Gotcha! The Official Pokemon Handbook: Classic Collector's Edition has stats and facts on all 151 Pokemon featured in Pokemon Go. So what are you waiting for? Gotta catch 'em all! If you want to be a great Pokemon Go Trainer, you've got to get this classic collector's guide to the original 151 Pokemon! Check out what's inside\. Stats and facts on Pokemon from Bulbasaur to Mewtwo, a bonus poster featuring all 151 Pokemon, insider info on moves, type, and Evolution ...and much, much more. It's your essential guide to the world of Pokemon Go!
A guide to Pokâemon provides information on the pronunciation, possible moves, type, height, weight, and evolution chain of every Pokâemon that lives in the Johto region.
It's everything you ever wanted to know about every Pokemon -- all in one place! The book includes 64 new pages focusing on the new Kalos characters that just debuted in the Pokemon X & Y videogames, plus inside info on the new Mega Evolved Pokemon.
A guide to the Black and White versions of the popular game provides strategies, techniques, and descriptions of all the Pokâemon.
Describes the concept of the Pokemon battle, and presents descriptions of 150 characters
Discover the origins of the mysterious and unique Legendary and Mythical Pokemon! This book is a must-have for Pokemon Trainers on the Go. You?ll get the inside scoop on Legendary and Mythical Pokemon from Pokemon Go, plus many others. It's the insider's guide to the rarest and most powerful known Pokemon. Includes one sheet of stickers and an exclusive pullout poster."
Meet the Pokemon of Alola! Every amazing Pokemon featured in the new Sun & Moon video games is included in this comprehensive handbook. You'll discover stats and facts about many brand-new Pokemon -- and learn new things about some old favorites as well. It's everything you ever wanted to know about the Pokemon of Alola!
Lists values for Pokemon trading card games, comic books, and American and Japanese battle figures
This sticker book contains every Pokémon ever: from Abomasnow to Zubat! That's over 480 Pokémon--all the classic characters, plus the most recent Sinnoh region Pokémon-- complete with basic stats and bonus info. It's the ultimate resource for every budding Pokémon expert.
Discover the backstories of four of the most beloved Pokemon: Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle, all featured in Pokemon GO and the classic animated series on Netflix! These four Pokemon have been with Ash since the very beginning, and they've had some pretty amazing adventures. Now kids can follow their quests from the very their first day in Kanto through their latest adventure in Alola! This book is packed with color illlustrations and is shaped to look like a Poke Ball.
From the publishers of "Beckett Pokmon Collector" magazine comes a guide to Pokmon collectibles that's filled with colorful photos of the most popular items.
The perfect incentive for keeping your head in the clouds, The Cloud Collector's Handbook is a whimsical guide to the wonders of the sky. Throughout, author and cloud expert Gavin Pretor-Pinney catalogs a variety of clouds and gives readers points for spotting them and recording their finds. This fun and useful book features gorgeous full-color photographs that showcase a new type of cloud on every spread, from fluffy cumulus to the super rare horseshoe vortex to the wispy noctilucent clouds that hang at the fringes of space. Sure to be a hit with both aspiring and seasoned cloud gazers, this clever handbook will have everyone looking up.
-- Color photos of the American and Japanese trading cards -- A first look at the new Team Rocket "TM", Base Set 2 "TM", & Neo "TM" cards -- An in-depth look at the collectible cards & video games -- A "Who's Who" of Pokemon "TM" characters -- A spotlight on the American & Japanese promotional cards
A guide to Pokâemon provides information on the pronunciation, possible moves, type, height, weight, and region of every Pokâemon character.
Everything you need to know to spot, catch, and train these new Pokémon.
The new edition of the bestselling Deluxe Essential Handbook is here - and it includes all-new Pokémon! With 496 color pages and info on over 800 Pokémon, this is a must-have for kids of all ages.
Life was fun and peaceful for ten-year-old Lucas and his friends, Cora and Samuel. The game-obsessed trio would spend every free second of their time catching Pokémon on their smartphones, trying to get to the next level. But when the digital creatures suddenly escape from their screens and enter the real world, destruction and mayhem follow. Will the three friends be able to defeat the monsters and reclaim their world? Pokémon Go has taken the world by storm; adults and children alike have been captivated as they battle their way to success. The book will appeal to all children who have been part of the recent Pokémon phenomenon. Lucas’s story of adventure brings this popular trend to life as the reader is taken on a highly entertaining journey as they battle to save the world from these digital pocket monsters.
A massively multiplayer online game featuring quests, battles with monsters, and competition for treasure run by Jagex Limited.
Features Pokâedex information on all the Pokâemon of the Kalos region, including partner Pokâemon Chespin, Fennekin, and Froakie.
Provides information about the Red, Blue, and Yellow versions of Gameboy Pokemon, Nintendo Pokemon snap, the Pokemon trading card game, and the cartoon series.

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