The story of To-va, a boy of the Kohasic Tribe of Kahuilla Indians of California, and his coyote dog, Mee-wah as they search for the Shadow Cat, a mountain lion.
Twenty essays by such voices as Elizabeth Marshall Thomas, Pam Houston, and Rick Bass, explore the natural history, encounters with humans, and controversial future of the mountain lion
Originally published in 2008, ShadowCat offers a vivid collection of poetry and verse that comments on contemporary culture as well as reflects on the tragedies and triumphs of people, places, and events during the past fifty years.
Zach Lopez has an identity crisis. Zach's friend has an evil double, and it's impossible for Zach to know who he can trust. Zach has lived in Devils' Pass long enough to know that the mysterious shapeshifters can only be monsters from the otherworld below the town. Worse, he discovers that there may be a larger evil coordinating the attacks from the Otherside. Zach and his friends need to keep the shapeshifters from taking over Devils' Pass-and enslaving all of humanity.
When Isabelle Renard moves to the Loire Valley to restore a five hundred-year-old fresco, she doesn't expect to fall in love with Jules Valdrome, a handsome and enigmatic Frenchman who turns out to be a shape-shifting werecat. She is bitten by a renegade, vampire werecat and soon learns that the secret of breaking the curse is hidden within the mysterious symbols of a fourteenth-century fresco.
The arrival of a new sibling into the family is not always welcomed# Edith feels disheartened and lonely after the arrival of a baby brother. She feels she just can't do anything right. Then, one day, Shadowcat arrives and everything changes. This is an uplifting story about a girl who learns to dance and dream. But most of all it is a story about the secret of inner resilience. A perfect gift for children with a new sibling in the family. Features beautiful oil-painted illustrations by fine artist Anne Ryan. A perfect addition to any kindergarten or early years centre. Could be used to discuss feelings of dreams, imagination, isolation, depression, sadness, love, happiness and joy. Julia Louise is a Melbourne-based teacher. This is her first book. Anne Ryan is a Melbourne-based art teacher and fine arts practitioner.
It started out like every other day for the cat with no name that is until Samantha's kitty cat went missing. Samantha, her mother, and Samantha's best friend Ralph set out to search for the missing cat. They made of flyers and looked everywhere in the neighborhood. Finally they learn that the kitty had been chased up a tree by a dog and fell out, only to be taken to a local animal hospital. The doctor told Samantha that her cat might never walk again! Over time, the kitty cat recovered and Samantha and Ralph were very grateful and sang out a song of praise and thanks to God.
For generations residents from coast to coast have reported encounters with large, black, long-tailed cats. These are animals that are not supposed to exist; animals that are not recognized by science. Yet anomalous tracks continue to appear, pets and farm animals continue to disappear, and sightings continue to be reported.
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While spending the summer with their grandparents, on a remote farm in South Carolina, Ben Alderman and his sister Casey uncover a hidden world of magic; a world their grandmother is secretly visiting. It is a world where elves and dwarves are locked in mortal combat against a witch who is trying to free the last surviving wizard from exile. The witch has been defeated once before, but with the combined power of the wizard, no one will be able to stand against them. Much to Ben's dismay, he learns that he is the one foretold in the ancient elfin prophecies to bring about the downfall of the witch and save this exciting new world from destruction.
