Find your own personal Adam and Eve. Personal and oral history are evidence, but stronger still is DNA-driven genealogy. Make a time capsule, scrapbook or database of your family's founders. If you're interested in personal or oral history, DNA-driven genealogy, family history, ancestry, life stories, time capsules and tracing your own personal Adam and Eve, here's how to start researching your own family history at the cellular level when written records stop and oral history contributes to the evidence. What you're looking for in the search for your own origins and migrations is evidence. Every family has its own Adam and Eve-the original founders of a particular family line on either the male or female side. Find yours. Trace your ancestral founders through DNA-driven genealogy. Genealogists now can use molecular genealogy-comparing and matching people by matrilineal DNA lineages-mtDNA or patrilineal Y-chromosome ancestry and/or racial percentages tests. People interested in ancestry now look at genetic markers to trace the migrations of the human species. Here's how to trace your genealogy by DNA from your grandparents back 10,000 or more years. Anyone can be interested in DNA for ancestry research. Build a time capsule documenting, how your own family is a mosaic of communities. What markers will shed light on your deepest ancestry? Discover the geographic travels and dwelling places of some of your ancestors. What's random and what's not? Use these tools to study the history of your ancestors as part of a larger population. Look for similar patterns.
Does preserving, recording, and writing family history memorabilia sow the seeds of adequacy and security for progeny because the advertising industry sells product by doing the opposite? Intergenerational writing is about recording salable life stories and family histories in a variety of formats: print, video, and multimedia, and in genres such as drama, poetry, music, novels, diaries, life stories, news features, and personal or corporate histories. Your purpose can be the following: closure and harmony, remembering good old times, making keepsake memorabilia. Writing and recording the highlights of peoples' lives is about who we are.
How can you make your marriage a loving, creative, exciting, and God-based relationship? In this wise and insightful book, Michael Shevack offers twenty-five marriage secrets based on the Genesis story of Adam and Eve. By practicing them and by consciously changing old patterns and old ways of thinking about one another, your relationship will be enriched and aligned with God. Then you will truly have a sacred and lasting partnership. Book jacket.
Not long after I was saved I met a group of already established Christians who discussed how some preachers made wrong choices in marriage and how it later destroyed their ministries. What scared me most was a particular incident where it was alleged that a spouse confessed to being possessed by evil spirits and how she succeeded in wrecking the husband’s church. That prompted me to go in search of the way to find the right partner and avoid danger. Being the son of a preacher and a second-generation Christian for 20 years, and having been married for nearly a decade, I have come to tell the adventure of my story how I found my life partner and the Biblical lessons that I learnt in the course of time. In this book, you will discover • How the Holy Spirit helps us pray according to the will of God • The importance of God’s blueprint for you in three main areas, i.e. ministry, marriage, money • Knowledge of the scriptures as your basis for inheriting the promises of God • How God works behind-the-scenes to fulfill His promises when we pray • How to cooperate with God for success in finding your marriage partner
The Daily Discipler provides daily discipling and mentoring from trusted author Neil Anderson. You will find 52 weeks of practical Christian theology that can be digested in only five minutes a day, five days a week. Divided into four quarters, this vital resource shows readers what it means to have a Christian worldview, who they are in Christ and how to find freedom through their Christian identity. This is the beginning of an adventure that will not only teach readers the fundamentals of their faith but will also lead them into a closer walk with God.
Oh where, Oh where, can my Adam be?Are you tired of settling for less? Does it feel like you keep on attracting the same type of men? Do you often wonder if God hears your prayers when you ask him to bless you with the desires of your heart? Have you been searching for love in all the wrong places? Have you lost hope that your true soul mate doesn't exist? If you have answered "yes" to any of these questions, then this is the perfect book for you. Within this book, I have shared some of my deepest and personal pages of my journal. I had been on a mission to find "My Personal Adam" for many years and I was very stubborn and didn't want to wait on God, but eventually I had to run to the altar. I had experienced some good, bad, ugly and unexpected relationships and marriages, but when I finally waited on God, my "Personal Adam" found me. I was hooked at a fish fry.... I believe red snapper was on the menu. As you read through these pages, I pray that you will find the desire to stop settling for less, the courage to reflect back on your life and the patience to wait for God to bless you with your true soul mate.
