Machiavelli’s The Prince is an important modern work of political science, but it is also one that has been often misinterpreted by students and scholars. This work helps the reader to better understand Machiavelli’s consequentialism and realism by using examples from modern films and television series to illustrate his messages.
Machiavelliana is the first comprehensive study of the uses and abuses made of Niccolò Machiavelli’s name in management, primatology, leadership, power, as well as in novels, plays, commercial enterprises, television dramas, operas, rap music, children’s books, and more.
Like no other professional athlete, Dr. Wladimir Klitschko took care of his career outside the world of competitive sports while he still was an active boxer. He founded K2 Promotions, the KLITSCHKO Foundation, and the KLITSCHKO Management Group. In 2016 he even created a degree program at the prestigious University of St. Gallen in Switzerland, in which he teaches the basics of Self- and Challenge Management. KLITSCHKO Ventures, the holding company in which all his business activities are incorporated, followed. Dr. Wladimir Klitschko knows that a professional athlete has many skills from which the world of business can profi t. It is his special talent to regard problems as challenges and accept them as a part of life. In this book, he fi nally explains how he does it. Now it's your turn to use his methods to make your business succeed, to master your personal challenges, and to take charge of your work and life! "There are some people in this world who simplyare fantastic role models. They are people who are consistent and have great power of persuasion; people who are persistent and become successful because of this. This is the kind of person I consider Wladimir Klitschko to be." Bill McDermott, SAP SE CEO
The book presents cinematic case studies in political realism versus political idealism, demonstrating methods of viewing popular cinema as political theory. The book appreciates political myth-making in popular genres as especially practical and accessible theorizing about politics.
From the Oscar-winning blockbusters Titanic and Good Will Hunting to Sundance oddities like Blood, Guts, Bullets and Octane, to foreign films such as Life is Beautiful (La Vita E Bella ), the latest volume in this popular series features a chronological collection of facsimiles of every film review and awards article published in the New York Times between January 1997 and December 1998. Includes a full index of personal names, titles, and corporate names. Like its companion volume, the New York Times Theater Reviews 1997-1998, this collection is an invaluable resource for all libraries.
"Kozol...has assembled facts, rebuttals, and proposals-in an emotionally potent, ethically charged package."-Kirkus.
Nach dem großen Erfolg von Der Palast der Borgia öffnet Sarah Dunant erneut die schweren Palasttüren und lässt uns einen Blick auf die berüchtigtste Familie Italiens erhaschen. Es ist das Jahr 1502. Die Gerüchte um Lucrezia Borgia sind zahlreicher denn je, in den Straßen ganz Italiens hört man es raunen: von Lucrezias angeblicher Affäre mit ihrem Bruder Cesare, von der verbotenen Liebe zu ihrem Vater, dem Papst Alexander VI., von Mord und Orgien. Doch wo Lucrezia selbst auftaucht, verstummen die Stimmen – mit ihrer Anmut verzaubert sie die Höfe Italiens, mit ihrem Geschick verbirgt sie ihr dunkles Geheimnis: dass Cesare aus Eifersucht Lucrezias Ehemann ermordet hat, ihre große Liebe. Doch eine neue Stadt wartet auf sie, eine neue Liebe und das nächste gefährliche Spiel um Macht und Reichtum.
This is an aphabetical critical guide to films, based on Time-Out reviews since the mid-1980s. It covers every area of world cinema, including: classic silents and 1930s comedies, documentaries and the avant garde, French or Japanese, the Hollywood mainstream and B-movie horrors. Features include cast lists and other key creative personnel, more than 110 obituary notes from 2001/2002 and indexes covering film by country, genre, subject, director and actor. This new edition includes a new Time Out readers' top 100 film poll, plus 2001/2002 Oscar and BAFTA awards, as well as prizes from the Berlin, Venice and Cannes festivals.

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