Wie kommt es, dass manche Produkte sofort von jedem erkannt werden und andere völlig floppen? Und wie ist es möglich, dass manche Apps, Onlineshops oder ähnliche Internetprodukte innerhalb kürzester Zeit so erfolgreich werden, dass sie aus dem Alltag der meisten Menschen gar nicht mehr wegzudenken sind? Für jeden, der ein Produkt auf den Markt bringen möchte, das im Alltag nicht mehr wegzudenken ist – wie Essen, Fernsehen oder Zähneputzen – hat Nir Eyal diesen Ratgeber verfasst. Anschaulich erklärt er, worauf es bei der Produktentwicklung ankommt, ergänzt durch erläuternde Praxisbeispiele. Dieses Buch ist die perfekte Lektüre für Produktmanager, Designer und Unternehmer, aber auch für alle, die dem modernen Phänomen, dass Kunden zu abhängigen Usern und Fans mutieren, auf die Spur kommen wollen.
Was sich liebt, das neckt sich ... Von allen Gästen des angesagtesten Luxushotels von Chicago geht Zimmermädchen Miranda niemand so auf die Nerven wie Jake Birch. Da die Wohnung des millionenschweren Eishockey-Superstars renoviert wird, residiert er seit mehreren Wochen in einem großen Penthouse. Jeden Tag räumt sie seine Partyeskapaden auf, Frauen gehen bei ihm ein und aus - und eines Tages platzt Miranda der Kragen, ohne zu ahnen, dass sie damit Jakes Herz erobert. Völlig unbeeindruckt von seiner Berühmtheit, ist sie so ganz anders als all die Frauen, mit denen er sich bisher vergnügt hat. Er muss sie für sich gewinnen, muss sie besitzen. Doch Miranda scheint nicht nur die einzige Frau auf der Welt zu sein, die sich nicht zum Ziel gesetzt hat, die Mauern um das verschlossene Herz des unnahbaren NHL-Spieler einzureißen. Jake wurde ein Ultimatum gesetzt. Er bekommt sein Image in den Griff und gibt die Tochter des Vereinspräsidenten als seine feste Freundin aus, oder er verliert seinen Vertrag! "Süß, sexy und zum Träumen!" Sawyer Bennett, New-York-Times-Bestseller-Autorin
A group of married men in a cosmopolitan city delve into the world of brothels.
Boyd explores over a century of American, British, and Canadian films containing fictional representations of drug use, the drug trade, and the war on drugs.
A study of the modern drug rehabilitation system follows the struggles of five addicts as they make their way through the complex maze of drug treatment and calls for an integrated approach that treats the root causes of drug abuse.
This book explores the controversial relationship between physicians and the pharmaceutical industry, identifies the ethical tensions and controversies, and proposes numerous reforms both for medicine's own professional integrity and for effective public regulation of the industry.
Promote a better understanding of how bowing technique (function) merges with musical interpretation (style) to produce optimum results. This text addresses the elements of sound production, bowing technique, terminology, and musical interpretation---all with integrated teaching suggestions. The correlated workbook contains exercises, etudes, and excerpts for applied study. Appropriate for school ensembles thru college method classes.
Geometric hooked rugs may look simple, but they are a challenge to do well. Well-known rug designer Gail Dufresne explains the elements and principles of design, including balance and unity, repetition, proportion, and movement. Learn how to color-plan your geometric rug, including how to use color values effectively. The author describes her signature look of superimposing figures on top of complex geometric backgrounds. The book is full of tips and techniques for dyeing the wool, finishing the rug, and designing your own patterns. Gail Dufresne is a rug hooking teacher, artist, and designer, well known for her innovative designs and vibrant colors. She is a frequent contributor to Rug Hooking magazine. She is highly regarded in the field and travels throughout the United States and Canada from her home in New Jersey to teach at rug hooking camps and schools.
