Remote Viewers is a tale of the Pentagon's attempts to develop the perfect tool for espionage: psychic spies. These psychic spies, or "remote viewers," were able to infiltrate any target, elude any form of security, and never risk scratch. For twenty years, the government selected civilian and military personnel for psychic ability, trained them, and put them to work, full-time, at taxpayers' expense, against real intelligence targets. The results were so astonishing that the program soon involved more than a dozen separate agencies, including the CIA, the Defense Intelligence Agency, the National Security Council, the FBI, the National Security Agency, the Secret Service, the Navy, the Army, the Air Force, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Drug Enforcement Agency, the US Customs Service, the US Special Forces Command, and at least one Pentagon drug-interaction task force. Most of this material is still officially classified. After three years of research, with access to numerous sources in the intelligence community--including the remote viewers themselves--science writer Jim Schnabel reveals the secret details of the strangest chapter in the history of espionage.
Bleistift und Papier - mehr ben tigt der Remote Viewier nicht um in die unendlichen Weiten des Universums vorzudringen. Der Autor beschreibt seine eigenen Remote Viewing Projekte auf eine besondere Weise. Im vorliegenden Buch hat der Autor seine pers nlichen Themen wie zum Beispiel die Ger chte um den irdischen Mond, die Columbia Katastrophe und Feststellungen um die Pyramiden in Giza beschrieben.
Fast 20 Jahre ist Remote Viewing nun in Deutschland. Zeit genug für den Autor, viele Erfahrungen zu machen, Experimente anzustellen und Forschungsprojekte durchzuführen. Daneben wurden unzählige Personen in dieser Technik ausgebildet und auch dies hat erheblich zur Anhebung unserer Kenntnisse über nichtbewusste Zustände und Gehirnfunktionen geführt. Nicht zuletzt muss auch die Beziehung von Remote Viewern zum Rest der Gesellschaft beleuchtet werden. In diesem Buch finden Sie Erfahrungen zu allen relevanten Bereichen dieser Methode auch aus dem Dialog mit anderen Remote Viewern heraus sowie den neuesten Stand der Erklärung der cerebralen Funktionsweise dieser Technik.
Wer Remote Viewing betreiben will, sollte wissen, auf welches Abenteuer er sich einlässt, womit er es zu tun hat und wie er Ergebnisse verbessert! Frank Köstler deckt mit einer Mixtur aus Praxisnähe, Witz und Nachdenklichkeit Mechanismen und Hintergründe dieser anderen Welt auf. Er beschreibt nicht nur den Umgang mit der Technik, sondern auch das Wegbrechen des Bodens unter den Füßen, sobald der Viewer die Bedeutung eines Prozesses erkannt hat, der die Normalität und scheinbar gesicherte Weltsicht aus den Angeln hebt. Er unterstützt jeden Lernenden mit Tipps, Ratschlägen und Beispielen. Sein Buch ist ein überaus hilfreiches Kompendium für jene, die mit dem Lehrbuch lernen möchten. Ein Buch, das Antworten sucht und findet.
Remote viewing is the mental ability to perceive and describe places, persons, or events at distant locations in the past, present, and future. This book describes the science and theory of the remote-viewing phenomenon. The reality of the remote-viewing phenomenon is not in dispute among a large body of respected researchers both inside and outside of academia who have published an extensive collection of high-quality investigations over the past few decades. But profound mysteries remain. This volume breaks new ground by resolving some of remote-viewings greatest enigmas. In these pages, new research and new theories explain why remote viewing works, and why it is scientifically possible. These investigations utilize remote-viewing methods that are derivative of those used for decades in well-documented U.S. government funded psi research sponsored by the Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A.) and the Defense Intelligence Agency (D.I.A.). Filled with descriptions and analyses of highly original experiments, here is an investigation into the fascinating characteristics of time and physical reality using remote viewing as a tool of exploration, offering evidence that the past, present, and future truly exist simultaneously. The idea of differing future and past time lines is not just science fiction.
Star Scream is book 1 of a 3 book series it is the beginning of the story. A story about remote viewing it's fictional but close to the truth how the United States Government did an uncontrolled remote viewer class. And how they shut it down.
