A True Story about Life, Love, and Healing through Heartbreak As Seen on Kathie Lee & Hoda on 12/21/17! A baby girl was born without a right or left hemisphere of her brain. Doctors said she was essentially in a vegetative state, unable to see or hear—that there was no hope for her. Relinquished under the state’s Safe Haven Law, this two-week-old unnamed baby girl found her way to Cori and Mark Salchert’s home. Despite the infant’s grim medical diagnosis, Cori knew she couldn’t allow this beautiful baby girl to spend her few days on earth alone and unloved. Cori took the baby girl home and named her Emmalynn . I Will Love You Forever reveals one woman's decades-long quest to find healing and redemption after the accidental death of her sister as a child. God has used hospice babies—those left to live and die without family to care for them—to mend Cori's broken heart. Bringing these fragile hospice babies into their home, Cori and her family have promised to hold them briefly, until their last breath on this side of heaven, but to love them forever and always. The loving actions of Cori and her family show that we can do all things through Christ who gives us strength. Cori’s poignant story will strengthen your faith. . . It will touch your heart. Bonus! Features full-color photos of Cori and her family.
As her son grows up from little boy to adult man, a mother secretly rocks him each night as he sleeps.
Collie, born deaf mute, through her handicap becomes a blessing and useful tool to help others. In her struggle to fit in, she finds sorrow, happiness, and unconditional love. Collie becomes a sign-language teacher and meets Isaiah in one of her classes. He is from the Old Order Amish culture, living in Shipshewana, Indiana. He is losing his hearing and wants to teach his family to sign for better communication. The Amish people have a simple piety. "A desire to be faithful to God." Collie and Isaiah's story continues on with many directional changes. My prayer as you read this story is that God will use it to help you understand that any form of handicap and being different, whether in dress, culture, or physical handicap, is a struggle for many people. For He Himself has said. "I will never leave you or forsake you." KJV "The book shows an intimacy of Amish life that is rare, a story that made me laugh out loud, shed a tear, and turn page after page. Easy to love." --Mark Schuyler, production reviews, Paramount Pictures
Love is all you need! Mommy Bear and Baby Bear love each other to the edge of the world and back. Come and read about all the exciting things they do and see why Baby Bear holds a very special place in Mommy's heart. Snuggle up and enjoy this gentle story of an unbreakable bond between parent and child.
A female Maiasaura finds a lost egg in the forest and decides to look after it with her own egg. Surprisingly, a baby Tyrannosaurus hatches from the egg. The greathearted mother accepts and raises him as her own son, Heart. One day, Heart goes to pick berries and comes across another Tyrannosaurus. The foster son of the Maiasaura discovers his real identity. The fourth title in this acclaimed Tyrannosaurus series, I Will Love You Forever delivers a heartwarming story about adoption with vivid, brightly colored illustrations and endearingly drawn characters.
The ideal love book for building and enhancing a God-centered, lasting relationship. The quest for lasting love is a universal desire, and Christians know they can turn to Love Himself to guide them in this journey. I Will Love You Forever is a little book with short thoughts and meaningful scriptures about twelve facets of love. A perfect gift for Valentine's Day, anniversaries, engagements, weddings, etc. The twelve sections of the book are: Learning to Love Growing Together Comforting Each Other Accepting One Another Being Companions Working Together Being Known Living With Hope Facing Hard Times Growing With God Rejoicing in Abundance Building a Family
Heath is being pushed to the limit. Roland refuses to fess up to his parents about their relationship. Knowing Ander is willing to give him what he wants, he feels confused. Is there no future with Roland? Should he give up before he gets hurt even more? Skye is injured so she can’t fulfill her maid of honor duties. So Slade steps in, and it’s an event the gang will never forget. Conrad continues to spend time with Lexie, but the longer he spends time with her, the more he wants from her. Rather than leaving after hitting the sheets, he wants to stay. Whenever he’s not with her he thinks about her. But what does that mean?
In 1939, 21-year-old Kenjiro Takeda is on his way to the United States from Japan. His parents preceded him years earlier and are finally able to send for him. After his arrival, the progressive young man sees 18-year-old Patricia Middleton, a young black woman, and one look is enough. The two develop a very unlikely friendship that leads to an even more unlikely romance. This interracial romance novel follows their relationship as it is affected by racism in both families and society as a whole. The Second World War plays a major part in their lives, with Kenjiro being sent to Manzanar War Relocation Center, an interment camp for Japanese Americans, leaving Patricia behind to deal with an unplanned pregnancy. Book one of this historic series ends with the horrific bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
BiscuitIn the very first moment, when you came to be, I looked at you, and you looked at me. I whispered these words as I held you near, for all time, for all space, for the world to hear I will love you."
