Reincarnation is the idea and some would say fact that after we die we return and live other lives. The reason for this cycle is that the world offers us the chance to grow and learn based on the many physical challenges it offers. When we have learned and progressed enough, through numerous lives, there will be no more need to return. This book covers the various cultures that accept the idea, and what it really means to us, as individuals. Those who are steeped in pure logic reject the idea due to the lack of strong scientific evidence. They fail to realize that one cannot present spiritual proofs in a laboratory. Matter itself and the material world can show physical evidence but spirit and matter are two separate things. So where is the proof for reincarnation? One good answer, and a great starting point, is to open this book. Spiritual proof exists for those who can comprehend it.
Viele Menschen sind heute von der Tatsache einer Wiederverkörperung überzeugt. Und doch ist diese selten Thema öffentlicher Diskurse oder gar philosophisch-wissenschaftlicher Untersuchungen. Trotz sich steigernder Offenheit gegenüber geistig orientierten alten und modernen Bewusstseinstechniken, zum Beispiel zum Stressabbau und zur Erhöhung des positiven Lebensgefühls, taucht die Wiederverkörperung in rationalen Auseinandersetzungen zum Problem der Person und des menschlichen Geistes kaum auf. Doch gerade in Zusammenhang mit dem weit mehr erörterten Problem der Freiheit erfordert sie eine Ergründung im Denken, die über den Glauben hinaus in ein Verstehen führt.
Never in the history of humanity has Orthodox religions been so out-of-touch with reasonable people. Religions have not learned from over two thousand years of repeated failures and bad choices. Reasonable people understand it is inconsistent to kill for the sake of peace; it is a contradiction to speak of love and choose hate; and it is impossible to have peace with violence. How much longer can we accept orthodox religion’s definition of happiness as it manifests empty rewards, deceptions, inconsistencies, and egocentric goals? How long can we flounder in this emotional, intellectual, and spiritual wasteland before we destroy all righteousness? Tom Dickerson openly examines orthodox religion’s history of human rights failures, inconsistencies, abuses, and atrocities according to their choices, not their rhetoric. This book does not deny god, nevertheless, it strongly questions the validity of Western Religion’s concept of an omnipotent, righteous, compassionate, domineering, vengeful, and child-like god. This book will educate, shock, and provoke the reader; as it openly advocates replacement of orthodox religion’s strict dogma with exercises, introspection, critical thought, meditation, personal balance, and freedom of choice. Every person can come to understand orthodox religion’s evilness and achieve self-awareness with personal balance and acceptance of responsibility. Personal balance, a foundational element of a positive holistic life, is available to all people willing to open their minds to reason. You are the creator of your destiny.
First Published in 1996. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.
Over 500 books are described. Each entry includes full bibliographic information, a description of the contents, and additionally, in most cases, an excerpt is included that gives the flavor of the book. Pro- and anti-reincarnation sources are featured for this highly controversial subject. An appendix lists organizations that are concerned with reincarnation. This will be of interest to religious scholars and students and anyone interested in this fascinating topic.
Includes entries for maps and atlases.
Examines the evidence that supports reincarnation, including deja vu, hypnotic regressions and progressions, spontaneous memories, and near-death experiences

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