It possible to see across space and time Even those who accept that humans can reach beyond the conventional five senses typically think of psychics as special or gifted with unusual abilities. But David Morehouse teaches other wise all human beings, including you, have the innate capacity for Remote Viewing. David Morehouse was trained by the U.S. government in Remote Viewing an exact scientific protocol for tapping the human power to gather information across space and time. In this comprehensive manual, he has taken his military training as an operational Remote Viewer and turned it into a step-by-step training system one that teaches any serious reader how to unlock their natural abilities and become more than the physical world allows. You have the ability to do this, Morehouse says. Something extraordinary is absolutely possible in your life. Remote Viewing is more than simply a method for gathering information. It is a transformational tool instilling within you the absolute and irrefutable evidence that you are more than human that you are extraordinarily human. As you gain experience and confidence as a Viewer, you will tap into the collective unconscious that connects you to everything and everyone in the universe. Through David More house's training, you will learn to touch the infinite source of life and knowledge that spiritual masters throughout human history have sought.
Remote viewing is not simply using psychic ability to obtain information. It is a scientific protocol to develop and extend the ability so that ordinary people can learn to do what "psychics" do. This book teaches you how to teach yourself. McMoneagle believes that anybody can be trained in remote viewing (no psychic gifts required). McMoneagle does provide a comprehensive training program and information as well as chapters on the ethics, protocol, and applications of remote viewing. McMoneagle is the authority in this area. He learned remote viewing in the U.S. Army - he was Remote Viewer #001 in the Army?s Stargate program - and was awarded the Legion of Merit for his contribution to various intelligence operations. Joseph McMoneagle is a workshop facilitator and speaker. He lives in Virginia.
For the past thirty years, the United States government has secretly trained a select corps of military personnel in the art of "remote viewing" -- the psychic ability to perceive the thoughts and experiences of others through the power of the human mind.... Now, for the first time, Lyn Buchanan -- a world-renowned expert on remote viewing and its potential -- tells the complete, candid story of his experiences. Assigned for nearly a decade to a clandestine U.S. Army intelligence group, Buchanan trained military personnel who utilized their inherent psychic abilities as a data-collection tool during the Iran hostage crisis, the Chernobyl disaster, and the Gulf War. In this incredible account, Buchanan tells how he was selected for his unique psychic abilities, and how he was transformed from an ordinary soldier into one of our nation's leading psychic spies. Working on top-secret government and military projects using "mental espionage" created permanent, life-altering changes within Buchanan. Now, after many years of analysis and interpretation, he reveals the techniques and mental exercises used to train remote viewers, and demonstrates that each of us carries a dormant psychic ability that we can explore and use ourselves. For anyone interested in a hard, scientific look at the reality of psychic covert operations in the world today, or anyone who has ever wondered if he or she could have the inherent skills to become a remote viewer, this fascinating chronicle of life as a psychic spy will reveal the answers.
This book is a compilation of papers, manuals & comments to help students of (CRV) or Controlled Remote Viewing, learn this amazing intuitive art. We present FOIA documents from the CIA Star Gate archives, from the public domain and from prominent practitioners of remote viewing for the first time together in one book.First, we include a paper from the father of Remote Viewing and the creator of CRV - Ingo Swann. The document is titled 'Co-ordinate Remote Viewing (CRV) technology 1981-1983, Three year project'. After this we present two differing CRV manuals. The first by Ingo Swann's top CRV student and the only person trained in all CRV stages by Ingo Swann (Tom McNear). This is titled: 'Coordinate Remote Viewing Stages I-VI and Beyond' - 1985. The second, a later manual was created primarily by Paul H. Smith with help from the 'then' team of military Controlled Remote Viewers, titled: 'The DIA CRV Manual' – 1986.
Information in the United States on psychic research in some foreign countries was sketchy and poorly detailed, based mostly on rumor or innuendo from second-hand or tertiary reporting, attributed to both reliable and unreliable disinformation sources from the Soviet Union. The CIA and DIA decided they should investigate and know as much about it as possible. Various programs were approved yearly and re-funded accordingly. Reviews were made semi-annually at the Senate and House select committee level. Now for the first time, you can read the actual CIA Remote Viewing Manual and see how they did it.....
A followup to Cosmic Voyage introduces readers to the aliens who have been watching humans for a long time and who may pose a threat to the planet. Original.
