Finally a book that focuses on the roles of fathers in the lives of their children. Randal D. Day presents the most effective methods of fathering in this in-depth look at fatherhood.
Updated and revised with seven new chapters, a new introduction, and a new resources section, this landmark book is invaluable for women facing a custody battle. It was the first to break the myth that mothers receive preferential treatment over fathers in custody disputes. Although mothers generally retain custody when fathers choose not to fight for it, fathers who seek custody often win--not because the mother is unfit or the father has been the primary caregiver but because, as Phyllis Chesler argues, women are held to a much higher standard of parenting. Incorporating findings from years of research, hundreds of interviews, and international surveys about child-custody arrangements, Chesler argues for new guidelines to resolve custody disputes and to prevent the continued oppression of mothers in custody situations. This book provides a philosophical and psychological perspective as well as practical advice from one of the country's leading matrimonial lawyers. Both an indictment of a discriminatory system and a call to action over motherhood under siege, "Mothers on Trial" is essential reading for anyone concerned either personally or professionally with custody rights and the well-being of the children involved.
This little volume offers a lot of solid wisdom for fathers. Fathers need wisdom to lead their families well, and this inspiring gift book offers them the advice and encouragement they need. Memorable quotations are paired with Scripture promises from the New King James Version to offer timeless guidance—all in a “quick-read” format that busy dads appreciate. Dads have a hard, often thankless job. This book of bite-size encouragement will inspire dads to hold tight to their heavenly Father, to trust His leading, and to build and guide a faithful family. Note: Must be ordered in multiples of 24. Self-shipping box can be used as counter display. To order shrink-wrapped bundles without display box, use ISBN 978-1-4003-2016-5.
Fathers enter into the state of fatherhood without the proverbial ""owner's manual"" for raising children. With great trepidation, they begin their journey with a little bit of faith and a lot of angst, knowing that what they do and fail to do will impact this new little life forever. The 10 power principles included in PowerDads are all about learning what's important in this role we call fatherhood and developing the skills to implement the power principles in every day parenting. ""Wayne Parker's PowerDads is a must read for any dad who wants to make a lasting impact on his kids. Wayne provides valuable wisdom that comes from decades of experience. Read, digest and implement these proven concepts in your family."" - Michael A. Stelzner - CEO and Founder, Social Media Examiner & Power Dads is a ""hands-on"" manual for all dads interested in learning how to be the best father possible in raising their children in today's complex world. A must read! - Lawrence Agresto - Author of A Fathers New Beginning Wayne Parker may be a fatherhood guide by trade and title, but his insight clearly comes from his personal experience -- the good, the bad, the ugly, and the beautiful. Power Dads has incredibly useful suggestions for dads, clearly explained, organized, and supported by a wide range of research and wisdom, but the thumping heart of the book are engaging personal stories that inspired so many of these learnings. Parker has a generous and open-minded voice that says, ""been there, realized that,"" and invites all fathers in on the secrets. -- Joel Schwartzberg, essayist and author of ""The 40-Year-Old Version: Humoirs of a Divorced Dad"" and ""Small Things Considered: Moments form Manhood to Manilow""
This book explores twelve related research topics, each constituting a chapter. These chapters reflect the magnitude of the problems facing the African-American male. The book also documents the success stories of African American men and how they have lived beyond stereotypes and other odds. These problems are not likely to go away in the 21st century. They require government action and individual initiative toward a civil society in which America's promise can be a reality for all Americans, thus making sure that no single American will be left behind.
Shows in simple terms what it takes to be a successful husband and father and to bless those closest to you--your wife and children.
With more than 200 unique quotations, The Quotable Dad shares thoughts, ideas, humor, and advice from the best minds of the ages for the most challenging situations that come with being a dad. A perfect gift for Father's Day or any day when one wants to celebrate their dad "Becoming a father is easy enough, but being one can be very rough." —Wilhelm Busch
From a pampered son who showed little promise, to his rise to the presidency, George W. Bush has transformed himself through acts of will and faith. Stanley Renshon examines the psychological transformation of Bush and identifies those pivotal changes that allowed him to achieve success in his personal life and in the political arena, and shows how Bush's personal transformation has come to shape his political policies. The man who battled--and defeated--his own inner demons has become a president determined to battle the demons of terrorism and extremism that prevent democracy from flourishing around the world. This psychological portrait provides a much-needed antidote to prevailing critiques that ridicule Bush's values and policies, as it celebrates his resolve and strong leadership.