At one time or another, most of us have experienced an all-consuming desire for a material object, a desire so strong that it seems like we couldn't possibly be happy without buying this thing. Yet, when we give in to this impulse, we often find ourselves feeling frustrated and empty. Advertisers, of course, aim to hook us in this way, and, from a global perspective, our tendency to get hooked fuels the rampant over-consumption that is having a devastating impact on the world's stability and on the environment. According to the contributors to this unique anthology, Buddhism can shed valuable light on our compulsions to consume. Craving and attachment—how they arise and how to free ourselves of them—are central themes of Buddhist thought. The writings in this volume, most of which have never been previously published, offer fresh perspectives and much-needed correctives to our society's tendency to believe that having more will make us happier. Hooked! includes a range of writings on how to apply Buddhist thought and ethics to understand and combat the problem of over-consumption as individuals and collectively. Contributors include popular Western teachers, Asian masters, scholars, and practitioners such as: • Pema Chödrön—on what is actually happening at the moment we're "hooked," and how to get beyond that. • Joseph Goldstein—on how mindfulness training can help us stop "wanting to want." • Bhikshuni Thubten Chödrön—on how consumer mentality influences spiritual practice. • Judith Simmer-Brown—on how cultivating spiritually based activism and compassionate action can help us address the negative effects of consumerism. • Rita Gross—on how understanding moderation can curb overconsumption. • Santikaro Bhikkhu—on practicing generosity in a consumer world.
The only juried exhibit of the year's best hand-hooked rugs Full-page color images of 50 beautiful hand-hooked rugs and includes decorating with hooked rugs Reader's Choice Ballot-chance to vote for your favorite rugs A Celebration of Hand-Hooked Rugs XV, now in its 15th year, is bigger and better than ever. This special annual book now has 96 pages and is packed with 50 beautiful full-page color images from the only juried exhibit of the year's best hand-hooked rugs. Learn the inspiration and story behind each design, what kinds of challenges were encountered, and how the artisans bring all the elements together to create their special designs. Each story is unique; every design is different. Read the expert rug critiques from each of the Celebration judges to see why they voted for these rugs. Don't miss this opportunity to enjoy the finest hooked rugs of 2005.
Through a close look at the history of the modernist hooked rug, this book raises important questions about the broader history of American modernism in the first half of the twentieth century. Although hooked rugs are not generally associated with the avant-garde, this study demonstrates that they were a significant part of the artistic production of many artists engaged in modernist experimentation. Cynthia Fowler discusses the efforts of Ralph Pearson and of Zoltan and Rosa Hecht to establish modernist hooked rug industries in the 1920s, uncovering a previously undocumented history. The book includes a consideration of the rural workers used to create the modernist narrative of the hooked rug, as cottage industries were established throughout the rural Northeast and South to serve the ever increasing demand for hooked rugs by urban consumers. Fowler closely examines institutional enterprises that highlighted and engaged the modernist hooked rugs, such as key exhibitions at the Museum of Modern Art and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in the 1930s and '40s. This study reveals the fluidity of boundaries among art, craft and design, and the profound efforts of a devoted group of modernists to introduce the general public to the value of modern art.
Every rug hooker needs a resource for edge finishes. This comprehensive book covers eight different techniques, providing helpful tips and suggestions for professional looking edges. Includes a range of styles from simple whipping to complex combinations of hooking and braiding. Contributors are teachers, designers, and artists well known for their fine work and innovative techniques. Step-by-step color photos show you how. A must-have for rug hookers everywhere.
Get Hooked on a Girl Named Fred… He said: Fred Oday is a girl? Puh-leeze. Why is a girl taking my best friend's spot on the boys' varsity golf team? She said: Can I seriously do this? Can I join the boys' team? Everyone will hate me—especially Ryan Berenger. He said: Coach expects me to partner with Fred on the green? That is crazy bad. Fred's got to go—especially now that I can't get her out of my head. So not happening. She said: Ryan can be nice, when he's not being a jerk. Like the time he carried my golf bag. But the girl from the rez and the spoiled rich boy from the suburbs? So not happening.
