Fifth edition of this best-selling guide to plants and flowers, updated and revised from the experts at the RHS RHS Encyclopedia of Plants and Flowers which is now available in ebook(PDF) format, is an expert guide to planning your dream garden, redesigned to aid navigation and make identifying plants easier than ever. Over 8,000 easy-to-find plants and thousands of photographs will give you all the guidance you need. Each variety is photographed and the new "how to" section tells you all you need to know on cultivation, pruning and care. Plus, use the special plant selector to grow for every possible situation and condition, from sunless walls to sandy soil. The perfect addition to any gardener's bookshelf.
Packed with advice on over 8000 plants with all you need to know on cultivation, pests, diseases and choosing the right plant for the right place.
A practical guide to planning, developing and nurturing a garden, from the experts at the RHSAn expert guide to growing your dream garden. Choose the plants you want for your garden, without knowing their botanical names, with over 8,000 easy-to-find entries and thousands of photographs you’ll have all the guidance you need. Draw on authoritative, expert advice from Britain’s leading horticulturists on cultivation and beating pests and diseases. Plus, create outstanding displays with a special section on how to use colour and in-depth features on the most popular plants such as lilies and hostas.A must-have for any gardener.“. . . you can’t do without it. As a reference book it is unsurpassed.” Guardian
Revised and updated, this guide provides gardeners with information and photos of 8,000 different plants, from shrubs and trees to perennials, annuals, biennials and bulbs and cacti, cataloged and organized by color, growing season and size.
Fully revised and updated edition of the world's finest and most authoritative source of gardening advice, from the experts at the RHS Marking 20 years since first publication, the updated edition of the RHS Encyclopedia of Gardening is the classic reference for keen gardeners. Packed with unrivalled gardening advice you'll find guidance and step-by-steps on everything from pruning to propagation. Plus new topics reflect current trends including how to grow fruit and vegetables in containers and green roofs. Whatever your level of skill in the great outdoors, expert tips and guidance from editor Christopher Brickell and a team of specialist contributors, the RHS Encyclopedia of Gardening will help you create and keep your garden perfect all year round.
Cultivate your perfect garden with RHS Pruning & Training's unrivalled guidance for over 800 trees, shrubs, and climbing plants. Fully updated by the RHS experts, RHS Pruning & Training uses clear, step-by-step instructions and fantastic photography to perfectly illustrate the secrets to pruning and training your plants. Whether you're a novice gardener or an amateur expert, RHS Pruning & Training is packed with plenty of information on all plant types including fruits, roses, shrubs, and trees. Learn specialised techniques including coppicing, pollarding, and pinch pruning for specific plant types, and prune your garden to perfection all year round.
Comprehensively written and researched by leading plant experts, this authoritative reference book includes many features that make plant selection and identification easy.
Die Autoren bewirtschaften eine Farm in Cornwall und geben praxisnahe Ratschläge und für eine universelle Selbstversorgung - von alternativen Energien bis zum Brotbacken. Auch Stadtbewohner finden nützliche Anregungen.
Plant the garden of your dreams and transform your outdoor space with award-winning Royal Horticultural Society garden design experts. Whether you're looking to revive a tired flowerbed or aiming for a complete design overhaul, the RHS Encyclopedia of Garden Design will show you how to make your ideal garden a reality. Grasp the fundamentals of garden design, find a style that suits you, and bring your ideas to life. This design bible is packed with advice to guide you from planning to planting. From preparation such as choosing the correct materials for your structures and assessing your drainage, to laying patios, making ponds, and planting perennials, the RHS Encyclopedia of Garden Design is with you every step of the way. Discover inspirational portfolios including modernist, sustainable, Japanese, urban, family, and cottage gardens. Understand the unique features of each garden style, create your own plan, and marvel at case studies showcasing the gold standard of each garden type. With a handy visual dictionary and coverage of all the latest gardening trends, this book combines style with substance to guide you as you plant your perfect outdoor space. Previous edition ISBN 9781409325741
The ultimate garden reference book, complete with a guide to all gardening matters and an invaluable garden plants section. Packed with illustrations, step by step photography, and stunning plant portraits, this book is an indispensable volume for gardeners of all levels of experience.
Über das Leben, das Gärtnern und die Freundschaft In diesem faszinierenden Briefwechsel tauschen sich die beiden legendären englischen Gärtner Beth Chatto und Christopher Lloyd, langjährige Freunde und enthusiastische Pflanzenliebhaber, über ihre so unterschiedlichen Gärten, aber auch über ihre Erfahrungen, Erfolge und Enttäuschungen aus; sie berichten von Erlebnissen, gemeinsamen Freunden, kulinarischen Genüssen und den Freuden und Leiden des Alltags. Sehr persönlich und liebenswert diskutieren sie ihre Ansichten und Einsichten über das Leben, die Musik, die Jahreszeiten und die Natur. Ihre Lebenswege und Ausgangsbedingungen sind sehr unterschiedlich: auf der einen Seite Beth Chatto, die als Autodidaktin ihre heute berühmten Beth Chatto Gardens in East Anglia über mehr als 40 Jahre dem kargen Boden abgetrotzt hat und damit zeigt, was unter schwierigsten Bedingungen möglich ist; auf der anderen Seite Christopher Llyod, der das historische Anwesen Great Dixter in Sussex mit seinen zu Beginn des 20. Jahrhunderts von Sir Edwin Lutyens angelegten Gärten von seinen Eltern übernommen und sehr kreativ weiterentwickelt hat. Beide haben mehrere Bücher über ihre Gärten veröffentlicht und wurden weltweit mit zahlreichen Preisen und Anerkennungen ausgezeichnet. • Faszinierender Briefwechsel zweier legendärer Gärtner • Persönlich und berührend • Wunderbare Lektüre für alle Gartenfreunde
The most comprehensive guide to today's most popular and versatile garden plants and flowers The definitive practical guide to choosing, planting and combining herbaceous perennials - an essential tool for gardeners of all levels, from the experts at the RHS. From Acaena to Zizia, an A-Z guide to over 5,000 perennials Includes the vast numbers of new perennials made available in the last 10 years Tells you how to choose the right ones for your garden with cultivation, propagation and hardiness information to help you grow them successfully Inspirational ideas for planting schemes Expert tips on how to get the best from your plants and your garden Make a perennially beautiful garden with this essential guide.
Providing a practical guide to growing the various types of Rhododendrons, this book includes colour illustrations featuring the magnificent plants at all times of the year. It also includes a brief history of the plant.'

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