Wenn sich Mark Millar und Greg Capullo zusammenfinden, kann nur etwas Ungewöhnliches dabei entstehen: Reborn. Was kommt nach dem Tod? Weder Himmel noch Hölle, sondern etwas ganz anderes. Man muss um sein kämpfen oder zumindest um etwas in dieser Art. Und irgendwo warten all die Menschen aus der eigenen Vergangenheit auf einen - die Guten ebenso wie die, die man am liebsten niemals wiedergesehen hätte! Von Millar & Capullo - nicht zu verpassen!
Als Bonnie sich auf die Beziehung mit dem Jungen ihrer Träume einlässt, ahnt sie nicht welche Folgen diese Verbindung haben würde. Von einen Tag auf den anderen ist ihr Leben plötzlich in Gefahr und alles was sie zu wissen glaubt in Frage gestellt. Es sollte sich herausstellen, dass Bonnie und Brians Verbindung tiefer geht als die Beiden es je erwartet hätten. Und auch die Bedrohung, die die beiden Liebenden umgibt, ist älter und gefährlicher als sie verstehen können.
Now that you know the basics in the art of Reborn Doll Making, apply some extra special artist's secrets to really bring your baby doll to life! Learn advanced paint and detailing techniques, as well as how to work with silicone vinyl and soft vinyl doll molds! If you're ready for a challenge and to push your creativity even further, then you simply must have this book!
When an ancient artifact dissolves in the hands of a man calling himself Mr. Veilleur, he knows something has gone wrong...terribly, cosmically wrong. Dr. Roderick Hanley, Nobel Prize-winning geneticist, dies in a plane crash. His last words: "The boy! They'll find out about the boy! He'll find out about himself!" When Jim Stevens, an orphan and struggling writer, learns that he is the sole heir to the Hanley estate, he is sure he has at last found his biological father. But he's only half right. The true nature of his inheritance—and the truth about his conception—will crush him. In New York City a group of Charismatics has been drawn together—without invitation, simply showing up at a Murray Hill brownstone—with a sense of great purpose. Satan is coming, and they have been chosen to fight him. Mr. Veilleur too has been drawn to the group, but he realizes it's not Satan who is coming. Satan would be a suitable au pair compared to the ancient evil that is in the process of being Reborn. Tor is reissuing the third title in the Adversary Cycle, The Touch, in July 2009. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.
Five years have passed since Mignon Samuels first discovered the priceless journal that chronicled the lives of the strong women who came before her. Now she's ready to add her own history to that of the four previous generations documented inside. Mignon's journey takes her back to several moments in time, including the early days of her grandparents' marriage and the troubles they faced--troubles that in some ways mirror her own. Her mother, uncle Eddie and aunts Odele and Sofia each had their own mountain to climb: womanizing, drug addiction, even murder. They have sought the healing power of God, but it will take years, perhaps decades, for those who survive to really see the light. As she delves deeper into her family's sometimes murky past, Mignon unearths a secret that turns everything she's taken for granted upside down. But the revelation will also give her the courage and faith to change her life.
Katie Price returns with this incredible new instalment of her life in the public eye. But only now is she ready to tell her story. After finding love with Kieran, Katie thought she had found the man of her dreams and that happy-ever-after was possible after all. But she soon finds that being in the perfect relationship isn't easy. From her turbulent marriage, her difficult pregnancy and birth to her beautiful baby Bunny, to her time in the Big Brother House, and the continued challenges of looking after her disabled son, Katie finally lifts the lid on the trails and tribulations of the past few years. Written with the fierce honesty and humour we've come to love, she tells us how she's carried on despite the heartbreak in her life, coming out the other side reborn and ready for whatever life throws at her while remaining positive, strong, and throughout it all, true to herself and her family.
Similar in format to 'Survivor', this book is a Workshop Guide for the Rolls-Royce 25/30 model. It covers the gestation of this fine car, as well as the history of the Barker bodied Sports Saloon that the book is based on. Plus practical advice regarding repair, maintenance & servicing together with over 100 practical photographs and drawings.
