A Young Boy is Lost in the Mall...and the Clock is TickingSomeone is trying to kidnap children from the local mall. So when ten year old Mark Albright wanders away from his older brother at the mall and disappears, many expect the worst.Who was the old, bearded man in the grubby clothes who was last seen talking with Mark?It soon becomes clear that it is up to Jason Albright, CEO of Bright Idea (computer and networking systems powerhouse), to save his son's life.Just when all hope seems to be lost, Jason encounters a strange man with a powerful story to tell, a story that provides the key that he needs to save his son. But is there still time? Is he willing to pay the price?Can Jason move through the pain of his past, reclaim the fiery faith of his youth, and learn to rely on a power far greater than his own...the power of the love of the father to save his son?Love of the Father is a captivating story of enduring faith, unwavering hope, and the special bond of love that can exist between a father and son.The Author... New to the literary world with Love of the Father being his first novel to publish but surely not his last. Through the experiences of his life, being very difficult at times, David has lived with the Love of the Father and His direction. His personal journey has equipped this author to write these great works.David, his wife Charlotte and their son Jason continue to live their life serving the Lord and His people.
For Love of the Father provides a psychological explanation of the attraction of destructive and self-destructive fundamentalism in terms of male longings.
The number of children in America who are growing up without a father figure in the home seems to be increasing. The Love of the Father explains the complex role that a father should play in the home, along with the consequences that take place when a father fails to fulfill his role. This powerful book includes Biblical principles and scriptures, along with details of some of the author's most intimate experiences as a young lady in search of the love of the father.
The Heart to Heart Connections book series entails three 30-day devotionals created as a result of the author's experience with the love, joy, and peace of God through many painful life struggles. A Father's Love is the first in the series. In this book you are invited to experience the love of God like never before through the heartwarming memories of her journey to healing and wholeness, as well as her life-changing encounter with a loving Father...God! Through this journey, you too can undergo healing from past hurts, debilitating memories, and staggering life experiences that have kept you stuck for far too long.
The love of God our Father is potent. In his role as the ultimate Father he is the giver of life but he can also be your protector, your shepherd your counsel and guide. Many of us today are looking for a Father figure or for that someone who can help us through the pain of a difficult time with our paternal Father. I know of such person and this is God our Father. He won't judge you by your past. His love is unconditional and far reaching and he will be accepting of you. Why not allow him to be the one that helps you to re-focus your life and bring you to a place of purpose and security in him. When you get to the place of healing and freedom you then become empowered to impact the lives of others as his transformation in your life radiates upon those that you may encounter.
For those who are spiritually weary, The Love of God is filled with the cool refreshment of God’s love through the richness and relevance of Scripture. In personal and practical terms, Oswald Chambers encourages you to step back and think about your commitment to the Lord. He plumbs the depths of God’s Word to discover spiritual treasures that can help every believer “run with endurance the race that is set before us.” This updated gift edition is part of a series that includes If You Will Ask and Christian Disciplines.
You may look around and see yourself all alone. You may feel like everything has gone wrong. You may have momentarily lost sight of the fact that God loves you. That's why He sent the Holy Spirit, so that you can say, "Abba! Abba! Abba!" He will say, "I'm here! I'm here! I'm here! I'm here to meet your needs." In this day of family dysfunction, absent parents, and indifferent fathers, be assured that there is a Father in heaven who is personally interested in every detail of your life, who showers blessings from heaven upon your life, who kisses you with mercy and peace when you most need it. Whether you grew up in a home filled with love and support, a home without a father, or where very little encouragement was offered, your life can be richer and fuller right now as you discover and experience the everlasting embrace of the heavenly Father. Book jacket.
