This powerful book sets out arguments and an agenda of policy proposals for achieving a sustainable and prosperous, but non-growing economy, also known as a steady-state economy. Theauthorsdescribe a plan for solving the major social and environmental problems which face us today on a finite planetwith a rapidlygrowing population. They show how we have to find ways to reverse the environmental crises, while at the same time, we have to eradicate poverty and erase the divide between the haves and the have-nots. They argue that the economic orthodoxy...
Spending time in the Pilbara region of Western Australia as part of the Aboriginal Deaths in Custody Royal Commission, Sydney lawyer Noel Olive began listening to, and then recording, the stories and experiences of the local Indigenous people. That material forms the basis of a history from an Aboriginal perspective of Aboriginal-European relations in the region, from colonial times to present day. The author previously edited a book of Aboriginal histories from the same region (Karijini Mirlimirli FACP 1997), which was well received by reviewers and is a recommended text in both the legal profession and Aboriginal Studies courses.
A lifelong follower of the American political scene, political pundit Brendan Kelly treats readers with his conglomeration of thoughts in this call to action. He tells of his progression through the political system of our times from Democrat to Republican, through Independent to Libertarianism. As an easy read, Enough is Enough is aimed at those who realize our nation is in deep trouble and are capable of joining the fray to repair the damage we have sustained in the past century. Kelly will provide readers with a road map of where we've been, where we are and where we need to be if we wish to survive the return of world slavery that existed before our first revolution.
Read Candy Finnigan's posts on the Penguin Blog. From a nationally recognized addiction specialist featured on the A&E series Intervention, a comprehensive and compassionate guide to confronting a loved one with an addiction. What do you do when someone you care about is caught in the downward spiral of addiction? The goal of an intervention is to get the person who is addicted to alcohol, to drugs, to gambling, to sex, to what have you to seek treatment-to seek treatment today. And it is remarkably effective: over 80 percent of people faced with an intervention agree to get help. In When Enough Is Enough, Candy Finnigan offers support, advice, and hope to people who care about someone with an addiction. She acknowledges that although intervention is a powerful tool, it is a complicated process-one that absolutely must be done right. This kind of confrontation must be highly structured, and Finnigan-a veteran of hundreds of interventions-provides a frank but sympathetic guide to preparing for and staging an intervention. By talking readers through the personal, medical, psychiatric, financial, and legal issues involved, she turns what seems like a chaotic and overwhelming task into a manageable and empowering experience.
The Republic of Ireland, which declared itself in 1949, allowed the Catholic Church to dominate its civil society and education system. Investment by American and European companies, and a welcoming tax regime, created the 'Celtic Tiger' of the 1990s. That brief burst of good fortune was destroyed by a corrupt political class which encouraged a wild property boom, leaving the country almost bankrupt. What Ireland needs now is a programme of real change. It needs to become a fully modern republic in fact as well as name. This disastrous economic collapse also allows us to think through the kind of multiculturalism that Ireland needs, and to build institutions that can accommodate the sudden influx of migrants who have come to Ireland in the past 15 years. The State should take over the entire education system, for which it pays already, and make it fit for the 21st century. The political system is dysfunctional and is one of the main causes of the debacle we have just experienced. Ireland needs constitutional reform. Politicians have been let get away with murder, and there is a fatalistic sense that nothing can change. The country needs to encourage participation in, and oversight and knowledge of politics, to make people feel that they have a right to challenge the old party machines and to make a difference. It is their country, after all.
The United States of America has been in trouble for a long time, but before we can correct the problems, we need to know what they are. The time has come for the people to know the truth about what is happening in our cities, our states and our country. Our government has placed an unnecessary burden upon the people of the United States by making mistakes and failing to learn from them. Now we must pay the price. We live in a FREE LAND, but we take it for granted, allowing others to work and fight for us. Instead of valuing the treasure that is freedom of speech, we contentedly stay silent. The only way to bring about the necessary change is to stand up for what we believe in and let our leaders know that we will not sit idly by while they destroy this great country. It is time we all say, "Enough is enough."
At a time in our country when our moral compass no longer points true worth, values are non-existent and there is no absolute right or wrong, Godly men are the only answer to today's problems. Our society needs a generation of Men who will stand up and say "Enough is Enough." As Men, we don't have time for excuses, we don't have time to not have time, our children are growing up in a world that's eating them alive. It's time for the Men of God to stand up for our marriages, children, churches, community and our world. "Enough Is Enough" is a Wake-up Call for Men to take action.
It's no secret that Christians have had a major impact on the last two presidential elections, and Dr. Rick Scarborough believes that now is not the time to retreat. Now more than ever it is critical that all Bible-believing Americans step up and let our voices be heard. Scarborough challenges Christians to become involved in political action by revealing the issues that have caused the demise of America's Judeo-Christian foundation and outlining several key steps readers can take right where they live if they agree that it's time to get involved! Discover America's rich Christian foundations and the journey to the current political landscape. Enough Is Enough will motivate every person who reads it to influence our country's policies and culture with biblical values.
