A brilliant combination of history and personal recollections documents the incredible story of a wild idea--a spacecraft powered by hydrogen bombs--and brings to life an episode in U.S. scientific research that brought together a vast array of brilliant physicists, including the author's father, who participated in the vision of a renowned theoretician, during the political and cultural backdrop of the Cold War. Reprint. 12,500 first printing.
Discusses the constellation Orion, its location, and various myths about it in different civilizations.
John O'Ryan is not a god...not exactly. He is an eternal warrior destined to combat the Dark Lord through all time for dominion of the Earth. Follow him, servant of a great race, as he battles his enemy down the halls of time, from the caves of our ancestors to the final confrontation under the hammer of nuclear annihilation. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.
Traveling throughout time to preserve humankind, Orion becomes marooned in Macedonia under the reign of Philip, the father of Alexander the Great, and is forced to fight at the side of Alexander while paying homage to Queen Olympias. Reprint.
When a beautiful teen with polio enters their lives, a girl and her older brother find themselves drawn into a web of lies in this compelling novel by a best-selling author. Eleven-year-old Georgie loves science-fiction movies, but she won’t be going to the theater anytime soon. It’s a hot Indiana summer in 1952, and public places from pools to camps are closing to slow the spread of polio. Despite all the headlines, Georgie never thought she’d come as close to the fearful disease as she does when she spies a silver glint in her neighbor’s yard. There she discovers a monstrous, hissing machine, and inside is Phyllis, a girl encased in an iron lung. "I have eighty-seven cubic centimeters of air, but you have the world," Phyllis tells her. Phyllis’s ability to breathe may be limited, but her strength to manipulate is boundless. As Georgie struggles to comprehend this once-gorgeous teenager’s life in a "coffin with legs," Phyllis slowly weaves a web of lies that snare all those around her, including Georgie’s quickly smitten brother. Can Georgie untangle the truth before Phyllis’s deception achieves its inevitable end?
At the heart the wood elf kingdom of Athel Loren, the forest-king Orion slumbers through the winter months to be reborn each spring and resume his arboreal throne. However, this year he awakens to discover a foul canker at the core of his eternal spirit – he has been cursed, though by whom and for what reason he does not know. In the grip of a furious rage he leads the asrai to war, but as the corruption spreads to the woodland realm around him, he feels his power waning and must rely upon his loyal subjects to help him unmask the traitor within their ranks.
The immortal being who has become the champion of humankind must struggle to find the woman he loves in the mystical world of the Great Hunter
With over 100,000 copies sold since first publication, this is one of the most popular astronomy books of all time. It is a unique guidebook to the night sky, providing all the information you need to observe a whole host of celestial objects. With a new spiral binding, this edition is even easier to use outdoors at the telescope and is the ideal beginner's book. Keeping its distinct one-object-per-spread format, this edition is also designed for Dobsonian telescopes, as well as for smaller reflectors and refractors, and covers Southern hemisphere objects in more detail. Large-format eyepiece views, positioned side-by-side, show objects exactly as they are seen through a telescope, and with improved directions, updated tables of astronomical information and an expanded night-by-night Moon section, it has never been easier to explore the night sky on your own. Many additional resources are available on the accompanying website, www.cambridge.org/turnleft.
A young prince learns to overcome the death of his mother and the blood curse of his father as he tames the sea, masters his unusual powers, and returns to the land of his birth to claim his inheritance. With a hunger for blood, power, and honor, Vandor's ambition drives him to ensure that his fate and that of his allies remain a choice of their own making. This is the first book in the Chronicles of Orion series. If you liked Interview With the Vampire or are drawn to Science Fiction and Fantasy books, you will love this book.
"At the age of twenty-eight, Orion was a down-on-his-luck sorcerer trying to win over his true love, Mercury Strange, while posing as a stage magician to make ends meet. Unfortunately his tricks were terrible. Slight of hand was not his strong suit. With the rent due and his landlord stalking him, Orion thought things couldn't get worse. He thought wrong"--From publisher description.
A concise text, diagrams, and spectacular full-color photographs illustrate fascinating aspects of Orion, including the many discoveries scientists have made about the celestial bodies within the constellation and the historical myths it has inspired.

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