easy-to-understand reference book with information that is helpful to everyone involved in business activities, whether novices or experienced business executives.
Need to know real estate jargon? This quick-reference guide can help. Home buyers and sellers, as well as real estate professionals, investors, and attorneys can rely on this quick-reference source. More than 3,000 terms and definitions cover topics that include appraisal, architectural styles, brokerage, construction, development, environmental finance, mortgage types, zoning regulations, and much more. Includes graphs, charts, and line art.
A source guide for business, marketing, and financial researchers looking for information in the commercial, industrial, manufacturing, communications, automotive, and agricultural sectors. The reference lists print and electronic tools, compact discs, and online databases.
Updated to reflect real estate market conditions in today's economy, this comprehensive reference covers virtually every aspect of buying and selling. Includes facsimile real estate forms and worksheets to familiarize potential buyers with the paperwork involved in getting a mortgage and purchasing real estate.
Small in size but packed with detailed information, Barron's Business Dictionaries are extremely useful and economical reference sources for business students, business managers, and general readers seeking advice and information on specific business subjects. Each pocket-size book defines thousands of authoritative yet specialized terms within its subject area and features an abundance of diagrams, charts, and line art. These are must-haves for students and professionals alike. This revised and expanded dictionary defines approximately 8,000 terms relating to accounting, taxation, advertising, business law, communications, transportation, computers and the Internet, insurance, international business, management, marketing, real estate, and statistics. This brand-new edition has been expanded to include more than 150 new terms specifically relating to finance and economics.
A well-organized and efficiently run business meeting helps employees share common aims and focus on goals. This book's advice includes ways to encourage group participation and teamwork, making best use of audiovisual tools, dealing with disruptive personalities at the meeting place, and wrapping up a meeting with a sense of shared purpose.
This manual takes readers through the legal and practical details they must follow in the process of forming and maintaining a corporation. They will learn about the advantages and disadvantages of different types of corporate structure.
This manual will take readers through all the legal and practical details connected with bankruptcy law and filing for bankruptcy. This new edition reflects the latest changes in bankruptcy laws.
A compilation of evaluations appearing in Reference books bulletin (a section of the journal, Booklist)
Mit »Bullshit« legte der amerikanische Philosoph Harry G. Frankfurt den Klassiker der »Empört Euch!«-Bücher vor. Im Sturmlauf eroberte er die Herzen aller, die vom Nonsense-Gerede in U-Bahn und Büro und auf allen Kanälen schon lange genug hatten. Binnen Wochen verkaufte sich sein zorniges Manifest in den Vereinigten Staaten eine halbe Million Mal, ein globaler Feldzug gegen »Bullshitting« war die Folge. Doch Bullshit siegte. Bis heute haben wir dümmliche »Bild«-Kolumnen und hohles Gequassel in den Talkshows und am Handy. Ohnmächtig müssten wir all das über uns ergehen lassen, hätten wir nicht Frankfurts elegant-präzise Abrechnung mit derlei Phänomenen zur Hand, Urschrift aller Wut-Bücher und unverzichtbares Grundlagenwerk der angewandten Dummheitsforschung. Bullshit? Lesen!
Expanded by about 200 new terms, this 4,200-term dictionary defines words and phrases having special application to international marketing and trade.
A dictionary of medical terminology for descriptions of diseases, symptoms, first-aid procedures, anatomy, dentistry, medications, and more.
Updated to reflect current rates, these quick reference tables show the size of monthly payments necessary to amortize loans on amounts up to $600,000 over periods ranging from one to 40 years across a broad span of interest rates. There is a short-entry glossary of financial terms at the back of the book.
Gar betrüblich ergeht es den Baudelaires ... Die Baudelaire-Geschwister ergeht ein schreckliches Schicksal: Nach dem Tod ihrer Eltern werden die Kinder in das düstere Haus von Graf Olaf gesteckt. Angeblich handelt es sich um einen entfernten Verwandten, der sich jedoch bald als gemeines Scheusal entpuppt. Er verfolgt den miesen Plan, das Vermögen der Kinder an sich zu reißen. Hinterhältig versucht er Violet dazu zu zwingen, ihn zu heiraten. Nur mit Hilfe von Klaus’ Belesenheit, Violets erfinderischem Genie und Sunnys Gabe, die Schurken im richtigen Moment zu beißen, gelingt es ihnen in letzter Sekunde, Graf Olafs Plan zu vereiteln. Aber der Bösewicht entkommt. Mr Poe, der Testamentsvollstrecker der Baudelaires, fährt die Kinder zu Onkel Monty. Bei dem berühmten Schlangenforscher fühlen sich die drei Waisenkinder wie im Paradies – doch nur für kurze Zeit. Denn der nette Onkel stirbt an Schlangengift, und Graf Olaf, diesmal in einer raffinierten Verkleidung, von der sich nur die Baudelaire-Kinder nicht täuschen lassen, versucht, die Kinder zu entführen ... Dieser Doppelband enthält 1) Der schreckliche Anfang 2) Das Haus der Schlangen
Defines terms and concepts related to computers, programming, electronics, telecommunications, information science, and the Internet
Strauss's latest edition retains its place as an essential text for library students; an indispensable guide for practitioners in public, academic, and special libraries who deal with business inquiries; and a resource for entrepreneurs and business professionals.

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