HEROES REBORN - EVENT SERIE Die neue sechsteilige E-Book-Serie "Heroes Reborn" basiert auf den faszinierenden Charakteren und der reichhaltigen Mythologie der weltweit erfolgreichen NBC-Serie "Heroes" sowie der lang erwarteten Fortsetzung "Heroes Reborn". Die neue Staffel setzt fünf Jahre nach dem Finale der vierten Staffel ein, in einer Welt, in der Menschen mit außergewöhnlichen Fähigkeiten gefürchtet, verfolgt und angegriffen werden. Die E-Book-Folgen 2-6 erzählen abgeschlossene Geschichten von Menschen und Evos und erweitern somit das Heroes Reborn Universum. Die einzelnen Folgen können unabhängig und in beliebiger Reihenfolge gelesen werden. FOLGE 5: RETTE DIE CHEERLEADERIN, ZERSTÖRE DIE WELT Mit ihrem Sprung von einem Riesenrad im Central Park hat Claire Bennett die Welt verändert. Nun weiß die Menschheit von der Existenz der Evos. AUTOR: Keith R. A. DeCandido hat mehr als zwanzig Romane zu Filmen und Fernsehserien geschrieben sowie Kurzgeschichten, Comics, E-Books und Sachbücher zu "Star Trek" (in all seinen Inkarnationen und auch einigen neuen), "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", "Doctor Who", "Farscape", "Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda", "The Hulk", "Magic: The Gathering", "Resident Evil", "Serenity", "The Silver Surfer", "Spider-Man", "StarCraft", "Warcraft", "X-Men", "Xena" und "Young Hercules". Seine Werke haben es auf die Bestsellerliste von "USA Today", "Locus" sowie der "Los Angeles Times" geschafft und wurden von den Kritikern von "Artemis", "Booklist", "Entertainment Weekly", "Library Journal", "Publishers Weekly", "SFX", "Starburst", "Starlog", "Tangent" und "TV Zone" in den höchsten Tönen gelobt.
HEROES REBORN - EVENT SERIE. Die neue sechsteilige E-Book-Serie "Heroes Reborn" basiert auf den faszinierenden Charakteren und der reichhaltigen Mythologie der weltweit erfolgreichen NBC-Serie "Heroes" sowie der lang erwarteten Fortsetzung "Heroes Reborn". Die neue Staffel setzt fünf Jahre nach dem Finale der vierten Staffel ein, in einer Welt, in der Menschen mit außergewöhnlichen Fähigkeiten gefürchtet, verfolgt und angegriffen werden. Entdecke die erste Folge der sechsteiligen E-Book-Serie basierend auf Tim Krings Originaldrehbuch der Folge 1 von "Heroes Reborn", um viele Inhalte ergänzt, die in der TV-Serie nicht zu sehen sind. Die E-Book-Folgen 2-6 erzählen abgeschlossene Geschichten von Menschen und Evos und erweitern somit das Heroes Reborn Universum. Die einzelnen Folgen können unabhängig und in beliebiger Reihenfolge gelesen werden. FOLGE 1: SCHÖNE NEUE WELT. Ein Jahr nach den schicksalhaften Ereignissen in Odessa ist die Welt eine andere geworden. Die weiterentwickelten Menschen - genannt Evos -, die man für den Anschlag verantwortlich macht, können sich nicht mehr sicher fühlen. Nicht nur die Regierung ist hinter ihnen her, sondern auch die hartnäckigen und gnadenlosen Evo-Jäger. AUTOR: David Bishop ist ein Comic-, Krimi-, Science Fiction, Horror- und Fantasyautor. Er ist der ehemalige Herausgeber des britischen Comicmagazins 2000AD. Er hat zwanzig Bücher veröffentlicht, einschließlich lizensierter Romane zu "Judge Dredd", "Doctor Who" und "A Nightmare on Elm Street".
Just what is a "Reborn Baby" you ask?Reborn Doll making is the fascinating new art of taking a vinyl baby doll, and enhancing it using repainting techniques, to create the look and feel of a real live baby. The results are simply breathtaking and the dolls are very often mistaken for actual infants. We share our secrets for creating Beutiful Babies in this step-by-step manuals, so you too can learn the Art of Reborn Doll Making.
