Provides simple information about the thrill of diving with sharks. Includes information about different shark species.
Follows the author's visit to Cocos Island in the South Pacific to join a film-making team on location as they document the undersea environment and behavior of the hammerhead shark.
Sind Sie ein Psychopath? Natürlich nicht. Vielleicht sind Sie eine Führungskraft oder ein sehr spiritueller Mensch. Sie haben Charme, Sie sind unerschrocken und risikofreudig, können harte Entscheidungen treffen. Sie sind sehr aufmerksam und können sich gut auf ein Ziel konzentrieren. Sie werden feststellen, dass das Eigenschaften sind, die Sie mit Psychopathen teilen. Selbstredend sind diese Eigenschaften nützlich, wenn man ein Serienmörder werden will. Aber auch im Gerichtssaal, in der Wirtschaft oder im OP. Oder im Leben eines Heiligen. Jede Medaille hat zwei Seiten. »Eine meisterhafte, sehr lesbare und unterhaltsame Darstellung der Psychopathie und ihrer Manifestationen im Alltag. Manche seiner Ideen werden kontrovers diskutiert werden, aber es ist ein höchst anregendes Buch für alle, die die ›psychopathische‹ Welt, in der sie leben, besser verstehen wollen.« Prof. Dr. Robert Hare, Erfinder der Psychopathy Checklist
Dieses Buch aus der Reihe "Studienwissen kompakt" bietet einen Komplettüberblick über alle wesentlichen Teilbereiche der Bankbetriebslehre. Es unterstützt insbesondere Nebenfachstudenten bei der schnellen Erfassung des für sie relevanten Fachwissens.
Diving with Sharks is a complete guide for divers seeking sharks or anyone interested in these incredible creatures. The book takes a detailed look at shark biology and behaviour, and features all the popular, and many lesser known, shark species that divers can encounter. Shark diving hot spots from around the world are also featured. The book also provides information to assist divers to get the best from their shark diving experiences, looking at the dos and don'ts, the pros and cons and the possible dangers. The book also includes feature stories, including the sad story of shark finning, which has seen massive reductions in shark numbers around the world from overfishing. With over 500 known species of sharks, and more being discovered every year, Diving with Sharks is the ultimate guide for learning more about these incredible creatures of the deep and also where to see them, up close and personal.
Exotic challenges for adventurous divers Both inspiring and instructional, Diving with Sharks is for competent divers who desire more challenging adventures--perhaps diving with the menacing great whites or exploring ships that had succumbed to the sea. Included are specialized techniques for each dive and human drama stories that add zest to an already extraordinary collection of adventures.
Fans of Shark Week, Sharknado, and all things shark-related will want to sink their teeth into this exciting shark-infested chapter book. Join real-life cave divers, extreme photographers, and researchers as they brave thrilling undersea adventures! Kids who are familiar with the popular National Geographic Kids Chapters line are sure to be on the edge of their seats over these new totally true tales of adventure and survival. From the Trade Paperback edition.
Katharine and Crockett hope to make a splash by making the Stingrays swim team. Especially since Vanessa the Unsinkable Garfinkle is on the Sharks. So when Katharine does a belly flop in front of everyone and gets caught telling an itty-bitty lie, she feels like shark bait. But when the Unsinkable Garfinkle faces her own troubles, will Katharine dive in to help her out?
Shares true stories of cave divers, extreme photographers, and researchers as they brave undersea adventures with sharks.
Animals can be cute...and cruel! Read Seb's journal for some truly terrifying shark secrets. Meet Snow White the great white shark and get really close to her huge, scissor-sharp jaws. Relive the drama, dangers and disgusting details as you find out: if toilets are more dangerous than sharks; how to escape from a shark; how you tickle a shark; what a shark's favorite color is.
This guide contains useful and easily accessible information on a wide range of topics concerning sharks and their interaction wih divers. The authors main concern is that sharks should be understood rather than feared and that through our knowledge of sharks will come a deeper appreciation of their nature and desire that they should be conserved rather than hunted to extinction.
Demonstrates that through scientific approaches to understanding and managing tourist interactions with marine wildlife, sustainable marine tourism can be achieved.
Sketch Allen was well known in the Naples area for providing an exciting shark dive over spectacular reefs along the southwest Florida coast. Together with his mate and dive master Charlie Jenkins, dive charters were always left with thrilling stories of encounters with large toothy predators on every dive trip. But then, a confluence of horrifying events would change both of their lives forever. An act of sabotage and a massive shark, largely unknown in the Gulf of Mexico would leave a trail of death and destruction unheard of by Coast Guard rescuers. Nothing in Sketch and Charlies vast diving experience could have prepared them for the terror that unfolded on that fateful dive with a charter of Wall Street bankers. The continuation of the saga in “part 2”, provides the culmination to the shark encounter and an exciting end to the criminal animal rights fanatic that was responsible for so much carnage. A tale of intrigue and excitement, Shark Dive will leave you breathless and wanting for more.
Describes what it is like to see sharks in their natural environment and discusses dangers that divers face and how they protect themselves.
A guide to how, when, and where to ethically view wildlife up close in the wild offers the author's favorite spots, from tracking mountain gorillas and encountering pandas to meeting elephants on a walking safari and climbing in search of condors.
The noted marine archaeologist and treasure-hunting diver's history of diving, from the free divers of the ancient world to those using modern research equipment. Subjects such as underwater archaeology, sunken treasure, oceanography and skin diving are explored along with the evolution of SCUBA equipment, submarine warfare, and more. 46 photographs.

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