A collection of more than two hundred egg recipes re-introduces the joys of this basic food, restoring such favorites as eggnog, lemon chiffon tort, and popovers--as well as omelettes, frittatas, breads, stuffed eggs, pasta, quiche, souffles, custards, meringues, cookies, pies, and tarts--to the American kitchen. Reprint.
An egg is the simplest and most versatile of ingredients. Nutritious, rich in protein, low in fat, perfect for a quick brunch, essential for baking and key to so many starters, main courses and puddings, there is something magical about the humble egg. Eggs are cheap and available to us all – particularly to those who keep chickens. Inspired to find the most imaginative ways to make the best use of her hens’ steady supply, and at the same time use as much fruit and vegetables from her garden as possible, Genevieve Taylor has created a year’s worth of recipes that are shaped by the changing seasons and are spontaneous, unfussy and joyful. Her passion for food that tastes and looks gorgeous, whether for every day or for parties, shines through each and every recipe and photograph in this wonderfully handy book. Move over omelette and custard, here are tortillas and tarts, pasta and pies, sauces and ice-creams, curries and clafouti and a couple of cakes for every month of the year.
She’ll do anything to become a mother—including stalking prospective egg donors’ profiles on Facebook. In this hilarious yet poignant memoir of one woman’s quest to conceive, the brave new world of artificial baby-making takes an unexpected turn when social media comes into play. As the not-quite-young-enough author obsessively examines the online antics of her nubile egg donor wannabes, she questions what it means to be a mother and, in the process, discovers the meaning of love.
"One Good Egg" is the story of how Professor Floppytopp, and his assist Patch, attempt to make the greatest egg ever! one that will ,not only, win the annual contest but will also put smiles on the faces of all the children and adults alike. Can he do it? Come on along and we will find out together.
Book Description: "Are You a Good Egg? " is a humorous and colorful book that is designed to introduce your child to the concept of being good. The aim is to make the idea of being a Good Egg fun and encourage your young ones to participate.
A small egg appears to obey commands, until the cracking of the shell and a cheeping sound explain how it is possible, in a text with pull-tabs and a pop-up illustration.
From the bestselling creators of The Bad Seed, a timely story about not having to be Grade A perfect! Meet the good egg. He’s a verrrrrry good egg indeed. But trying to be so good is hard when everyone else is plain ol’ rotten. As the other eggs in the dozen behave badly, the good egg starts to crack from all the pressure of feeling like he has to be perfect. So, he decides enough is enough! It’s time for him to make a change… Dynamic duo Jory John and Pete Oswald hatch a funny and charming story that reminds us of the importance of balance, self-care, and accepting those who we love (even if they are sometimes a bit rotten). Perfect for reading aloud and shared story time!
Welcome to Miss Qiunzella Thiskwin Penniquiqul Thistle Crumpet’s Camp for Hardcore Lady Types. The five scouts of Roanoke cabin—Jo, April, Molly, Mal, and Ripley—love their summers at camp. They get to hang out with their best friends, earn Lumberjane scout badges, annoy their no-nonsense counselor Jen . . . and go on supernatural adventures. That last one? A pretty normal occurrence at Miss Qiunzella’s, where the woods contain endless mysteries. Book three shines the spotlight on Ripley, the smallest, youngest, most animal-loving member of the cabin. When Ripley comes across an abandoned egg, she’s determined to take care of it until the parent comes back. Unfortunately, her plan is quickly foiled by egg poachers, who steal the egg for their own collection.
Zwei wie Pest und Cholera Wenn es etwas gibt, das Miles Murphy perfekt beherrscht, dann ist es Streiche spielen. Unfug treiben. Leute austricksen. Keine Frage: Er ist der beste Trickser, den seine alte Schule je gesehen hat. Als Miles gezwungen wird, in das langweilige Kuh-Kaff Yawnee Valley zu ziehen, geht er deshalb davon aus, dass er auch an seiner neuen Schule der beste Trickser sein wird. Es gibt nur ein Problem: Die Schule hat schon einen Trickser. Und der ist gut – unglaublich gut! Miles ist entsetzt zu sehen, dass sein Konkurrent einem Phantom gleicht: Niemand kennt ihn, nie fliegen seine Streiche auf! Als Miles entdeckt, dass ausgerechnet Lehrerliebling Niles hinter den Geniestreichen steckt, entspinnt sich der größte Trickser-Wettstreit, den Yawnee Valley je gesehen hat.
