Lexa Miller ist ein 18 Jähriges Mädchen aus Arizona. An einem eigentlich gewöhnlichen Tag passieren Ihr wie aus dem Nichts mehrere unangenehme Missgeschicke. Doch allein durch diese Missgeschicke, wird sie auf Andrew Brown aufmerksam. Einen Jungen an Ihrer Schule, den sie noch nie zuvor bemerkt hat. Etwas Geheimnisvolles umgibt Andrew. Auch wenn beide mit aller Kraft dagegen ankämpfen, zwingt Sie das Schicksal, sich gemeinsam Ihrer Zukunft zu stellen.
Stephen Kings Bestseller erstmals im Heyne-Taschenbuch Vier Männer planen einen harmlosen Jagdausflug in die Wälder von Maine, der schließlich in einer bizarren tödlichen Bedrohung endet. Kann ihr alter Freund Duddits mit seinen telepathischen Fähigkeiten sie aus dem nicht enden wollenden Albtraum retten?
From master storyteller Stephen King comes his classic #1 New York Times bestseller about four friends who encounter evil in the Maine woods. Twenty-five years ago, in their haunted hometown of Derry, Maine, four boys bravely stood together and saved a mentally challenged child from vicious local bullies. It was something that fundamentally changed them, in ways they could never begin to understand. These lifelong friends—now with separate lives and separate problems—make it a point to reunite every year for a hunting trip deep in the snowy Maine woods. This time, though, chaos erupts when a stranger suddenly stumbles into their camp, freezing, deliriously mumbling about lights in the sky. And all too quickly, the four companions are plunged into a horrifying struggle for survival with an otherworldly threat and the forces that oppose it...where their only chance of survival is locked into their shared past—and the extraordinary element that bonds them all...
Jesse Alvarez is tired of being the new kid every time his dad takes a job on another ranch. It doesn’t help that Cade Savage, the boss’s son, is a bully who has everything Jesse wants—money, a permanent home, horses, and most of all, a mother who lives with his family. Then Jesse meets Aaron Little Elk, who lives on the Wind River Reservation, steals scraps of yarn from the art room to make dreamcatchers, and never stops talking about his older brother Reuben. Despite that, they become friends, and when Aaron stops coming to school, Jesse worries—and learns of a secret Aaron has been harboring. As he tries to find out what’s happened to his friend, Jesse must unravel the mystery of Aaron’s dreamcatchers and their connection to the wild paint mustang only Aaron can handle. Part contemporary western, part ghost story, Dreamcatcher is ultimately a novel about friendship, the pain of letting go, and the importance of holding on to what remains behind.
For powerful emotion and unforgettable romance Sharon Sala can't be beat. This beautifully repackaged classic is sure to delight her long-time fans and attract new ones! Unable to free herself from her husband's obsession, beautiful Amanda Potter retreats into her own dream world where a comforting lover adores her. But Jefferson Dupree, a man searching for the woman he knows is his destiny, is determined to create for Amanda a reality more fulfilling than any dream.
While Kimmy’s parents look for a house close to Daddy’s job, Kimmy stays with her grandmother and learns how to make a dreamcatcher.
The Dreamcatcher series of English Readers knits selections from across the world, from every genre, every period into an unusual pattern. Each thread of this pattern tells a story which is unique, muchloved, and thoughtprovoking. Dreamcatcher encourages readers to understand and appreciate literature, and inspires further reading.The books for grades 1 to 8 adhere to the suggested language skill areas and themes defined by the new curriculum published by the CISCE.
We've all heard the super hero stories. Teenager bitten by a radioactive bug, parents are killed and child seeks avengence, science project gone wrong, alien from another planet with powers. But what if all of the things we love about super heroes in comics were combined into one? Avery Kendall is just like any other teenage girl her age. Except for the fact that her parents died when she was little, lives with her uncle in a huge house in a small town, and is suffering from nightmares. However, whatever happens in her dreams ends up happening in real life. Avery discovers that she has an ability, a super power, that lets her become any type of hero she can imagine. After finding a group of teens just like her, they form a super hero team to stop crime and bring justice. Avery develops not only with her powers but also as a person. She learns what really happened to her parents, who her real friends are, and who her real enemies are.
You're mine. All mine. I will consume you, piece by piece, and I will never be done... Emma awakened each morning feeling increasingly exhausted and weak, as though she was slowly being drained of life. And rather than reviving her, sleep seemed to deplete her further. Most disturbing of all was the voice she heard in her dreams threatening to consume her until nothing was left. With his pale, translucent skin and deep, dark eyes, there was something unearthly about Matthew, the Home Health Aid hired by Emma's dad, but somehow he inspired Emma's trust. So when he asked her permission to use his powers to help her, she gave it willingly. Suddenly he was appearing in her dreams...making love to her...filling her with newfound strength. But in the light of day, Emma was conflicted. Who...or what...had she permitted to enter her dreams...and what did he want from her?
