2017-2018 Weekly Planner for Dog lovers - Golden Retriever lovers in particular! Adorable Most Wanted Golden Retriever image graces the cover of this cute engagement calendar.  Popular easy to use planner format shows a week-at-a-view to help keep you organized 7 days at a time. Calendar/planner covers 16 months (January 2017 -- April 2018). Helpful for anyone wanting to take charge of their time and manage their activities in 2017 and into 2018. Perfect for students and business people alike.  Great for keeping track of all your business and social engagements for the next 16 months.  Pages in the front provide full years calendar and space for recording phone numbers and passwords  Nice Large A4-letter size (11 X 8.5-Inches) format for plenty of room to write your stuff.  Softback binding opens flat for ease of use.  We think you'll find this a fantastic time management tool for home, school, office, or anytime when you're on the fly and need to schedule! Makes planning and scheduling a breeze!
- GOLDEN RETRIEVER NOTEBOOKFor your desk or sketching, the professional designed 8 x 10 inch blank dog journals are perfect for writing or journaling. - PERFECT FOR A DIARYThis retriever notebook contains 150 pages (75 sheets), 60# paper, with blank paper perfect for bullet journaling. - MULTIPURPOSEPerfect for people of all ages! - GLOSSY COVER DESIGNPremium golden retriever glossy cover design in fun dog style. - PERFECT FOR GIFTSThe perfect gift for golden retriever enthusiasts and dog lovers everywhere!
Bespoke, personalised desk diary. 2 days per page. Contact us if you would like your own image, name or other text on a book.
Dog trainer Tom Shelby answers real questions from real dog owners. Are you inadvertently rewarding your dog's bad behavior? Are you misinterpreting the peeing at the door? In Dog Training Diaries, lifelong dog trainer Tom Shelby captures the basic guidelines of training dogs and offers advice, strategies, and personal insight to deal with the most common problematic situations dog owners face. Harmony obstacles include: Pulling on the leash Jumping Eating chair legs Separation anxiety Housebreaking Aggression And more! Tom’s personal stories from his life as a dog trainer allow readers to journey through all dog walks of life—from mansions to suburban parking lots—as he explains how to restore the special relationship between dog and owner. Dog Training Diaries will help readers harmonize, understand, teach, and learn from their dogs—because harmony between dog and family is what it’s all about.
Ach du Schreck, Nikkis Tagebuch ist spurlos verschwunden. Wo hat sie es nur verloren? Schon bald kommt der Verdacht auf, dass sich jemand das gute Stück gemopst hat. Und zwar keine Geringere als Nikkis BFFI (Beste-Feindin-für-immer) MacKenzie! Und dann erdreistet sich diese Oberzicke MacKenzie auch noch, sich selbst in Nikkis persönlichem, absolut privatem, supergeheimem Buch zu verewigen! Nikki ist empört und zückt die Feder, um ihrer Erzfeindin gehörig die Meinung zu geigen. Nikkis Tagebuch wird zum Schlachtfeld eines turbulenten Zickenkriegs. Der neue DORK-Diaries-Band, abwechselnd aus Nikkis und MacKenzies Perspektive erzählt!
Ein Rascheln und schon sind die Ohren gespitzt. Ein Leckerli fliegt durch die Luft. Der Speichel fließt, die Hundeaugen glänzen und verfolgen jede Bewegung. Klick! – ein Schnappschuss. Der Fotograf Christian Vieler hält in gestochen scharfen Fotografien den kurzen Moment fest, in dem Hunde auf ein in die Luft geworfenes Leckerli aufmerksam werden und versuchen, es mit dem Mund zu fangen. Diese wunderbar komischen und schönen Bilder von 60 Hunden aller Größen und Farben, vom sturen Terrier bis zum tollpatschigen Golden Retriever, bringen die unverwechselbaren Persönlichkeiten und Emotionen der Tiere zum Ausdruck und werden jeden Hundeliebhaber erfreuen und zum Lachen bringen.
If you are a Golden Retriever lover or have friends or family who own Golden Retrievers then this elegant and original journal certainly makes the perfect Golden Christmas stocking filler gift this year.The Golden Retriever notebook is 6x9 inches with 120 pages of lined paper with a margin.And this Golden Retriever book can be used as a journal, notebook, diary, to-do list, recipe book and much, much more.For similar original dog themed gifts, but for different dog breeds, click on the Pedigree Prints author name.
This unique and funny journal notebook makes the perfect present for those hard to buy for people. This 108 page 6x9 lined book is as practical as it is cute! The ideal size for journaling, a diary or even to do lists. Makes an excellent gift idea for birthdays, Christmas, coworkers or any special occasion.