'Suzy Becker is a wonderful writer, hilarious, touching, and sweet.' - Anne Lamott, author of Help, Thanks, Wow and Operating Instructions
Das knochenklapperndste Abenteuer seit "Fluch der Karibik": Ein Junge namens Egbert und seine Geschwister Venus und Adonis, eine umwerfende Gouverneurstochter und ein einhändiger Schiffsjunge, eine Stinkfruchtplantage und jede Menge Marmeladenkuchen, eine Horde Kreuzfahrttouristen und eine folgenreiche Ballonfahrt, der schrecklichste Pirat, der je auf den Blauen Meeren gesegelt ist, UND der legendäre Schatz des Hutmatozal. Eine wunderbare Mischung aus Seeabenteuer und Slapstick – ein einziges Lesevergnügen!
Responsible Meg has always taken care of her bipolar younger brother Matt. But when she decides to get pregnant - and have her embryos screened for bipolar disorder - is she taking the idea of "being responsible" too far? A funny and surprising play about bioethics, siblings, and the limits of unconditional love. ..". Instead of slipping into pedantic debate, the play successfully broaches these topics through subtle theatrical devices ... [GOOD EGG] has a powerful message that addresses important social themes that need much attention." -The Happiest Medium "In a heated moment, Matt says to Meg that ' ... when you have everything you want, sometimes you don't like anything you get.' Those words are powerful in a myriad of ways, all pointing to the value of restraint. Just because you have the power and every reason to do something, that doesn't mean you should. [the play] hits this sentiment right on the nose." -Stage and Cinema ..". a brilliant monologue that Fortenberry nails [is] the playwright's attempt to share not only the human side of bipolar disorder, but also the scientific realities and questions about the illness ... Fortenberry tells her story through the clever technique of juxtaposition and foil, which helps the audience feel both sympathy and repulsion for the chaotic but artistically passionate Matt as well as the dependable but perfectionistic Meg." -Not As Crazy As You Think "GOOD EGG thus effectively lays out the moral dilemmas involved in choosing whether or not to screen for hereditary disorders and diseases, as well as believably presenting a bipolar character who has a chance to describe the internal processes of the brain during high and low points ... The science-driven arguments are refreshingly poignant ... Particularly captivating is Matt's monologue about his [bipolar] disorder." -Theatre Is Easy "Playwright Dorothy Fortenberry doesn't try to teach us a lesson here. Is Matt's illness an inner demon? From the perspective of those who must live with him - of Meg - of course, it appears that way. But, as he says later on, 'Maybe I don't want to be sane. Maybe sane is overrated.'" -BlogCritic
"I felt I was witnessing the birth of a spunky new Canadian sex farce."--Calgary Sun
Cracking good yolks to have you beating a path to the book shop. Egg-cellant puns to scramble your brains. Basically, it's eggs-actly what you need to become an eggstraordinarily eggs-pert joker!
Washington, D. C., 1968: Der junge schwarze Polizist Derek Strange fährt bei der Metropolitan Police mit seinem weißen Partner Streife, während sich die Atmosphäre in der Stadt immer weiter aufheizt: die Bürgerrechtsbewegung und der Marsch der Armen, die traumatisierten Rückkehrer aus Vietnam, Sex, Soul, Drogen, Morde, Unruhen und Rassismus. Inmitten dieser explosiven Gemengelage entspinnt sich ein tödliches Drama: Drei Weiße planen einen Banküberfall und ermorden einen Schwarzen, auch Dereks Bruder Dennis wird umgebracht – und in Memphis wird ein Attentat auf Martin Luther King verübt. Für Derek Strange, seine Freunde und seine Feinde ist nichts wie zuvor. Wer ist gut, wer böse – und wem kann man noch vertrauen? Die alten Kategorien gelten nicht mehr, die Welt ist komplex geworden. Und die Revolution hat gerade erst begonnen ...
Not all the foods in the refrigerator get along like peas in a pod. The vegetables are steamed, and Bad Apple and Second Banana are the problem. Good Egg suggests his friends try different responses to these two bullies. They try hiding, then standing their ground. At first, Good Egg's tactics don't bear fruit. Only by using his noodle does Good Egg avoid getting scrambled and save his friends' bacon. In this story told on two levels, young readers will be entertained by the hijinks of the anthropomorphic food characters and will appreciate the allegory about not letting one bad apple spoil the bunch. Adult readers are served plenty of food for thought with hilarious gastronomical idioms and puns. An author's note explaining all the wordplay adds English language educational opportunities.
This book presents results of projects carried out by both scientific and industry researchers into the techniques to help in maintenance, control, supervision and security of systems, taking into account the technical environmental and human factors. This work is supported by the Scientific Group GIS 3SGS. It is a collaborative work from 13 partners (academic and industrial) who have come together to deal with security problems. The problems and techniques discussed mainly focus on stochastic and dynamic modeling, maintenance, forecasting, diagnosis, reliability, performance, organizational, human and environmental factors, uncertainty and experience feedback.

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