This ultimate celebration of the cat features witty quotes about felines and images by three of the world's most beloved animal photographers. Whether playing, pouncing, or just purring contentedly, these are some of the most adorable kittens and cats ever to grace the printed page.
More than 100 paw-some facts about your favorite furball! Did you know that cats sleep an average of thirteen hours a day, or that their hearts beat twice as fast as ours do? In I Love Cats, you'll discover more than 100 fascinating facts that will make you fall in love with your favorite felines all over again! From the trick behind their purr-fect balance to the adorable way they greet a new pal, you'll learn even more about your furry friend as you watch the kittens in this collection pounce their way into your heart. A heartwarming keepsake, I Love Cats is a must-have for any cat lover!
Join in the fun with all kinds of cats in this cat-lovers rhyming story.
Carefully leveled text and fresh, vibrant photos engage young readers in learning about cats as pets. Age-appropriate critical thinking questions and a photo glossary help build nonfiction learning skills.
A little girl searches for the perfect pet cat - but which one should she choose when there are so many cute and not-so-cute cats of all shapes and sizes and dispositions out there? Funny rhyming text and colourful, stylish pictures - plus a a heart-warming ending - make this the perfect book for bedtime and for cat lovers everywhere. From Emma Dodd, the illustrator of the bestselling, award-winning I Love You series, which has sold over 160,000 copies worldwide.
Hairy cats, scaredy-cats. Dancing cats, prancing cats. Cute and cuddly or snobby and sassy, every cat is a lovable cat! A walk through a city apartment building turns into a joyful introduction to newfound cat neighbors—on the roof, down the hallway, in the elevator! Full of whimsy and fun, this delightful ode to our kitty companions will have readers young and old purring with delight. Cats, cats, cats. I love cats!
Other animals may be very nice, but cats are the best ones to love.
This ultimate celebration of the cat features witty quotes about felines and images by three of the world's most beloved animal photographers. Whether playing, pouncing, or just purring contentedly, these are some of the most adorable kittens and cats ever to grace the printed page.
"I have learned why cats are so special, that you have to earn their trust and love. I have found the beauty and character that cats possess." When photographer Kim Levin created the magic duet of words and images that appeared in Why We Love Dogs and Why We Really Love Dogs, thousands of animal lovers responded. Now Levin's long-anticipated version for cat lovers is finally here! Kim's gift for capturing the essence of animals is reflected in beautiful photos and playful words that show the ways we love cats: because they stop to smell the flowers, because they look like lions, because they clean themselves . . . all the time. Why We Love Cats portrays all that is enchanting, mysterious, and fun in the world of cats.
Beatiful Cat themed Journal / Notebook. Perfect gift for cat lovers. This journal is perfect for all cat lovers that wants to record daily activities, notes, reminders, what you are grateful for, reasons to smile, inspirational quotes with cute cat graphics on the pages. Enjoy this cute and elegant journal. Achieve your goals and organize your life. Write down your accomplishment and motivation.
The I Love Cats journal notebook is 6x9 inches and 120 pages. It features the words I Love Cats on a black background. This journal is perfect to take along with you and makes a great gift for any cat lover in your life. Dimensions: 6x9 inches 120 pages of white paper Matte, paperback cover
Sweet notebook for people who love their kitty cats! Great gift for girls birthday party favors for guests! Mothers Day gift for Mom. Great gift for your pet sitter. Interior pages are grid of squares Quad Rule graph paper, also known as 4x4 graph paper , and has four squares per inch, each square measures .25" x .25". Total of 120 pages, 6" x 9", matte cover.
A little girl who loves cats describes their various characteristics.
Fascinated by cats and kittens? Then this stunning new book from QED is for you. The perfect introduction to cats and kittens, this photographic guide explores over 50 popular breeds from all around the world. From the affectionate and loyal Maine Coon, to the elegant and majestic Siamese, you are sure to find your favourite breed in this essential guide. With up to four photographs included per cat, the beauty and character of each breed is fully captured while their individual qualities are explored in the introductory text.
Wouldn't it be nice to have all of your pet's important information all in one book, well, now you can! My Daily Pet Journal Book; I Love Cats created by Best-Selling Author Rev. Dr. Kevin T. Coughlin Ph.D. is a must have for anyone who has a cat, loves cats, works with cats, trains cats, rescues cats, or works in a cat related occupation. This wonderful daily journal book will allow cat lovers to keep track of everything that is important in their cat's life. They will be able to keep a medical history for their cat, a record of their cat's shots, medications, x-rays, teeth cleanings, surgeries, etc. Then cat owners will be able to keep track of their cat's dietary needs and exercise, any training the cat has had, favorite treats, your favorite pictures with your cat, and an area to journal about your relationship with your cat, and all other important information that you want to have in your journal about your pet. Get Your Copy Today! My Daily Pet Journal Book is the author's thirtieth book. This book is dedicated to animal rescue facilities and the people who work daily to save the lives of innocent dogs and cats and the cats and dogs who are searching for homes. A portion of the profit from the sales of this book will be donated to help cats and dogs in rescue facilities find forever homes. PLEASE VISIT for other books written and published by Rev. Dr. Kevin T. Coughlin Ph.D., there you can join his mailing lists for advanced notice on his next books, trainings, and live events.
I Love My Cat (And I'm All Right With That) chronicles the life and times of a cat named Buster, detailing the many lessons learned and insights gained from a guy's perspective. This book helps readers (especially men) understand why cats are cool and gives reasons why owning a cat is a great thing to do. At the same time, this book helps readers understand the reasons why Buster was such a special friend and companion to his owner, Alex Cusick. Alex Cusick is a freelance market research consultant currently living in Indian Shores, Florida. A Florida native, he was born in Miami, raised in Brandon, Florida, and graduated from The University of Florida in 1996. An aspiring musician, Alex plays guitar and piano and is currently working on his third album. He is proud of his diverse set of interests and enjoys any activities that involve the word "play." He is an avid football fan, loves Pink Floyd, and is a trivia enthusiast. He is currently married to paralegal and model Amy O'Hara, and they have no children. This is his first book, which he devotes to the memory of his beloved cat, Buster.
This extra large print address book is perfect for those of you who are always searching for your glasses. In addition to the normal address fields, it also includes space for email and birthdays. At the back of the book are additional address blanks for frequently called numbers so you can quickly flip to the back for those numbers you call frequently.

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