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This book was written for children ages 3-10 and is aimed at encouraging them to exercise their imagination. It also attempts to teach them good habits and the importance of family, using the activities children typically engage in from the time they return from school to the time they go to bed, as a backdrop. It is written and meant to be read as a bedtime story as it encapsulates imaginary adventures that occur earlier in the evening during playtime, along with the other routine activities such as dinner time and cleaning up, right before dreams take flight.
Use the magic of a story to introduce young children to a foreign language in a natural and relaxed way. These 10 stories each introduce little linguists to core vocabulary and key phrases through engaging stories.
Looking for Real Life The scrawled graffito on the bathroom wall might be clichéd, but for Claire Wilder, it's a wake-up call. Divorced from her high school sweetheart, she's lost the flavor of life waiting for Andrew to come back. So Claire leaves everything behind and ends up in her father's hometown of Valentine, Oklahoma. Before she knows it, an overnight stay at the Goodnight Motel has turned into weeks, and she's found something she'd almost forgotten existed—a place to call home. Life is sweet again…until the day her ex-husband arrives in town. Now Claire has to figure out whether home is truly where the heart is…and if that's with Andrew or in the sleepy town that helped her remember her dreams.
A group of friends take an unplanned trip in search of their missing friends. Being guided only by a navigator, to an unknown destination..... they embark upon a journey, they will never forget.
"Battle Cry: The Awakening" is a novel that targets Young Adults interested in Science Fiction and fantasy based Urban Tales. It retells the experiences of six African American girls growing up in a public housing project during the political/historical period from the 1950's through the 1960's in New York City. The story tells the youth's experiences during 4 critical periods of social upheaval. My name is Maisha Lynn Washington. I am a second generation New Yorker born in Manhattan and raised in Brooklyn. I graduated from Howard University and I am First Generation College in my family. I am a widow and a proud parent of a daughter who has become our family's second generation college graduate. I love the solitude of an empty beach and find comfort by the ocean: my favorite spot on the planet. I read, swim and play all sorts of games for fun. I am an experienced education administrator, program designer/developer with 30+ years of professional academic service in both the non-profit and public sector. I have a wealth of teaching experience on all levels of education: 10 years on the university level and 15 years 7-12 grades. I have 13 years of administrative experience: 6 years as an elementary school principal, 5 years as a middle school and high school principal and 2 years of system-wide administration overseeing the professional training of administrators and teachers in 23 middle schools. I have a Bachelor of Arts and a Masters of Arts in African Studies/African and African American history. In addition, I have more than 50 hours in graduate level Education courses, Earth & Space Science and Archaeology. I am featured on the Smithsonian Anacostia Museum website as a scholar/master teacher in Archaeology. http: // I am a first time novelist. I wrote this book because I had a desire to inspire, educate and spark critical thinking in young adults. I used all my experience as an urban dweller, educator, earth and space scientist and archaeology/historian to create this story. This book is the first of a trilogy. The second, "Battle Cry: Liberation," will chronicle the struggle of Africans from fall 1967 through 1994. "Battle Cry: Unification" will cover 1994 through 2058. This book will explain all the forces at play in the global economy and the move made toward the unification of business and industry on every continent. It will clarify the African prophesy and the role earth must play in it. This is a trilogy that will take the reader to the year 2058. Keywords: Science, Fantasy, Female, Political, Thriller, Adventure, Mystery, Action, History, Paranormal, African American
A young girl finds a place for all her toys to sleep before she can go to bed herself.
Most women will be able to relate to Faith, the main character in this story. She had only dreamt about the life she was now living. She thought she had a handle on it, planning for her wedding and carrying out the work that God had clearly given her to do. But the meeting with her employers changed everything. They placed even more demands on her than she all ready had. How could she possibly find the time to do it all? Faith now had to make an impossible choice between the love of her life and her God-given career. Was this the Lords way of telling her that he had closed the door on this chapter of her career and had opened another? She has to search deep into her soul to find the answers. Her world is coming apart. She cries out, Lord, is there a workable solution? Pastor Michael had many sleepless nights of his own, wrestling with his past. When he confesses his past to the congregation, will they accept or reject him? And how will the new woman in his life react when she hears what his life was like five years ago? Find the answers in this heartwarming story of unconditional love.
Be careful whom you trust and give your heart to, for evil is lurking in the most innocent of places. This warning statement is highly demonstrated in this fictional thriller, Messenger of Death. A must read for every woman, this gripping mystery creates a greater awareness about the potential dangers of Internet dating and its sexual predators. Readers will actually see into the cunning thoughts of a sexual predator on the move and watch helplessly as he chooses his victims, one after another. It is not a matter of who this serial killer is, but why he kills and will he ever be stopped. These are questions, which will set the readers on edge for a hasty end to this insanity.
BETRAYED BY MARRIAGE When her betrothed is brutally murdered Lucy Dawlish looks for comfort from the man who shares her grief—his brother, Paul Ravenscar. Virtuous Lucy has always been secretly drawn to this frosty lord, but is it too late to reveal where her heart truly lies? Paul Ravenscar must marry and produce an heir for the sake of his estate, but there is only one woman he wants. To claim Lucy as his bride risks betraying his brother's memory, but Paul might be unable to keep his feelings hidden…. Officers and Gentlemen For duty, for honor, for love
'You’re almost a virgin again’: When Stacy Hamilton’s best friend points out how long it’s been since Stacy broke up with her last boyfriend she can’t believe it. In college, a dry month had seemed unbearable. So what’s happened? You’d think her job at concocting sexy lingerie would get her in the mood. But the guys she’s been dating recently aren’t exactly enticing. Stacy decides drastic action is required. It’s time to widen her search for the ideal man...
This is a Magical Book! It is like no other book youve ever read! It is unique because it has 4 different stories. 3 stories are called series stories and the 4th story is called a companion story! It is about a Magical Faerie Family and their Adventures. With an adorable set of Twins, Chloe and Zachery. It is Zaks misuse of Magical Faerie Dust that keeps the entire family in Chaos! The first story, Mystic Hollow is a Romantical Faerie Love Story with a True Happy Ever After ending. The second story, Lady Jannas Birthday. This is the coming out story for the twins. Alone they are fine but when the two of them team up they are the Faerie Worlds worst nightmare but in a Fun Humorous way. The third story Lady Moons Wedding I introduce several new characters. I start right off with a fun Mystery that the twins solve but how they solve the mystery is magical! Then there is Andrew, the Groom. He is feeling a bit down and feels he is not worthy to marry Moon! I need an Adventure! cries out Andrew. Be careful what you wish for Andrew! The last story is how and Evil Dark Wizard stole Santas reindeer and it up to a little Faerie Boy to rescue Santas reindeer and Save Christmas!

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