In Jane May's delightfully witty and original take on a classic Grimms' fairytale, a sailor with a dream gets help from a very fishy source. . . The moment Clarence "Woody" Woods, assistant dock master at Miami's exclusive Trade Winds Yacht Club, sets eyes on waitress Madalina Dragoi, he falls head over heels in love. As bad luck would have it, Madalina is smitten too--with Todd Hollingshead, a wealthy, suave club regular. Woody has no problem handling the sleek, multi-million dollar sailing vessels that dock at Trade Winds, but when it comes to winning a woman like Madalina, he could use a little help. Who knew it would arrive in the form of the enchanted fish he catches one afternoon? Before Woody can write off the talking tuna as a sun-induced hallucination, this unlikely benefactor is granting Woody's every wish, allowing him to sweep Madalina off her feet and into the sunset. At least that's how things were supposed to work out. Now, as Woody is about to discover, fairy tales aren't what they used to be--and fate has a way of writing its own version of happily-ever-after. . . Praise for Jane May's Doggy Style. . . "A must-read--hilarious and refreshingly original. You'll howl!" --Greg Oehler, Publisher of New York Dog and Hollywood Dog magazines "Sit back and enjoy seeing things from a dog's perspective." --Tracie Hotchner, author of The Dog Bible
The New AddictionWhat you start out controlling can end up controlling you. From Twitter to iPhones, from Facebook to tablets, we have an endless supply of media and gadgets to hook our interest, snag our wallets, and occupy our time. Think back over the last five years. How much of your time was devoted to online activities? How much of your real life has been gobbled up or googled up in your net life? In Hooked, counselor and addiction specialist Dr. Gregory Jantz speaks enthusiastically and frankly about the gizmos and gadgets, social media magnets, and Internet sidetracks we have at our fingertips. With real-life examples and biblical applications, he presents a celebration of the positives technology offers and a cautionary tale about the negatives it unleashes, including: · The power and dangers of the web· The myth of multitasking· Overcoming disconnection anxiety· The psychology behind Internet addiction· Employing the ultimate filter and taking back control of your life
More Than Words: Bestselling authors & Real-life heroines We all have the power to effect change-we just need to find the strength to harness it. With every good deed done, and helping hand offered, we are making the world a better place. The dedicated women selected as this year's recipients of Harlequin's More Than Words award have changed many lives for the better, through their compassionate hearts and unshakable commitment. To celebrate their accomplishments, bestselling authors have written stories inspired by these real-life heroines. In this book, Betina Krahn honors the work of Donna Fischer, the Arizona program coordinator for Casting for Recovery, a national non-profit organization that runs fly-fishing retreats for women who have or have had breast cancer. We hope More Than Words inspires you look inside your heart and to get in touch with the heroine inside of you.
Society tells us that sex is an act of self-expression, a personal choice for physical pleasure that can be summed up in the ubiquitous phrase: “hooking up". Millions of American teenagers and young adults are finding that the psychological baggage of such behavior is having a real and lasting impact on their lives. They are discovering that “hooking up” is the easy part, but “unhooking” from the bonds of a sexual relationship can have serious consequences. A practical look into new scientific research showing how sexual activity causes the release of brain chemicals, which then result in emotional bonding and a powerful desire to repeat the activity. This book will help parents and singles understand that “safe sex” isn't safe at all; that even if they are protected against STDs and pregnancy, they are still hurting themselves and their partner.
In Hooked, reformed addict Clare Gee draws on her own experiences of cocaine addiction, alcoholism and prostitution in telling the sensational story of a woman living on the edge. Emotionally scarred by having never known her mother, Katie escapes to London and immerses herself in a seedy world of drugs, drink and sex, chasing happiness in the pubs and clubs, and snorting cocaine in private members' bars with her rich punters. Finding herself in a cycle of prostitution and unable to break free, she turns to drug smuggling and becomes embroiled in a bigamous marriage in an attempt to secure some emotional stability. From this dark emotional pit, Katie starts her painful journey back to 'wellness' and attempts to rid herself of her addictions for good. Hooked is a graphic tale of how life as a prostitute really is and what can happen when we search for happiness outside of ourselves. It is a poignant reminder that things can always get better, as long as we remember that when it's time to leave the party, it's time.

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