Il 1903 vide L'avventura della casa vuota e Il ritorno di Sherlock Holmes al 221B di Baker Street in cui egli spiega l'inganno della propria morte alle Cascate del Reichenbach al suo fedele amico, il Dr. John Watson. Il 2012 vede il Crimine della Casa Vuota in cui Undershaw, un tempo casa di Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, si trova in degrado e a rischio di essere distrutta per sempre. Commissionata da Sir Arthur Conan Doyle stesso, Undershaw ha assistito alla creazione di molte delle sue opere più famose, incluso Il mastino dei Baskerville e Il ritorno di Sherlock Holmes. É un edificio che merita di essere preservato, per la nazione Britannica, e per il mondo intero, per sempre. Purtroppo, al momento, l'edificio è minacciato dagli imprenditori edilizi, che intendono dividere la casa in tre unità separate e costruirne altre cinque. I permessi edilizi per i lavori sono già stati approvati dal Waverley Borough Council. L'Undershaw Preservation Trust, (UPT), con Mark Gatiss (BBC Sherlock) come sostenitore, è un fondo che si occupa della conservazione e protezione di questo edificio di importanza culturale, e sta portando avanti una campagna per revocare questa decisione, affinché la casa possa essere riportata allo splendore originale, e vissuta come la dimora che Sir Arthur Conan Doyle aveva progettato. Questo libro è una raccolta di racconti brevi e poesie su Sherlock Holmes, scritti da fan di tutto il mondo a sostegno della campagna 'Save Undershaw', persino la copertina è stata ideata dai fan. I diritti d'autore del libro sono destinati all' UPT allo scopo di conservare questa meravigliosa abitazione per le future generazioni di fan di Doyle, appassionati di Sherlock Holmes, e amanti della letteratura di tutti i tipi.
El año 1903 contempló La Aventura de la Casa Deshabitada y El Regreso de Sherlock Holmes al 221b de Baker Street, donde explica el engaño de su muerte en las Cataratas de Reichenbach a su fiel amigo el Dr. John Watson. El año 2012 contempla El Crimen de la Casa Deshabitada donde el antiguo hogar de Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Undershaw, se encuentra en mal estado y bajo la amenaza de ser destruido para siempre. Encargado construir por el mismísimo Sir Arthur Conan Doyle en persona, Undershaw fue testigo de la creación de muchas de sus obras más famosas, incluyendo El Sabueso de los Baskerville y El Regreso de Sherlock Holmes. Es un edificio que merece ser preservado para siempre para la nación británica, y por supuesto, el resto del mundo. Lamentablemente, el edificio se encuentra bajo la amenaza de promotores inmobiliarios que quieren dividir la casa en tres unidades separadas y construir otras cinco a su lado. El permiso de obras ya ha sido aprobado por el Consejo del Municipio de Waverley (Waverley Borough Council). La Fundación para la Preservación de Undershaw (en inglés, Undershaw Preservation Trust [UPT]), con Mark Gatiss [Sherlock de la BBC] como presidente de honor, está dedicada a la preservación y protección de este importante edificio literario y está haciendo campaña para conseguir que se revoque esta decisión, de manera que la casa pueda ser restaurada a su gloria original y disfrutada como la vivienda individual que Sir Arthur Conan Doyle pretendió que fuese. Este libro es una colección de cuentos cortos y poemas acerca de Sherlock Holmes, escritos por fans de todo el mundo para apoyar la campaña Save Undershaw (Salvar Undershaw); incluso la portada ha sido diseñada por fans. Los beneficios del libro serán destinados a la UPT para preservar esta maravillosa casa para las generaciones futuras de Doyleanos, entusiastas de Sherlock Holmes y todo tipo de fans de la literatura.
There's only one way for Dominic-one of the most powerful of the Carpathian Dragonseekers-to learn the secrets of the enemy: ingest their parasitic vampire blood, infiltrate the camp, and relay the information to the Carpathians. But to do it, he first has to make it out of the camp alive.
The author, an environmental editor and writer, as well as an animal rescuer, shares the experiences of the people, such as animal control officers and kind neighbors, whose lives have been powerfully affected by the plight of New York's homeless felines, who are also known as "shadow cats." Original.
Fifty years of peace and tranquillity have passed since the wars between the North and the South of Modania which culminated in the imprisonment of the evil Lord Zelfen. Young Aluen, growing up in a world untroubled by conflict, is interested only in learning a few magic tricks to bring a little extra money home. Little does he realise that the cheerful stranger he encounters on his way to a mystic fair is a master of true magic, far older than he seems. When Zelfen tricks his way out of imprisonment, Aluen and the stranger join forces with the mysterious Birch and his giant Timber Cat to take on the tyrant and battle the forces of treachery.
The longawaited revision to 1999's News of the Stoopid [NotS]: 100% free of pipebombs...though there's plenty of new stuff for fragile people to whimper about. Now in Trade Paperback.
A modern story about a decent man.

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