REBORN is the gripping sequel to the apocalyptic thriller REMADE, by bestselling author of the Timeriders series, Alex Scarrow. Eighteen months have passed since the events of REMADE. Leon and Freya have seen no sign of the virus, clinging on to the hope that two hard winters may have just killed it off. When news of a rescue ship arriving off the coast comes in, the pair are on the move once again. But all is not as safe as it seems. The virus has been busy. It has learned and evolved. And now it is reborn...
The clown suddenly appeared beside a group of kids at the candy floss van, bringing Kira to an abrupt halt. Then it began. The rapid heartbeat, the burst of perspiration, the gasping breath. The baby lurched inside her, as though sharing her panic. When the body of a pregnant teenager is found in a Hall of Mirrors with the full-term foetus surgically removed, forensic scientist Rhona MacLeod is called in to assist the police. Suspicion falls on Jeff Coulter, a psychotic inmate at a nearby hospital whose hobby is making Reborns - chillingly realistic baby dolls intended for bereaved parents or those unable to conceive. But how could he have orchestrated the murder from a secure mental facility? The investigation leads to a group of teenage girls who seem to have all got pregnant at the same time. Then a Reborn doll is discovered near the crime scene and a second girl from the group is found dead. Creepy, compelling and heart-stoppingly tense, THE REBORN is Lin Anderson's most powerful novel yet.
He’s death for hire… Some people measure life in hours. Days. Weeks. I measure mine in kills. A covert military mission gone wrong robbed me of my memory and any link to my past. This is my existence now. I execute and survive. Nothing more, nothing less. I was ready to write Isabel Foster’s name in my ledger of unfortunate souls until she uttered the one word that could stop the bullet meant for her. My name. She knows my face. She knows me. She’s the key to the memories I’m not sure I want back. Now nothing is simple. I still have a job to do, and my soul isn’t worth saving. I’m not the man she thinks I am. I can’t love her. And sparing her life puts us both in the crosshairs.
Walt took the wrong path in life. His parents and Grandma are dead, and he has drifted apart from the one true love of his life, Elise. He meets a kind stranger that offers him a chance to fix his life, a chance to get it right. If you were given a chance to make changes in your life, would you? What if that meant you had to kill yourself to do it. Still interested? Joshua can help you with that, but be careful, sometimes things aren’t always as they appear!
In my book Reborn, I describe events that take me back to relive the occasional traumatic memories I experienced during the war in Vietnam as a frightened child. Plus, the experiences of living in the United States, I often flashed back to these horrible events throughout my daily life; brought into the awareness of the wildest crimes, mainly violence against woman. I witnessed mass murder, countless victims, and all the shocking realities of the entire central highland I knew as a child no longer exists! the whole area literally destroyed; blown completely off the map! I speak out as a woman that for years has suppressed the conflict between the will to deny these tragic events. from silence, I reveal numerous stories about horrible things; things that no one really wants to hear.
This story begins with a powerful prologue that gives you the story of the Reborn virus and why it was created. Dr. Mathew Hail is the bio-engineer responsible for creating Reborn and unleashing it on humanity. His desire for the virus is to give mankind their second chance; To allow them to rise from the ashes like a phoenix and be better that what they are now. Reborn takes place in the first weeks of the deadly outbreak. A family of five is separated across the states. Clair and her two sons have to wait out the virus in Philadelphia. It’s too dangerous in that populated city to venture out. Staying in your home and avoiding outside contact seems like it would be an easy task, yet Clair and her two sons find it difficult to keep the outside world from coming in. With gangs running rampant and an airborne virus wreaking havoc on the world, even staying in one place can be dangerous. Beau and his daughter are in Tennessee coming off the Appalachian Trail, when they see the effects of the virus. They’ll have to get home before it’s too late. They soon find out that a desert would be easier to cross to reach home, than the roads they will have to travel. From start to finish, this story never runs out of excitement. The minute Beau and Lily come off of the AT the chaos has already taken hold. Laws seem to be something of the past without anyone to enforce them. Without infrastructure supplying fuel and goods around the U.S. it becomes difficult to find the resources needed to travel home, and stay alive. When laws crumble and resources dwindle the scum of the Earth slip out from the shadows to live like kings.

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