Solve the Mystery: Remote Viewing, What is it Really? This small booklet could be of great value to anyone interested in the subject of Remote Viewing. It is a simple explanation of this amazing technique; developed by the U.S. Government, that was used in the highly confidential Star Gate Remote Viewing Program from 1972-1995. Inside we present the five-steps for understanding Remote Viewing, under the topics of: - History - Definition - Kinds - Study/Training - Experience. Upon reading this, you too can better appreciate the complex mysterious phenomenon called Remote Viewing. It is a great teaching tool for study groups and individuals who may be curious about this topic. It is also a great study piece to go along with the book "Reading My Mind, A Personal Journal."
Psychic spy veterans from the 23 Year, U.S. Military and Intelligence Remote Viewing programs, share their experiences and expertise. This book is a selection of Remote Viewing based email dialogues from 1997-98 when the internet as a media source was very new. Add to this the emergence of a former Top Secret Psychic espionage program using Remote Viewing, commonly known as The STAR GATE Program, and you have a potent mix of questions excitement and answers. Remote viewers; Joe McMoneagle, Lyn Buchanan, Paul H Smith, Bill Ray, Greg Seward, Gene Lessman and PJ Palyne Gaenir share their knowledge for the first time in public.
It is said, necessity is the mother of invention. In the early 1970s, information started to reach the West that the Soviet Union had begun to take psychic research seriously. This prompted frantic U.S. intelligence agencies to pour millions into top-secret research programs in hopes that a trainable, mental technique might emerge. Physicists at the Stanford Research Institute, funded by the CIA to investigate non-conventional forms of communication, were successful in developing such a system. It is known today as remote viewing. The scientists at SRI discovered that a non-material library of information exists, which contains data about everything in both the physical and non-physical universe. Remote viewing allows the individual to tap into this dimension, and accurately describe targets that would have otherwise been inaccessible. Now, almost five decades later, this skill-set has reached a level of sophistication that truly unlocks a world without secrets. Information about any person, place, thing or event in the past, present and future is obtainable by the adept viewer. Technical Remote Viewing: The Complete Guide offers both beginners and advanced students a complete blueprint for this revolutionary information gathering skill. It is the first written guidebook to cover every aspect of the Technical Remote Viewing methodology.
The psychic abilities of most humans are dampened by the clatter of our conscious minds. In this timely book, Russell Targ shows readers how to quiet this noise and see into the far reaches of time and space through remote viewing. He also illuminates the phenomena of intuitive medical diagnosis and distant healing in a groundbreaking synthesis of research and empirical data. Drawing on a broad range of spiritual traditions, Targ demonstrates that these psychic abilities offer a path of self-inquiry and self-realization and have the power to expand each person’s limited awareness into the consciousness shared by all beings. Targ explores the scientific and spiritual implications of remote viewing, as well as offering practical techniques and exercises to nurture this universally available but often untapped skill.
Was haben deutsche Remote Viewer über den Mond, den Mars, Ufos und weitere mysteriöse Zielgebiete herausgefunden? Wohin weisen die Sitzungsergebnisse und welche Konsequenzen ergeben sich aus den gewonnenen Daten? Gemeinsam mit anderen Beteiligten hat Frank Köstler in monatelanger Projektarbeit Remote Viewing für die Infiltrierung außergewöhnlicher Ziele eingesetzt und legt nun die gewonnenen Ergebnisse offen. Die Informationen sind überraschend und führen zwangsläufig zu neuen Betrachtungsweisen dieser ungeklärten Phänomene.
An interesting story about a man, who searches for a remote viewer, whom he finally finds, after a long journey. Many bad omens follow him on his trip to the mysterious Ben Pemperton, a remote viewer, who has dabbled into things, he should not have dabbled into. A short story about remote viewing with elements of a thriller.
Remote viewing is the ability to travel psychically to other dimensions. Tim Rifat, an expert scientist on psychic warfare and mind control, teaches the art of remote viewing. Rifat traces the history of psychic warfare, revealing how the U.S. and Russia used paranormal powers to spy on each other . . . and on us. The first person to explain the scientific basis of remote viewing, Rifat provides clear and detailed instructions on techniques that can improve the powers of your mind in life and in business. Specialized training courses charge several thousand dollars to teach the material given in this book.

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