Shows and describes different kinds of rocks and minerals, and tells how to identify rocks by testing for hardness, streak color, and density
Provides a concise description of each gemstone, photographs showing characteristics and distinguishing features, and information on where gemstones are found and their natural properties.
Grounded in theory and best-practices research, this practical text provides teachers with 40 strategies for using fiction and non-fiction trade books to teach in five key content areas: language arts and reading, social studies, mathematics, science, and the arts. Each strategy provides everything a teacher needs to get started: a classroom example that models the strategy, a research-based rationale, relevant content standards, suggested books, reader-response questions and prompts, assessment ideas, examples of how to adapt the strategy for different grade levels (K–2, 3–5, and 6–8), and ideas for differentiating instruction for English language learners and struggling students. Throughout the book, student work samples and classroom vignettes bring the content to life.
The book will be beneficial for: * The undergraduate course in mineralogy, crystallography, petrology & economic geology. * Post graduate students for their economic geology course. * Useful as a ready reckoner for competitive examinations and job interviews and entrepreneurs in mineral industry. * Civil Engineering students will also find this book suitable for their basic courses in mineralogy-petrology. * the text, as far as possible is precise, concise and up-to-date in facts and figures, adequately illustrated and includes photographs and micro-photographs.
CRC Practical Handbooks are a series of single-volume bench manuals that feature a synthesis of the most frequently used, basic reference information. These highly abridged versions of existing CRC multi-volume Handbooks contain largely tabular and graphic data. They provide extensive coverage in a scientific discipline and enable quick, convenient access to the most practical reference information...on the spot! Leading professionals in their respective fields collaborated to provide individuals and institutions with an economical and easy-to-use source of classic reference information. The CRC Practical Handbook of PHYSICAL PROPERTIES of ROCKS and MINERALS, prepared by leaders in their specialties, has been constructed to serve as a convenient, compact, yet comprehensive source of basic information. The technical data have been compiled and selectively edited to provide an organized and definitive presentation of the physical properties of rocks and their constituent minerals. The format is primarily tabular and graphical, for easy reference and comparisons. There is also instructive textual material to present, explain, and clarify the data. This edited and abridged version of the CRC Handbook of Physical Properties of Rocks, published in three volumes in 1982 - 1984, will serve as an easy-to-use source of current and useful reference information.
X-Ray fluorescence analysis is an established technique for non-destructive elemental materials analysis. This book gives a user-oriented practical guidance to the application of this method. The book gives a survey of the theoretical fundamentals, analytical instrumentation, software for data processing, various excitation regimes including gracing incidents and microfocus measurements, quantitative analysis, applications in routine and micro analysis, mineralogy, biology, medicine, criminal investigations, archeology, metallurgy, abrasion, microelectronics, environmental air and water analysis. This book is the bible of X-Ray fluorescence analysis. It gives the basic knowledge on this technique, information on analytical equipment and guides the reader to the various applications. It appeals to researchers, analytically active engineers and advanced students.
Fast hundert Jahre ist es her, dass der Schmuggler Collier »Holzbein« Dazzle einen gewaltsamen Tod fand. Klar, dass er im mumifizierten Zustand kaum mehr verraten kann, wo er den sagenumwobenen Piratenschatz versteckt hat, den er einst an der Küste Neuenglands ausgrub. Ein Schatz, der neben Gold und Juwelen den »Stein der Habgier« enthält – und genau diesen sollen die Abenteurer wider Willen, Lizzy Tucker und ihr Partner Diesel, nun finden. Doch sie sind nicht allein, auch Diesels charmanter Cousin Wulf gehört zu den Schatzsuchern. Wulf begehrt den Stein der Habgier, er begehrt Lizzy, und er würde alles tun, um beides sein Eigen zu nennen ...
Lists over 750 sources focusing on the reference needs of adults. The primary objective was to select quality reference tools which cover many different topics. Topics include general works, biography, philosophy, religion, language, literature, visual arts, applied sciences, sports and recreation, home life, social customs and education.
It’s the classic work: revised and updated! Identify over 500 of the most collectible minerals quickly and easily with this fully photographed field guide. And this new reissue makes identification easier, with new cleavability ratings for each entry alongside the handy classifications based on streak color, Mohs’ hardness, and specific gravity. A complete introductory discussion of mineral forms and properties explains the essential criteria for recognition, and each of the hundreds of minerals (from Ankerite to Zinwaldite) is accompanied by information on its fracture, luster, chemical formula, aggregates, distinguishing characteristics, and localities.
In übersichtlicher Form werden über 200 Dinosaurier und andere Tiere der Urzeit bis zum Pleistozän in Wort und Bild vorgestellt.
Stehlen und Stehlen lassen: Das nächste große Ding der Meisterklasse Seit zwei Monaten ist Katarina Bishop berühmt: als Anführerin der Diebesbande, die das sicherste Museum der Welt beraubt hat. Sehr zum Missfallen der Verwandtschaft will sie aber immer noch nicht die Familientradition als gewöhnliche Kriminelle fortsetzen. Die Meisterdiebin Kat spezialisiert sich auf anderes: Sie bringt verschwundene Wertgegenstände ihren rechtmäßigen Besitzern wieder, sie stiehlt sie zurück. Als sie von einer alten Dame den Auftrag erhält, den Kleopatra-Smaragd wiederzubeschaffen, kann Kat der Herausforderung nicht widerstehen. Doch es gibt drei Probleme: Erstens: der Stein wurde seit über dreißig Jahren nicht mehr in der Öffentlichkeit gezeigt, zweitens: er bleibt nie lange bei demjenigen, der ihn gerade hat. Doch das dritte Problem bereitet Kat und ihrer Crew die meisten Sorgen: der Kleopatra-Smaragd ist verflucht. Auf der Jagd rund um den Globus stellt Kat fest, dass die althergebrachten Tricks diesmal nichts nutzen. Also folgt sie ihren eigenen Regeln ...

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