Amphibian Diaries is a Field Guide for Truth Seekers. A little, green stowaway in the author’s baggage turned out to be a good friend with a sage-like understanding of life. He taught six principles for recognizing Truth so people can have genuine, interpersonal dialogue while searching for personal significance. By the time a reader is finished with the book, they’re invited into a safe and healthy conversation of life’s big questions with a friend. The invitation comes in the form of the LifeBet, reminiscent of the philosophy of Blasé Pascal, which states that all of us live our lives by a wager or bet we have made—there is a God, or there is no God. (The books main character, BP is named for Blasé Pascal.) The book intends to launch LifeBet makers and takers into a commitment of seven meetings wherein they discus foundational life-issues: Origin, Meaning, Morality, and Destiny. Ultimately, the answers are a matter of faith for everyone—the primary constructs of our respective worldviews. BP and the author would argue that these high-level meetings/conversations are essential but difficult, made practicable and effective by a commitment to SEARCH, an acronym for the six principles: 1) We all have a Soul with a hole, a need to be fulfilled by a significant and secure life. 2) We have an intrinsic Expectation of satisfaction that we cling to by faith. 3) We express our beliefs in terms of Answers to life’s ultimate and necessary questions: Origin, Meaning, Destiny, and Morality. 4) Our Reason to believe is always a matter of logical, empirical, and practical variables. 5) Our beliefs are an expression of our view of the Correspondence between our ideas about reality and reality itself. And, 6) Intrapersonal, interpersonal, and inspirational Humility is required for the entire conversation Life and God. The meetings and the ensuing dialogue are encouraged and assisted by the readers’ personal access to a designated website: www.AmphibianDiaries.com where they will find concise and insightful support materials as well as connection for interaction with the author and others. The book, the website, and the concept are all designed to move the reader in the direction of hope in a gentle and respectful manner. It presumes that if people genuinely seek Truth they will find themselves in the freedom of God’s love.
Bailey ist clever, faul und ziemlich frech. Am Ende eines tristen Lebens als Straßenköter fragt er sich, wozu er überhaupt auf der Welt war, und ist verblüfft, plötzlich als wunderschöner Rassehund wiedergeboren zu werden. Der achtjährige Ethan nimmt ihn bei sich auf, und Bailey lernt, was es heißt, einen echten Freund zu haben. Aber seine Reise ist noch nicht beendet, er muss weiterziehen und noch viel lernen. Als er Ethan nach vielen Jahren wiedersieht, ergibt alles plötzlich einen Sinn ...
A stray dog's moving tale about life with Abraham Lincoln—our sixteenth American president and a true animal lover! Meet Fido—a "yaller" mutt who was Abraham Lincoln's constant companion and pampered family pet at the time he was elected President. Smart, friendly, and frightened of loud noises, Fido was uniquely positioned to witness American history . . . when he wasn't trying to hide under a piece of furniture! Young readers will hear from Fido about Abraham Lincoln's love for all creatures (great and small), his unique methods of child-rearing, his most famous speeches—including the Emancipation Proclamation—and the tragedy that cut short his life. With realistic black-and-white illustrations throughout and a fact-filled appendix including information about Abraham Lincoln the animal lover, animal cruelty laws, and more, this is historical fiction for middle graders who don't realize they like historical fiction!
Definitely not your average journal! Atlantic Journals are proud to present their range of daily journal notebooks. Exclusive, bold covers fresh from leading designers 6" x 9" (15.24 x 22.86 cm) professionally bound paperback binding to prevent page loss Heavyweight cream paper to prevent bleed through. Available in a variety of designs - click the 'Atlantic Journals' link under the title to see our full range. What are you waiting for? Click Add to Cart to buy yours now!
Bored with standard school supplies? Have Fun with this Cute and unique notebook, that you can use for your favorite subject, class notes, as a journal or a diary. This composition notebook has 108 pages of college-ruled paper, with a flexible paperback cover in a cool, trendy and high-quality binding, premium design, beautiful matte finish looks.
Get inspired with this awesome Composition Notebook featuring your favorite dog, the Golden Retriever. This notebook can be used for School, Work or Fun activities. A must have for any student but can also be used for teachers and other professionals. This notebook is Wide Ruled, and there is enough writing space for note taking or making a list of things to do. These notebooks are 7.5 x 9.25 inches, 120 pages for writing, with a high quality cover. Golden Retriever on the front cover with paw print colorful wallpaper on the back cover. Golden Retriever quote: No one appreciates the very special genius of your conversation like your Golden Retriever 120 wide-ruled pages (60 sheets) 5 Contents pages - organise your notes, useful for finding your notes Wide Ruled, Lined paper 7.25 in x 9.5 in (19.05 x 23.495 cm) Glossy cover Perfect notebook for class notes, lists, a journal, or a diary
What comes in something plain, but is also very useful? An unruled composition book! This book has unruled pages, free of lines and has no unnecessary visual distractions. If you need a book wherein you can use for free-form writing, or even drawing, then this is the perfect tool for you to express yourself without limitations. It's a good opportunity for children to write freely and teaches them to become more conscious of placing the print on the page rather than just filling up the lines. This is ideal for free-form journaling or sketching, note taking, drawing, doodling, among endless possibilities.

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