This revision guide delivers hassle-free exam preparation, covering one topic per page and closely matching the AQA specification. Target grades on the page help you to progress at the right speed.
GCSE Maths OCR Workbook (with online edition) - Foundation
Provides revision notes on the key topic areas with many examples. Written in CGP style, this work has an odd bit of fun thrown in to keep concentration levels up.
GCSE Biology Revision Guide (with online edition)
This book is primarily designed to fulfil the requirements of a Mathematics GCSE exam at foundation, intermediate or higher level. It contains all the essential information in a very comprehensive set of notes and many worked examples, plus a very carefully designed set of revision questions (contained in 20 worksheets). These questions check fully the reader's knowledge and understanding in all areas of the subject. The examples and questions have their answers given in full detail showing all the necessary stages. The book therefore contains everything the reader requires to study by themselves and to prepare for an exam. The material itself has been developed and tested over many years and using various pupils of all abilities. Adults or mature pupils wishing to either improve their knowledge or re-learn the subject will also find the content useful. It contains material used in everyday situations and so provides a book of use as a reference resource. Compared to other revision books it has a lot more information and worked examples and will be a very useful resource both at home or in a classroom.
Teach with confidence, knowing your students will be fully prepared for their exams, with this detailed textbook that is closely tailored to the specification and has been endorsed by OCR. Endorsed by OCR for use with the OCR Additional Mathematics specification. This level 3 qualification in Key Stage 4 enables students to study higher level mathematics without having to embark on their AS modules. - Accessible and concise, written by experienced authors to guide and encourage your higher level students towards success - Includes an introduction to each topic followed by worked examples with commentaries - Provides plenty of practice with hundreds of questions - Ideal for students considering maths at AS/A level, accelerating their progress and aiding their future choices Table of Contents 1. Algebra I - review 2. Albebra II - techniques 3. Algebra III - polynomials 4. Algebra IV - applications 5. Co-ordinate geometry I 6. Co-ordinate geometry II - applications7. Trigonometry I 8. Trigonometry II - applications 9. Calculus I - differentiation 10. Calculus II - integration 11. Calculus III - applications to kinematics .
Maths for GCSE and IGCSE(R), Higher Level/Extended
Covers content needed for GCSE Chemistry (AQA specification).

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