Welcome to the world of fairgrounds! Learn about the history of fairgrounds around the world, their art and music, and the people who run them. Find out about the science behind fairground rides, read an interview with a girl who grew up in a showman community, make your own fairground ride and discover amazing fairground facts and stats.
The Del Mar Fairgrounds, home to the county's annual summer fair and the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club's racing meet, have helped to make the city of Del Mar a world-class destination with a colorful history.
"Comprehensive . . .well organized . . . should be carried in every glove compartment of every car that traverses Connecticut highways."—Journal Inquirer, Manchester, Connecticut Welcomed and praised by newspapers across the state, Explorer’s Guide Connecticut gives visitors and residents alike detailed descriptions of attractions and little-known tips about the Nutmeg State. Veteran travel writers Barnett Laschever and Andi Marie Cantele again bring you authoritative advice on what to see, where to eat, and where to stay in the new edition of this trusted guide. Covering the state from the mountains in the north to the long and varied coastline in the south, from cities to backroads, this revised and expanded edition features extensive descriptions and detailed maps to guide readers effortlessly along many pleasant journeys for individual travelers and families. Historic and exciting Mystic Seaport, the rich collections of the Yale University museums, beach and skiing trips, and the many state forests and parks of Connecticut are just a handful of the attractions covered. Regional and downtown maps feature helpful icons and indicate places that are wheelchair-accessible, pet- and family-friendly, and of other special value. Features include: an alphabetical "What's Where" subject guide to aid in trip plan; regional and downtown maps; handy icons that point out family-friendly attractions, wheelchair access, special value, and lodgings that accept pets.
“Iowa? I could have sworn this was heaven.”—from Field of Dreams This lively guide—the definitive comprehensive travel guide devoted entirely to Iowa—highlights the events, attractions, lodgings, restaurants, history, and culture that make the Hawkeye State great. Iowans have always known how wonderful their state is; now everyone else can experience the best that this under-appreciated gem has to offer. From railroads and the state fair to art museums and wineries; from cycling to golf to spelunking, Iowa won’t fail to surprise and delight travelers. If you like spending your vacations away from crowds or exploring beautiful, perfect natural landscapes, Iowa might be just what you’re looking for. Author Lauren Rice traveled throughout her home state to find the best it has to offer. Everywhere she went she learned something new—a fascinating bit of local history, a little restaurant serving great homemade food, some terrific tucked-away place to visit—and there are countless other treasures just waiting to be discovered. As with all Explorer’s Guides, handy icons point out places of extra value, kid-friendly sites and activities, and lodgings that accept pets. Detailed maps and an alphabetical “What’s Where” section help you plan your trip. With this book in hand, travelers will get off the beaten path and into the heart of an authentic, unspoiled place.
The study investigates the cultural production of the visual iconography of popular pleasure grounds from the eighteenth century pleasure garden to the contemporary theme park. Deborah Philips identifies the literary genres, including fairy tale, gothic horror, Egyptiana and the Western which are common to carnival sites and traces their historical transition across a range of media to become familiar icons of popular culture.Though the bricolage of narratives and imagery found in the contemporary leisure zone has been read by many as emblematic of postmodern culture, the author argues that the clash of genres and stories is less a consequence of postmodern pastiche than it is the result of a history and popular tradition of conventionalized iconography.
The only authorised and official guide to Walt Disney World, this new edition provides visitors with the most up-to-date coverage of the world's most popular tourist attraction. Includes exclusive coverage of the yearlong celebration to mark 100 Years of Magic and a detailed look at Disney's Pop Century resort, the newest edition to the Disney complex. Also new are updated travel tips for international travellers, guests with disabilities, and families with young children. Includes valuable coupons that can be exchanged on site. Illustrated throughout in full-colour.
The bestselling and most complete guide to the gorgeous Hudson Valley is back in a new, totally revised edition. Rich with historical and cultural attractions and natural beauty, the Hudson Valley has become a choice getaway. Local author Joanne Michaels guides you through its treasure trove of restaurants, cozy inns, galleries, antiques shops, and wineries, and to its many outdoor activities. Completely revised; from the most respected travel writer in the region.