Offering a positive view of the family, Cox’s MARRIAGE, THE FAMILY, AND ITS MEANING, 10th Edition discusses the characteristics of successful intimate relationships, and teaches the decision-making skills that lead to strong marriages and families. In this research update edition, you’ll find coverage of such topics as diversity within the American family (including rural and military families), gay marriage, singles, cohabitation, gender roles, theories of love, date rape and courtship violence, and parenting and life stages. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.
This book represents a chronicle of some of the authors experiences as a psychologist in private practice in Brooklyn, New York, for the past 25 years. During that period, a large percentage of his patients were dyads of mothers and sons. This undertaking is a tribute to the tremendous role played by mothers (many of them single) in the psychological and overall development of their sons. The message of this book is geared primarily to mothers, fathers, teachers, counselors, and fellow therapists who may identify with some of the situations and opinions reported, and can draw from them some worthwhile ideas and intervention strategies.
Provides a close-up look at the lives of the offspring of the nation's chief executives, discussing such topics as their accomplishments, the tragedies that have affected them, real and rumored illegitimate children of presidents, the impact of their fathers' legacies on their own lives, and the relationship between George W. Bush and his own father. Reprint. 35,000 first printing.
Gerry Spence, father to six, grandfather to ten, is a man who knows intimately the joys of fatherhood and who writes beautifully and lyrically about how fatherhood allows a man to rediscover the boy within himself, while simultaneously assuming true adult responsibility for the first time. This is a man who truly understands boys and how boys grow up to become men. No school teaches us how to become successful human beings; there are no classes to teach boys how to become decent adult men. Boys grow up by imitating their father-if, that is, the father spends enough time with his son. A Boy's Summer is a book of short essays describing activities, adventures and experiments that fathers and sons can do together. These projects take from an hour to an afternoon to a weekend-time that a father and son can spend together discovering themselves and the world around them Illustrated with forty-five line drawings by Tom Spence, A Boy's Summer is written so it can be read by father to son or by son to father. "This book is for boys who, with their fathers, will share those precious moments that create the stuff of a lifetime from which successful sons, and because of it, successful fathers, are made."
Since the advent of the women's movement, women have made unprecedented gains in almost every field, from politics to the professions. Paradoxically, doctors and mental health professionals have also seen a staggering increase in the numbers of young women suffering from an epidemic of depression, eating disorders, and other physical and psychological problems. In The Cost of Competence, authors Brett Silverstein and Deborah Perlick argue that rather than simply labeling individual women as, say, anorexic or depressed, it is time to look harder at the widespread prejudices within our society and child-rearing practices that lead thousands of young women to equate thinness with competence and success, and femininity with failure. They argue that continuing to treat depression, anxiety, anorexia and bulimia as separate disorders in young women can, in many cases, be a misguided approach since they are really part of a single syndrome. Furthermore, their fascinating research into the lives of forty prominent women from Elizabeth I to Eleanor Roosevelt show that these symptoms have been disrupting the lives of bright, ambitious women not for decades, but for centuries. Drawing on all the latest findings, rare historical research, cross-cultural comparisons, and their own study of over 2,000 contemporary women attending high schools and colleges, the authors present powerful new evidence to support the existence of a syndrome they call anxious somatic depression. Their investigation shows that the first symptoms usually surface in adolescence, most often in young women who aspire to excel academically and professionally. Many of the affected women grew up feeling that their parents valued sons over daughters. They identified intellectually with their successful fathers, not with their traditional homemaker mothers. Disordered eating is one way of rejecting the feminine bodies they perceive as barriers to achievement and recognition. Silverstein and Perlick uncover medical descriptions matching their diagnosis in Hippocratic texts from the fourth century B.C., in anthropological studies of Africa, Asia, and Latin America, and in case studies of many noted psychologists and psychiatrists, including the "hysteric" patients Freud used to develop his theories on psychoanalysis. They have also discovered that statistics on disordered eating, depression, and a host of other symptoms soared in eras in which women's opportunities grew--particularly the 1920s, when record numbers of women entered college and the workforce, the boyish silhouette of the flapper became the feminine ideal, and anorexia became epidemic, and again from the 1970s to the present day. The authors show that identifying this devastating syndrome is a first step toward its prevention and cure. The Cost of Competence presents an urgent message to parents, educators, policymakers, and the medical community on the crucial importance of providing young women with equal opportunity, and equal respect.
