Inhalt/Content Fünf Veröffentlichungen Theorie und Utopie der eigenen Zeit (Jedes Ereignis hat eine eigene Zeit), Theorie und Utopie der anderen Zeit (Jedes Ereignis hat eine andere Zeit), Die Zeit der Gleichungen ist vorbei (Wen interessiert es, dass E = m c2 ist), Societ Lyrics, was ist das (Societ lyrics – zeitgenössische Lyrik), Folienbilder, Entstehung (Für die Erstellung eines Folienbildes werden benötigt...). Five Publications Theory and utopia of the own time (Each event has an own time), Theory and utopia of the other time (Each event has another time), The time of equations is past (Whom does it interest that E = m C 2), Societ lyrics, what does it mean (Societ lyrics - contemporary lyric), Foils pictures, development (For the production of foils pictures are needed...) Harald Birgfeld schreibt überwiegend Lyrik (mehr als 12.000 Strophen) und Prosa.
Most books on writing scientific papers leave readers with the impression that they are in for a hard time. This book takes a different approach: it aims to raise standards not by printing rules but by encouraging more people to have a go.
The traditional publication will be overhauled by the ‘Enhanced Publication’. This is a publication that is enhanced with research data, extra materials, post publication data, and database records. It has an object-based structure with explicit links between the objects. In this book a state-of-the-art overview is given of the structural elements of an Enhanced Publication, as well as publication models, interrelationship and repository issues. The use of Enhanced Publications evokes questions on object models and functionalities. In-depth study is made of these subjects. More practically, a sample is given of datasets together with a demonstrator-project. In the final section, this book deals with long-term preservation issues, linking to the developments of digital repositories that are studied in other books in this series.
International exchange of publications continues to be an important mode of collection building and is practices by almost all major libraries. The 5th edition of the Handbook offers all changes in three parts: Practices, History and Contemporary Examples, and a Directory.

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