Here's important food for thought for men and women who are bored with their job, are in a tired relationship, or who simply feel overdue for an interlude of personal freedom. Mixing humor, cracker-barrel philosophy, and good common sense, author Evan Harris offers realistic advice by describing more than 20 techniques designed to get her readers out of virtually any nasty situation. They include offering one's antagonist a calm, reasonable argument, or going to the opposite extreme and making a scene. Maybe most satisfying of all is a technique she calls achieving, then vanishing. She also advises on recognizing signs that the time to quit has come. For instance, if you dream about quitting a job where you're underappreciated, it's time to quit. Or if that once-special person in your life cannot understand your feelings, it's time to break off the relationship. Quoting comedian W. C. Fields, Evan Harris reminds her readers: "If at first you don't succeed, try again. Then quit. No use being a damn fool about it."
This book informs the readers about the life of a Southeastern Kentuckian and his struggles with 17 years of religious teachings coupled with, once into real world employment, corruption in the government of the United States of America and treasonous acts by members of the executive and legislative branches of the federal government.
This book deals with the subject of bullying. In the book the author tells the story of a young man who is a victim of bullying. She tries to provide young readers with knowledge that will help them face their problems, or go to the right person for help. It reveals the young man's fear and intimidation. It also talks of his desire to take his own life, because he cannot endure this much longer. It reveals how one person made a difference in his life, and helped him summon the courage he needed.
A small group of women from a reserve called Tobique embarrassed the Canadian government in front of the world and brought the plight of Native women and Native experience to the eyes of millions. These are their stories about growing up Native and female. It is the story of a struggle to end one hundred years of legislated sexual discrimination against Native women in Canada. Their struggle started with the occupation of a band office, continued with a hundred-mile march to Ottawa, and ended up in the United Nations.
The book, “When Enough is Enough,” is an inspirational love story about a journey of Clare’s domestic violent life and the man of her dreams. Her life of being married to a minister for 10 years incurred extreme violence which included a broken leg, chokings, punchings, kicks, being spit on, kidnappings and her children being beaten and thrown out of car windows. Clare encountered a life of abuse and being held captive not only by her husband Jerry, but by a church society that played on her emotions. She was torn between doing what they said to do, which was to stay married to an abusive man, or leaving. Clare one day was rescued by the man of her dreams, James. James, a strong military man who rescued Clare and her children was left alone after church folks and Clare’s family controlled Clare’s love for James. When Clare realizes that she has had enough of her husband and church folks, she risked the loss of the man of her dreams.
Tabitha escapes a verbal abusive relationship with Clifford and relocates back home with her family. After ten months living the lonely single life Tabitha gets back into the dating scene. Tabitha is convinced that she has met the man of her dreams name Lance through a telecommunication chat line. Tabitha has to learn the hard way. Her lover has a dark secret that turns into a revolving disaster. Too late, feelings have already been established. Tabitha is not intimidated, but is torn between her own instincts and her lovers manipulative, misleadful, smooth talking, pleasure seeking, and sneaky habits which mentally make it difficult for her to leave him. This lustful triangle ends with a broken heart, betrayal, and denial. How many times will Tabitha roll the dice in this discreet relationship? When Enough Is Enough is a scandalous, shock revealing thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat expecting the unexpected.
This is a book for anyone who suffers from addiction, contends with bad habits, possesses negative thinking patterns, or is held captive by their addictive personality. Information and methods in this book for treating addictions and habits have taken a decade to put together compiling information, insights and ideas from recovering alcoholics, substance abusers, addiction sufferers, mental health sufferers and world leading practitioners in addictions and mental health. The principles when applied have a tremendous success rate! Using cognitive behavioral therapy techniques along with the law of intention, this book breaks new ground in combining psychology with spirituality for overcoming addiction. Furthermore, it employs the principles from the law of attraction, teaching individuals how to become what they most want to be in life, as well as showing them how to receive what they want! Anyone desiring to develop new positive thinking patterns should definitely read this book. Once you apply the principles in the book, you will definitely be on the road to recovery, as well as finding the "you" that you have been looking for!
Many in today's church are waiting for acceptance or approval from leadership to move in what God has called them to do. Many who have been waiting has allow the cares of this world to cause them to forget their foundational teachings. This book reveals how the world is affecting the church and what is needed to affect the world. This book is to encourage laymen to stir up the gifts within them. To reignite teachings that has become dormant in our lives. The church has become like a social club and we need to get it back to being the glorious church that should be living daily in the finished works of Jesus because the world needs us.
The founder of Overachievers Anonymous recounts her own experience as an overachiever and demonstrates how women can make time to get to know their families and themselves and live saner, more balanced lives
Here is David Augsburger's forceful yet compassionate look at hope. He analyzes the various types of hope and the role it plays in friendships, marriages, families, and our society as we face the threat of nuclear holocaust. Incorporating stories, diagrams, case studies, and thoughts from well-known contemporaries as well as biblical reflections, Augsburger gives readers a new perspective on hope plus practical ways to apply it to their life.
Two actors, revealing the high price of fame, recount their experiences--both good and bad--in Hollywood and how they, in desperate need of redemption and renewal, turned to God when their lives were plagued by family problems, sex, drugs, and rock and roll.

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