Provides information on selecting plants and includes cultivation descriptions for each plant
Discusses such plants as irises, cacti, anemones, violets, asters, ferns, and sedum
Shows how to plant a rock garden, and describes the characteristics and care requirements of the most suitable varieties of plants
Imparts the secret of growing alpine and rock garden plants, by describing the techniques that imitate the conditions on which these plants thrive in the wild. Also included is an A-Z listing of over 1000 plants, with information on cultivation, height, flowering and origins.
Simplify the process of cultivating beautiful, but exacting, rock garden alpines. Gardeners will benefit from the detailed advice on growing these plants year-round, and each one's advantages. Includes plentiful information on building a rock garden or alpine meadow; feeding, watering, protecting, weeding, and propagating plants; and identifying, preventing, and treating common problems. The plant directory features 118 top examples, chosen for ease of care, with notes on each plant's origin, habits, preferred conditions, propagation, and flowering season.
Shows how to use rock garden plants in a variety of garden situations, including mixed borders, window boxes, raised beds, and patio pots.
Available in paperback for the first time, this book features the avid gardener and beloved writer Elizabeth Lawrence's thoughts on rock gardening.

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