This is a reproduction of a book published before 1923. This book may have occasional imperfections such as missing or blurred pages, poor pictures, errant marks, etc. that were either part of the original artifact, or were introduced by the scanning process. We believe this work is culturally important, and despite the imperfections, have elected to bring it back into print as part of our continuing commitment to the preservation of printed works worldwide. We appreciate your understanding of the imperfections in the preservation process, and hope you enjoy this valuable book.
The older teens in your parish want a youth ministry program that exposes them to relevant, real-world topics in an active, engaging way. Horizons is an innovative, comprehensive approach to religious education. Its foundation is teacher-led, creative learning strategies that give students ample opportunities for discussion, reflection--and fun! Designed for grades 9-12, Horizons utilizes a module system so that you can combine courses and topics to meet the specific needs of your parish. Seven core courses set the stage for discussing central and foundational themes. Then choose from a wide selection of age-appropriate minicourses to round out your curriculum and craft summer courses, retreats, and youth-group activities. The Youth Ministry Strategies component features more than 65 creative youth activities to complement the Horizons curriculum. And on top of all that, Horizons includes outstanding training resources. You'll be able to create the most engaging and relevant youth ministry program for senior high that is available anywhere.
The premise of this book is that learning to let go of anger—and ultimately forgiving the offender—will transform the foundation of every kind of relationship we have. Stanley defines anger as "a strong feeling of intense displeasure, hostility, or indignation as a result of a real or an imagined threat or insult, frustration, or injustice toward yourself or towards someone who’s very important to you." Building on this defintion, Stanley... 1. Helps readers identify the signs of anger, so they can identify anger in themselves. 2. Reveals the far-reaching consequences of anger, which encompass the spiritual, emotional, and physical. 3. Teaches readers how to handle anger through thirteen concrete steps. 4. Walks readers through the steps to true forgiveness and the healing power it brings. With compassion and a wealth of biblical understanding, Stanley explains that the measure of a person is "the size of thing that makes them angry." He goes on to distinguish between healthy and harmful anger and reminds us that "righteous indignation" is a divine emotion. However, he skillfully explains that misguided anger eats away at ourselves, our relationships with others, and our relationship with God. By helping readers look honestly at the source of their anger, he gently leads them to the ability to truly forgive and find the peace they seek.
How to Find God's Love has the answers to life's most pressing questions-your questions. It provides solutions for lives in turmoil, lives in limbo, and lives confused. Finding God's love is the solution to every problem, challenge, heartache, and setback. How to Find God's Love shares with you: Practical ways to find and experience God's love every day. Easy to follow steps to hold fast to God's love when facing troubles. True stories of people who searched for God's reality and what they found. Hope, peace, and freedom to live a victorious life. I have come like light into the world, so that every person who believes in Me will not stay in the darkness (John 12:46 PEB). Author Don Nori's wit and personal experiences bring to life-your life-the assurance of God's love and the reality of His faithfulness. You will never be the same again after you realize the depth and width of God's love for you. Seek Him today!
When the church falls short of being an excellent description of the Body of Christ, there is an urgent need for a reawakening. When the character of the church is no longer consistent with the character of Jesus Christ, the head of the Body of Christ, there is a need to sound the fire alarm. When the church can no longer influence its members and the world in doing what is scripturally right, but good and acceptable, there is an urgent need for a spirit-guided self-examination. When supposed church members are no longer guided or led by the spirit of God but the senses or the world, there is a need for transformation by the renewing of the mind. When church members can no longer tell the difference between the true gospel of Christ Jesus and the secular gospel both preached from the same Holy Bible, there is an urgent need to speak out to save many from the path of damnation. The focus of this work is not so much on those social and business empires branded churches but on the individual whose genuine spiritual state is hinged on a personal relationship with God. Everyone must press in.