Dream Catcher completes the story of Emily Davis and Ben Tokale first introduced in Indian Summer which was followed by A Tale of Two Weddings. Encouraged by friends to tell more of their story, Dream Catcher answers all of the questions people want to know about a person's life after they get married. Barbara Studebaker Arnold is a retired Language Arts teacher living in Enon, Ohio with her husband of 51 years and two very spoiled cats. She has grown children and grandchildren.. She has a Master of Science Degree in Education from the University of Dayton. Now retired from teaching, she has time to pursue the many activities she had no time for earlier. She enjoys volunteering, painting, traveling and writing. She is an active docent for tours at the 1854 Hertzler House, the 1908 Frank Lloyd Wright Westcott House, and the Cox Arboretum. She has composed many poems and written scripts for various performance events. Her first two books were fictional biographies of Daniel and Catharine Hertzler Her third book of fiction, using some of her teaching experiences; called Indian Summer didn't seem complete which led to the sequel A Tale of Two Weddings. She tried her hand with a murder mystery in Murder is No Stranger and returned to a fictional biography with Orpha Westcott's Story. Now, encouraged by friends, she has written a third book based on the characters from Indian Summer which completes the story.
Do you dare to close your eyes? In the world of dreams anything can happen. Be careful what you say. Be careful what you do. Be careful what you wish for... There is a secret behind the crumbling factory that stands alone in the U.S. city of Kenniston. John Doyle and his streetwise friend Dodger should have found out more before stepping inside. But welcomed by a group of hippies living in the building, given food and shelter, the boys feel safe. Yet deep beneath the cellar at the dark heart of the world the Hidden One is weaving his web of dreams, and the powerful ancient forces of the land are flowing strongly.
High school is rarely easy, especially for a tall, somewhat gangly Native American girl. Add a sprinkle of shyness, a dash of athletic prowess, an above-average IQ, and some bizarre history that places in the guardianship of her aunt. Then normal high school life is only an illusion. Kai Tiva faces an uphill struggle until she runs into Riley Beth James, the extroverted class cutie, at the principal's office. Riley shows up for a newspaper interview, while Kai is summoned for punching out a classmate. Riley is the attractive girl-next-door-type whom everyone likes. Though a fairly good student, an emerging choral star, and wildly popular, she knows she'll never live up to her older sister. She makes up for it with bravery, kindness, and a brash can-do attitude. Their odd matchup is strengthened by curiosity, compassion, humor, and all the drama of typical teenage life. But their experiences go beyond the normal teen angst; theirs is compounded by a curious attraction to each other, and an emerging, insidious danger related to mysterious death of Kai's father. Their emerging friendship is tested as they navigate this risky challenge. But the powerful bond forged between them has existed through past lives. The outcome this time will affect the next generation of Kai's people.
What happens when Grace enters a world where birds speak, and she receives messages that reveal profound truths about herself?
The story of a young girl named Caitlin who lives in a small village in the mountains of North Carolina with her father the village woodturner. One day her father tells her the story ofa dream tree that grows on a mountain near her village.Soon Caitlin begins to wonder where her dreams go after she gets out of bed, and how she can keep her favoritedreams forever. She asks her father to save her dreams, and that is the beginning of a very special adventure.
Our minds and hearts often exploded with joy as we became immersed in the scenes. At times, we were one with the mystical silence and landscape. "Suddenly, we started climbing and climbing until I felt we couldn't go higher. GERONIMO! I cried yet still we climbed. The road became so narrow and steep that I began to think we might begin to go backward. We down-shifted again. When we crossed Ten Sleep Creek, I peered out my window looking for snow pack. It was summer. Still we climbed, higher and higher. The clouds became bigger-and closer. The blue, bright sky blue...and rich forest green encompassed us. Had we passed over? Were we on the other side? Dreamcatcher downshifted and climbed some more. Dear Lord, if my ears hadn't popped earlier, I would have listened for the choir of angel voices. We passed through Big Horn, Sitting Bull, and climbed higher. The air got thinner, the water became purer, the sun brighter. Still we climbed. There were no people. There was no pollution. There was no barrier between us and God. We climbed higher. The road narrowed. The blue faded into grey. We were in the clouds and heaven bound."
Young Richard buys a Native American dreamcatcher from a market stall. A medicine man, Running Wolf, takes Richard on a magical journey to a special place where bad dreams are safely stored. Taken from an ancient Scottish legend, 'The Sleeping Giant' is about a lazy giant prone to falling asleep.

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