Travel through the seasons with Polar Bear and Cub as they discover the world and the wonders within it. Although snow melts and leaves turn golden, Cub learns that a parent’s love will never change. A beautiful, picture book celebration of the eternal bond between parent and child. Heart-warming illustrations from Sean Julian (A Friend Like Youand My Dad!) bring Owen Hart’s gentle, reassuring rhyming story to life. Perfect for both mums and dads to share with their little ones.
Illus. in full color. "In this gentle, moving story, Elfie, a dachshund, and her special boy progress happily through life together. One morning Elfie does not wake up. The family grieves and buries her. The watercolor illustrations, tender and warm in color and mood, suit the simple text perfectly."--School Library Journal. From the Trade Paperback edition.
I LOVE YOU THROUGH AND THROUGH, GOOD NIGHT, I LOVE YOU, and now TEN TINY TOES! Caroline Jayne Church brings her adorable toddler art and lovely rhymes to this joyful twist on the tried-and-true classic, HEAD, SHOULDERS, KNEES, AND TOES. From ears that wiggle to bellies that giggle, TEN TINY TOES is sure to inspire little ones as they learn to celebrate their "mouth, ears, eyes, nose, and a love that grows and grows."
A rhyming story of unconditional love and adorable illustrations of a toddler and a teddy bear who declare "I love you through and through!" I love your hair and eyes, Your giggles and cries... A toddler and his teddy bear illustrate a young child's happy side, sad side, silly side, mad side, and more! Babies and toddlers will feel loved all over when they hear this declaration of adoration and affection! The book has sturdy cardstock pages and a padded cover with rounded corners for safe handling by little ones.
Daniel Finney was a man with a mission. He had to find the killer of his best friends, locate a serial killer who knew his ever move, and meet the woman of his dreams. Being the center of everyone's attention was not what he had planned when the police found the bodies of his best friends, in his apartment, while he was on the case of the killer. Daniel had his hands full, his life in jeopardy, police chasing him, and no where to run too and hide. His twin brother was no help, and the woman of his dreams didn't know he was alive. Could he survive the serial killer's sudden move on him and save the only woman he ever had feeling for at the same time? She didn't even know she was being stalked by the most vicious killer since Jack the Ripper. Time was not on his side, and neither was anyone else... Get a hot cup of cocoa and see if you can help Daniel make it to the end, alive.
Loving words are like chocolate...sweet, satisfying and assuring. They let people know they are loved and appreciated, and while these words might not melt on the tongue, they will certainly soothe the soul and warm the heart. I Will Love You Forever contains: humorous and true quotes about love chocolate recipes to make and to share Bible passages about love Heart-warming stories Lists of romantic things to do, romantic books, movies and love songs to listen to
Longtail tells Littletail that no matter what else changes one thing will always stay the same throughout their lives. On board pages.
In this memoir for the ages, the internationally renowned MIT professor James H. Williams, Jr. poses the breathtaking question What happens to the love between two people when they die?" To answer his question, he explores four very different loving relationships with four very different females and plumbs the depths of modern cosmology and physics. Via lovions quantum packets of love Professor Williams concludes that mutually intense love can indeed be eternal. Advance Praise (Short Version) ]a beautifully written memoir] ]powerful and creative] ]A brilliantly thought-provoking masterwork. Advance Praise (Extended Version) When so much writing about love is cheap or superficial, it is a great and overdue pleasure to have this book by James H. Williams, Jr. Though his book is startling and exciting in its implications and clearly written from the heart, Professor Williams has also trained his powerful intellect and impressive scientific training on the vexed issue of love's essence and its sources to argue plausibly and scientifically! that love is eternal. I have never read a book like this before. It is truly one-of-a-kind, but the magic of the book is to leave you feeling more powerfully bound to those you love. If you have ever loved anyone deeply, you will not forget this book. A brilliantly thought-provoking masterwork. Andrew Szanton, coauthor of Have No Fear, the acclaimed memoir of civil rights leader Charles Evers This is a beautifully written memoir by an esteemed engineering professor at MIT that offers a fascinating, plausible and accessible scientific explanation of a subject that for thousands of years has been deemed the province not of science but of the arts love. To do so, he examines the rich relationships he shares with four women and then uses his unique perspective and impressive education to bridge the gap between philosophy and science. In doing so, he suggests a surprising explanation for some of the greatest mysteries of the universe and answers one of the most perplexing questions of all: What is love? Mitchell Zuckoff, Professor of Journalism, Boston University, and author of Ponzis Scheme (and the forthcoming Robert Altman: An Oral Biography) This book is powerful and creative, exploring aspects of the human condition that require courage and sensitivity rolled into one. Professor Williamss vast and eclectic talents make such an exploration possible for readers whose minds will be stretched. Intrafamilial love is complicated and complex, yet Professor Williams has taken our understanding to a new plateau. D. H. Lawrence dealt with similar themes in his Sons and Lovers, but not as adeptly or artfully in my estimation. Kenneth R. Manning, Thomas Meloy Professor of Rhetoric and the History of Science, MIT, and author of Black Apollo of Science: the Life of Ernest Everett Just

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