Experience the Love of the Father every day! Seasons of crisis, pain, and loss may impact the people we become, but our circumstances do not define who we are. Your identity is greater than your experiences. The only experience that ought to define your identity, determine your self-worth, and shape your destiny is an encounter with the unconditional love of God. The eternal, unchanging love of a Perfect Father changes everything! Experiencing the Father’s Love takes you beyond merely learning about God’s love to actually experiencing it for yourself. This devotional, compiled from the transformational writings of Jack Frost, will forever change you. Written as personal invitations for you to experience the life-giving love of God, these daily encounters will fill you with joy, peace, identity, and comfort. Get swept up in the Father’s loving embrace!
Deepen your understanding of God’s unconditional love and acceptance, His compassion and forgiveness, His holiness and faithfulness, as you step inside the Bible and walk alongside characters like Adam and Eve, Abraham, David, Elijah and the Prodigal Son, and experience the transforming love of the Father just as they once did.Perfect for groups and individual use, each of the six sessions include: Thought starters; Opening and closing prayers; Eye opener sections; Bible readings; Discussion starters; Contextual background; Further reflectionsFollowing Transformed by the Presence of Jesus and Transformed by the Holy Spirit, this new study guide from Liz Babbs explores key Bible characters like Adam and Eve, Abraham, David, Elijah and the Prodigal Son. Through six dynamic studies, readers will be encouraged to experience the transforming love of the Father just as those in the Bible once did.
"When young women abide with God, everything else falls into place. Perfect for high school or college groups, this six-week Bible study explores the Father's attributes, as well as our response to God's holy, intimate, and loving nature. The format--part Bible study and part devotional--appeals to anyone craving personal, practical, and biblical truth. The approach--energetic and relatable--keeps students interested."--p. 9.
Embracing the Love of the Father is a call to people everywhere, but especially to those who, for whatever reason, have not allowed themselves to be truly loved by the Father. This book is a reminder that He loves us so much and desires that we not just recognize His love for us but that we accept it as truth and embrace it with everything within us. This book re-emphasizes that we are "spiritual Israel". Therefore we are the "apple of His eye", but most importantly, He is the "core" of our being.
Do you long to feel the love of God? Not only to theoretically know God loves you but to really believe it? This Quadro will help you to experience God's love in a deeper way, and to live with God as your friend. Ideal for everyone who would like to experience the Father's love.
Sons and Daughters of Christ are the new breed of His latter day generation of Children undivided, jointly unified and perfectly fit as one Body of Christ. We are a peculiar people who make wisdom our principle endeavor and love our chief and most treasured possession. Daddy teaches us in Proverbs 18:21 that we have whatsoever we say and that death and life are in the power of the tongue. Therefore, as the joint-heirs of Christ, we understand the significance and power of the words that we choose to speak out of our mouths. Also, we better understand the crucial part that we play in our roles as faith-based and purposed-filled children of God. Simply speaking verbatim whatever the Father says to us in His Word or through the Holy Spirit, we successfully promote the natural manifestation of His spiritual and covenanted promises in our lives. We have the Word, God Love Himself, residing on the inside of us. The Daughter of Christ passionately leads you into a daily exercise of confessing and activating His eternal Truth in your life. By faith, you will boldly and confidently proclaim what His powerful Word has promised concerning you
In this book, Dr. Dorothy E. Hooks, PsyD, describes “The Love of The Father.” Dr. Hooks explains, “What Is The Love of The Father?” "How to “Experience The Love of The Father,” “Why We Love The Father,” and extends an “Invitation to Take the Journey” to experience the love of the Father for yourself. Dr. Hooks has experienced, personally, the "Love of the Father" in her own life. And she says, "Once you experience the 'Love of the Father' for yourself, you will never be the same. But before you can experience the Father's love, you must accept it; and to accept the Fathers' love, you must accept His Son, Jesus. Jesus died on the cross for our sins so we could be reconciled with the Father. Jesus not only came to give us life but He came so we can have life more abundant. So, let us live that abundant life daily. Psalm 95:7-8 tells us that in the day we hear His voice, harden not our hearts. So, come, let us enjoy the journey, the journey God's love will take on us.

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