Jesus Christ is not a human man, Jesus Christ is a deity. He can transform himself into anything. Jesus Christ and his angels can make human beings experience ectoplasm and can possess you in broad daylight and at night. Any spirit or deity that can shift-shape himself into anything like a fog, smoke, fire, clouds, insects, people or animals is considered not human, suspicious, unknown, scary, sneaky, secretive, and evil.
“Anyone who is losing hope for America must read The Seed of a Nation. The inspiration lives, the seed sprouts, the idea works” (Scott W. Boyd, Pennsylvania State Representative). “The Seed of a Nation is a thoroughly researched and fascinating account of William Penn’s efforts to establish a ‘Holy Experiment’ in Pennsylvania—a vision of governance grounded in faith and operating on the principles of tolerance and respect for all” (Senator Stewart J. Greenleaf). It was this “Holy Experiment,” set out in Penn’s Charter of Privileges, that provided the framework for the United States Government, including the essential underlying mandate to provide freedom for all people. So brilliant was William Penn’s legacy that Thomas Jefferson, writer of the Declaration of Independence, called him, “the greatest lawgiver the world has produced.” This fascinating work looks at the life and impact of William Penn—an impact that still echoes today.
Think you've got issues? Not sure if you really matter? Looking for "how to" help so you can fight back when the enemy attacks? Or maybe just ready to do things God's way? Pastor Lawrence Powell of Agape Family Worship Center in Rahway, New Jersey, invites you to Take The Plunge and discover the answers to your questions in this exciting 31-day adventure into the deep things of God. Explore the depths of fulfillment in living out Kingdom principles. Venture past your comfort zone and gain a new revelation of who you are in Christ. Improve your flow in heaven's blessings by realizing what's rightfully yours as His ambassador. This life-changing work will set you up for living out your journey in the face of God. It's time YOU Take the Plunge!
Features:• Wide chronological coverage of English literature, especially texts found in the Norton, Oxford, Blackwell and other standard anthologies• Short, punchy essays that engage with the texts, the critics, and literary and social issues• Background and survey articles• Glossaries of Bible themes, images and narratives• Annotated bibliography and questions for class discussion or personal reflection• Scholarly yet accessible, jargon-free approach – ideal for school and university students, book groups and general readersCreated for readers who may be unfamiliar with the Bible, church history or theological development, it offers an understanding of Christianity’s key concepts, themes, images and characters as they relate to English literature up to the present day.
Do you remember what it felt like when you first fell in love with Jesus? And then one day, the presence you felt was suddenly gone. Who would willingly allow this to happen? Is there an unseen force that deceives believers? In The Olive Principle, minister and author Daniel R. Dorey discusses the reasons believers are lured away from God and recommends action steps to accepting the challenge of becoming a true servant of God. Complementing the study of scripture, The Olive Principle unravels the twisted deception used by Satan. Dorey brings you face-to-face with the truth and assists you on the path to spiritual maturity, discussing the following topics: • The first step in finding your way back to God • The hidden principle the olive holds for your life • The cure for the “I Factor” or self-first phenomena • The steps to change your relationship with God forever • The attitude to bring you into a place of physical and spiritual fulfillment When you understand the true meaning of being a servant, fulfillment is realized in God. There is an attitude that must be grasped for you remain in His presence. Are you ready?
Who are we, and where do we come from? The fundamental drive to answer these questions is at the heart of Finding Your Roots, the companion book to the PBS documentary series seen by 30 million people. As Harvard scholar Henry Louis Gates Jr. shows us, the tools of cutting-edge genomics and deep genealogical research now allow us to learn more about our roots, looking further back in time than ever before. Gates's investigations take on the personal and genealogical histories of more than twenty luminaries, including United States Congressman John Lewis, actor Robert Downey Jr., CNN medical correspondent Sanjay Gupta, President of the "Becoming American Institute" Linda Chavez, and comedian Margaret Cho. Interwoven with their moving stories of immigration, assimilation, strife, and success, Gates provides practical information for amateur genealogists just beginning archival research on their own families' roots, and he details the advances in genetic research now available to the public. The result is an illuminating exploration of who we are, how we lost track of our roots, and how we can find them again.

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