Can college roommates go from friends to lovers? Kyle is staying scandal-free—and in the closet—for a shot at the NBA. Medical student Micah needs a place to live, and though rooming with a straight jock won’t be easy, he’ll take his chances.
The first step towards experiencing the fun of playing rock music. This book & CD package will guide you through everything you need to know to begin playing rock drums. Topics include practice tips, note values, eighth- and sixteenth-note variations, the bass drum, fill ideas for each groove, open hi-hat technique, two-bar patterns, ride cymbal technique, rock ballads and shuffles, developing a groove with a bass player, three play-along charts, warm-ups and much more.
Percussion instruments, rhythms, and performance techniques of the Brazilian samba ensemble.
Stories and poems about playing basketball.
A step-by-step instructional method designed to guide and motivate intermediate-level snare drummers.
Demonstrating not only how to write for orchestra but also how to understand and enjoy a score, The Cambridge Guide to Orchestration is a theoretical and practical guide to instrumentation and orchestration for scholars, professionals and enthusiasts. With detailed information on all the instruments of the orchestra, both past and present, it combines discussion of both traditional and modern playing techniques to give the most complete overview of the subject. It contains fifty reduced scores to be re-orchestrated and a wide range of exercises, which clarify complex subjects such as multiple stops on stringed instruments, harmonics and trombone glissandi. Systematic analysis reveals the orchestration techniques used in original scores, including seven twentieth-century compositions. This Guide also includes tables and lists for quick reference, providing the ranges of commonly used instruments and the musical names and terminology used in English, German, Italian and French.
The Gypsy fables called Darane swature seek to explain the everyday mysteries of the world. In Mort Castle's Nations of the Living, Nations of the Dead, Romany stories guide us along the dark misty trails of the realms of history and fantasy, of ancient magic and contemporary culture, as we meet: Wyatt Earp, who has a distressing personal hygiene problem. Dr. Valentine of Paris, Keeper of the Secret of Immortality. Nordo, Monstrous Night Creature of the Philco Radio. And Cowboy Bob Steele, Sir Richard Burton, Groucho Marx and Charlie Chaplin, Steve McQueen and Heather Locklear, Alley Oop, H.P. Lovecraft and Robert Bloch, --and "the saddest woman in the world, Marilyn Monroe."in the Bram Stoker nominated short story, "I Am Your Need." Nations of the Living, Nations of the Dead is "Mort Mythology" by the writer who's been called "a master of the short story," "a writer with a remarkable gift for storytelling and a profound sense of what makes humans tick" and "El Maestro del Terror."
This book & CD package is designed to help aspiring musicians take the first step toward experiencing the fun of playing music, and is packed full of tips, lessons, and practical knowledge. Topics include the drumset, how to hold the sticks, how to play basic beats, note values, song structure and the drummer's role in a song, how to play drum fills, and warm-up exercises.
Beats, breaks, fills - basic to spectacular. This book prepares the drummer to play with a rock band and is great for beginners, teachers and professionals.
This unique guide to world percussion features descriptions and performance techniques for 28 different instruments, plus exercises, traditional rhythms, and cultural information. 76 pages.
Baseret få serien "A Natural Evolution"
Yamaha Band Student will appeal to teachers looking for a well-paced lesson sequence that keeps students motivated to continue past the first critical year. It is affordably priced, attractively presented and meets the needs of today's students and educators. Each level includes numerous songs, duets, trios and four full-band arrangements right in the method itself---perfect for first-year concerts.
Classic Festival Solos, Volume II continues to afford the advancing student the opportunity to find performance materials graded from easy to more challenging, including exposure to a variety of musical styles. Many of these works appear on state contest lists. Snare Drum, Volume II contains 15 different solos for snare drum and piano accompaniment. Elementary to advanced contest standards by Feldstein, Hoey, Barnett, and Masoner. Titles: * Drumfounded (Barnett) * Flim Flam (Barnett) * George M. Cohan Medley (Cohan, arr. Barnett) * High School Cadets (Sousa, arr. Barnett) * Hoedown (Barnett) * A Horse of a Different Color (Barnett) * March - Two (2) (Knohr/Sousa, arr. Moyer/Barnett) * Pet Rock (Barnett) * Polka Dots (Barnett) * Snap, Crackle, Pop (Barnett) * Stick to It (Barnett) * Sugar Beats (Barnett) * Sweet Rolls (Barnett) * Tiki's Tune (Barnett) * Track South (Hoey)
Der „Flam“ (englisch - sprich „Fläm“) ist ein amerikanisches Standard-Rudiment für die Snare-Drum und somit eine standardisierte Schlagkombination beider Hände. Ein Flam besteht charakteristisch aus einem Haupt- und Vorschlag die als eine Einheit aufgefasst und annähernd gleichzeitig gespielt werden. Dadurch kann ein relativ kurzer Trommelklang „dicker“ und länger klingen – entsprechend einem psychoakustischem Effekt. Der Abstand und Lautstärkeunterschied beider Schläge ist je nach Stilistik und musikalischem Kontext immer etwas unterschiedlich. Dieses Prinzip kannst du musikalisch auf alle Schlaginstrumente anwenden, also auch ohne Trommelstöcke oder Schlägel, nur mit den Händen gespielt z.B. auf einer Conga, Djembe oder einem Cajon.
Sinn und Ziel: Die Hände müssen für das Unterbewusstsein in einer Grundposition „aufgeräumt“ sein, damit du dich beim schneller Spielen nicht verhakst und jederzeit spontan reagieren kannst und nicht erst womöglich überlegst: "wo bin ich überhaupt". Zudem lernst du effektiv schnell und entspannt von Trommel zu Trommel zu gehen - du wirst mit diesen Übungen sehr flexibel und schnell auf dem Set agieren können, sowohl mit Händen wie Füßen. Neben guter Time wirst du einen guten homogenen Klang entwickeln, der mitreißt. Das liegt auch daran, dass du lernst, mehrere Trommeln gleichzeitig zu spielen, automatisch einen Flam einzubauen und dadurch einen Sinn für einen „fetten“ Sound bekommst. Nebenbei lernst du die für das Groovespiel wichtigen grundlegenden Koordinationen, damit es möglichst fließt. Zur Grundposition gibt es im Tutorial zur Stockhaltung genaue Hinweise.
This revision continues to set the standard in percussion instrument methods texts. Providing a comprehensive introduction to every aspect of percussion education, technique, and performance, this text helps students develop musical understanding and performance skills. The text's consistent and detailed philosophy introduces students to a refined teaching methodology, as well as a greater understanding of the learning process, by integrating contemporary concepts about experiential awareness learning.
In his collection of essays and reviews, Robert Brustein makes the argument that the American Theatre is enjoying a renaissance that has not been unacknowledged.
In this Apple-certified guide, author David Dvorin demonstrates the powerful advanced features in Logic Pro that have led many of the world's top producers, composers, and engineers to make this program the centerpiece of their music studios. Starting with advanced set-up in the brand-new interface in Logic Pro 8, he teaches you important skills like music production and editing, notation, and scoring to picture. Along the way, he reveals real-world techniques for mixing, editing, and producing, and shares professional secrets for streamlining production workflows and constructing a mix to meet the most exacting standards. Experienced Logic users and newcomers alike will find invaluable methods for manipulating tempo and pitch, fine-tuning audio and MIDI tracks, managing signal flow, and getting the most out of Logic's revolutionary audio instruments. A companion DVD includes the lesson and media files needed to complete the book's exercises, plus free trial Logic plug-ins from leading manufacturers.

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