Iconic sites like Mount St. Helens, Mount Rainier, and Grand Coulee Dam are complemented by those undiscovered places that only a longtime local can show you. From the eastern deserts to the western rainforests, Washington is home to some of the most varied and beautiful places in the country. Iconic sites like Mount St. Helens, Mount Rainier, and Grand Coulee Dam are complemented by those unknown and undiscovered places that only a longtime local like the author can show you.
According to Gov. Robert L. Ehrich Jr., "[The Maryland State Fair] is an annual opportunity as Marylanders to come together to celebrate the history, tradition, and charm of our State during the best days of summer." The Maryland State Fair has continued the tradition of delighting Marylanders near and far since the late 1800s. Hosting governors to 4-H'ers, farm animals to farm hands, home arts to computer arts, the fair has always promised something for everyone. Fair favorites such as the sweet, intoxicating scent of warm cotton candy and the heartthundering excitement and majesty of Thoroughbred racing were as much a part of the Maryland State Fair 125 years ago as they are today. Readers can find it all in The Maryland State Fair: Celebrating 125 Years.
This completely revised second edition of the definitive South Florida guidebook offers coverage of Tampa, the Gulf Coast, South Beach, Miami, and the Keys. In diverse, exciting South Florida you might catch a glimpse of an endangered Florida panther in a nature preserve in the morning and visit a four-star restaurant and world-class nightclub that evening. This rich destination welcomes visitors from all over the world with its vibrant arts communities and multicultural historic sites, luxurious seaside resorts and lush forests, and some of the best fishing and diving in the United States. With cattle ranches and citrus groves all the way down to the mighty swamps of the Everglades and Big Cypress there are endless opportunities for exploration and discovery for singles, couples, and families. From eco-friendly establishments and environmental information about the region to its trendy nightlife, out-of-the-way attractions, and best beach hotels, Explorer’s Guide South Florida is a thorough introduction to an alluring place that tourists as well as locals simply shouldn’t miss. Detailed maps, an index, an alphabetical “What’s Where” subject guide, and helpful icons that highlight places that offer special value, are pet-, gay-, and family-friendly, and are wheelchair accessible round out this incredible resource, your perfect travel companion.
At the time of the World's Columbian Exposition of 1893, the United States was fast becoming the world's leading economy. Chicago, the host city, had grown in less than half a century from a village to the country's second-largest metropolis. During this, the Gilded Age, the world's most extensive railroad and steamship networks poured ceaselessly through Chicago, carrying the raw goods and finished products of America's great age of invention and industrial expansion. The Fair was the largest ever at the time, with 65,000 exhibitors and millions of visitors. It has been called the "Blueprint of the American Future" and marked the beginning of the national economy and consumer culture.
At the beginning of the twentieth century, the greater Northwest was ablaze with change and seemingly obsessed with progress. The promotional literature of the time praising railroads, population increases, and the growing sophistication of urban living, however, ignored the reality of poverty and ethnic and gender discrimination. During the course of the next century, even with dramatic changes in the region, one constant remainedÑ inequality. With an emphasis on the regionÕs political economy, its environmental history, and its cultural and social heritage, this lively and colorful history of the Pacific NorthwestÑdefined here as Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, and southern British ColumbiaÑplaces the narrative of this dynamic region within a national and international context. Embracing both Canadian and American stories in looking at the larger region, renowned historian William Robbins and Katrine Barber offer us a fascinating regional history through the lens of both the environment and society. Understanding the physical landscape of the greater Pacific NorthwestÑand the watersheds of the Columbia, Fraser, Snake, and Klamath riversÑsets the stage for understanding the development of the area. Examining how this landscape spawned sawmills, fish canneries, railroads, logging camps, agriculture, and shared immigrant and ethnic traditions reveals an intricate portrait of the twentieth-century Northwest. Impressive in its synthesis of myriad historical facts, this first-rate regional history will be of interest to historians studying the region from a variety of perspectives and an informative read for anyone fascinated by the story of a landscape rich in diversity, natural resources, and Native culture.

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