Frank L Day, married and father of 6 children and one of 6 children shares his story of how God reflected Himself through the fathers divinely involved in his life to demonstrate and introduce him to the goodness of God. He includes personal stories about his life and that of his brother, sisters and children threaded together by the patriarchs of the family. The basic outline of the book is around the mnemonic "F A T H E R," how God is Faithful, Atonement, Teacher, Helper, Encourager and Rewarder. Frank further tells how God introduced Spiritual Fathers to take him to the next level of maturity and fullness of life, when he was unable to get there and needed additional help. Frank is a professional in business of over 25 years, in ilevel positions in public and private companies, small and large. He professes that his faith in Jesus Christ and exposure to God's goodness lead him in his daily life choices and business choices. His professional background has included leading business turnarounds, that have called upon every ounce of spiritual insight available to him by God's Holy Spirit. He is currently putting the finishing touches on, "Values in Leadership," a book that demonstrates the representative character of God's Spirit in business life and how those without the values in God's Spirit, create a "Crisis of Confidence" due to a life absent HIS values. Frank's third book will be "Twelve Eyes in the Man of God."
Parenting Expert Carl Pickhardt Shows How the Bonds Between Fathers and Teens Can Be Strengthened Many fathers feel unprepared for their child's adolescence, in their denial, often times preferring to believe that it will only happen to other people's children. In this sensitive and forthright book, Carl Pickhardt stresses that fathers need to become informed about changes and challenges that normally unfold. Helping caring fathers navigate the four crucial and often perplexing stages of adolescence, The Connected Father describes: * how fathers can learn to be better listeners * why they have trouble communicating and what to do about it * different emotional changes between mid- and late-adolescence * how to encourage independence while setting limits * how fathers can talk to teens about drugs, sex, the internet, relationships, and more
The controversial president whose time in office was defined by the September 11 attacks and the war on terror George W. Bush stirred powerful feelings on both sides of the aisle. Republicans viewed him as a resolute leader who guided America through the September 11 attacks and retaliated in Afghanistan and Iraq, while Democrats saw him as an overmatched president who led America into two inconclusive wars that sapped the nation's resources and diminished its stature. When Bush left office amid a growing financial crisis, both parties were eager to move on. In this assessment of the nation's forty-third president, James Mann sheds light on why George W. Bush made the decisions that shaped his presidency, what went wrong, and how the internal debates and fissures within his administration played out in such a charged atmosphere. He shows how and why Bush became such a polarizing figure in both domestic and foreign affairs, and he examines the origins and enduring impact of Bush's most consequential actions—including Iraq, the tax cuts, and the war on terror. In this way, Mann points the way to a more complete understanding of George W. Bush and his times.
The development of the material in this volume began with a realization by the staff at The Cambridge-Somerville Mental Health and Retardation Center (in the Massachusetts cities of Cambridge and Somerville) that an increasing num ber of people were entering the mental health system with problems related to the very nature of their personalities. A significant number of these people presented issues that had not been identified previously within the spectrum of psychiatric treatment. Such issues as marital discord in volving impulsive and violent behavior toward spouses or children, drug abuse, alcoholism, brawling, and so forth were increasingly being viewed as symptomatic of disruptions in an individual's emotional makeup. These people usually did not seek treatment; their problems were most often managed by courts and social welfare agencies. In fact, we were not clear as to what constituted the best treatment. The conference on which this book is based was conceived of as an attempt to bring together people of varying back grounds to discuss in a general, nontechnical fashion the approaches they have tried in working with such people. We attempted to bridge the gap between the many sophisticated theorists who work in this area and the front-line personnel who daily confront these problems. Because of the general scope of the conference, the papers covered a wide range of issues and experiences.
The father-daughter relationship is a special bond-and one that requires special attention. Statistics show that a father's caring presence can be the deciding factor between raising a daughter who reaches her potential and one who gives up.Step-by-step, How To Father A Successful Daughter gives men the high-quality parenting skills that promote self-esteem, resilience and confidence in their daughters. Packed with practical, concrete, reassuring advice and what-to-say-when suggestions, this book will give dads a fresh and smart approach to raising confident, happy girls who grow up to be confident, happy women.

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