Idaville's boy detective applies concepts from history, science, and the study of human behavior to the known facts in ten perplexing cases.
Want to identify fiction books that boys in grades three through nine will find irresistible? This guide reveals dozens of worthwhile recommendations in categories ranging from adventure stories and sports novels to horror, humorous, and science fiction books.
The ten-year-old detective continues his war on crime in Idaville through ten more cases, for which the reader is invited to guess the solution before it is revealed.
A 10-year-old boy opens a private detective agency and solves 10 baffling cases
Encyclopedia Brown's special talents are required as he solves The Case of the Flying Boy, The Case of the Foot Warmer and eight other mysterious puzzles.
A collection of humorous anecdotes, most of which are true, about outdoor life, with an emphasis on fishing and hunting.
The young son of Idaville's chief of police unravels his father's most baffling criminal cases, challenging the reader to solve these mysteries along with him.
The essential facts of ten mysteries are presented, giving the reader the opportunity to solve the cases before examining the boy detective's solutions.
Encyclopedia Brown solves ten new mystery cases. Solutions to the mysteries are located at the end of the book.
A collection of anecdotes chronicling some unusual events and activities involving a variety of wild and domestic animals.
Idaville's secret weapon against lawbreakers, ten-year-old Encyclopedia Brown, assists the police force with ten insoluble cases. Solutions are at the back of the book.
True, wacky stories about cars--famous cars, unusual cars, vintage cars, impractical cars, and others.
Reveals more than one hundred amusing, authentic blunders from baseball, basketball, football, boxing, golf, and other sports.
Match wits with a pint-sized Sherlock Homes.
Briefly describes undercover activities of spies from various historical periods and geographical areas.
Endlich ist es so weit, die Ferien haben begonnen! Skye und Jane, Batty und Hound fahren mit Tante Claire in ein winziges Häuschen direkt am Meer. Zu ihrer großen Freude ist auch Jeff mit von der Partie! Skye ist jetzt die älteste Penderwick vor Ort , aber so viel Verantwortung gepaart mit so viel Temperament, das ist nicht immer einfach. Weder für Skye selbst, die ab und zu gegen einen Baum treten muss, noch für die kleine Batty, die ihre Rettungsweste gar nicht mehr ausziehen darf. Es wird ein unvergesslicher Sommer, dafür sorgen auch ein Klavier, neue Haarschnitte und ein verstauchter Knöchel - und nicht zuletzt der sympathische Nachbar Alec mit seinem Hund Hoover.

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