Spending time with Grandpa is always fun. Singling, laughing, eating, and playing. And when it's time to say goodbye, It won't be for long because He's never too far away to have tea. In this sweetly simple, rhyming picture book by acclaimed author/artist Barney Saltzberg, a little girl tells us about her daily tea ritual with her grandfather where they sing and laugh and clink their teacups with the help of their computers and a video chat. A Neal Porter Book
During summer camp, when a baseball comes bouncing at her from nowhere, Roshni Singh, a spunky teenager from Delhi, inexplicably ends up unleashing her unusually offensive side, little realizing that this trifling incident will shape her destiny. Mark Taylor, a student of the American International School, who has come rushing down from behind a boulder to fetch the ball, stands stunned at the foothills of the Himalayas, allowing her to bully him. Years later, Roshni finds herself at Yale Law School, face to face with Mark. Through their student years, they put aside their differences and place their relationship on a firm footing. Just then, however, fate deals them a cruel blow in the form of a severe blizzard that sweeps through the Northeastern US, leaving them to pick up the threads of their own lives through agony, bliss, despair and hope.
Super Grandma and Super Grandpa: The Unknown Superheroes The sun was setting as Super Grandma, Super Grandpa, Marlen, Bobby, Sassy, and Bugger used their super magical powers, and flew into the air to rescue a family stranded in a boat on Lake Michigan. After the rescue, Marlen, Bobby, Sassy and Bugger became known as the Little Unknown Superheroes. As time goes by, would the other grandchildren, Roselle, Alex and Rheese be handed down the super magical powers, and become Little Unknown Superheroes, too? Marlen and Bobby had to promise to keep the Little Unknown Superheroes a secret, and not use their super magical powers or fly, unless given permission. Super Grandma and Super Grandpa allowed Marlen and Bobby to fly alone with Super Grandpa secretly flying behind them. They wanted to see if the boys would keep their promise. Something unexpected happened while the boys were flying. They might have helped with a missing childrens case that Super Grandma, Super Grandpa, and FBI special agent Muscleman were trying to solve. Special Agent Muscleman and the investigators found out the criminals involved in the missing childrens case were in the United States and overseas. He contacted Agent Wannabee to tell him that Super Grandpa needed to fly overseas to work on the missing childrens case that was very dangerous. Would Super Grandma join Super Grandpa overseas or does something tragic happen?
Memoirs of Grandpa depicts and captures the life and lifestyle of a man and a people on an island in the 1870s up to the early twentieth century. The names of characters in the book are fictitious. Grandpa takes great pride in his family and his people. He is portrayed as a figure of authority, taking control of his family and the natives on the island. Throughout the book, he is seen as the man with the solution. He polices the island to capture perpetrators who indulge in illegal trafficking and piracy. When the notorious smuggler known as Ram-cat becomes a serious threat, Grandpa became the hero for his success and determination in bringing Ram-cat to justice. His work in maintaining the Valley Water Pumping Station, the first of its kind, is revolutionary. He dedicated his later years to church ministry, prayer services, and made believers out of others. In addition, the book highlights various events and customs, including preparations for Christmas, weddings, and funerals, information on the salt industry, the cotton industry, fishing, food preparation, local medicine and dentistry methodology, and herbs and their usage by the islanders in Grandpas time.
34/4 is the honest story of a family that's forced to deal with the harsh realities of life. Bill Taylor is forced to deal with results of his actions and decides to hide in a bottle. Anne Taylor must decide if she wants to persevere and save their marriage, or does she now want the romance and excitement offered by the dashing man with the sparkling blue eyes. Peter Taylor, growing up in chaos, stumbles along as he comes of age and tries to find a purpose for his life. In search of a new life unburdened by painful memories, the family escapes to northwest Florida. But will a change of scenery bring about a change of heart-or will old demons continue to drag them into the agonizing past they so desperately want to leave behind? Beginning in frozen Connecticut and ending on the sugar white beaches of the Florida Panhandle, 34/4 is inspired by actual events that will thrill you, inspire you, and sometimes shock you. It is a non-stop emotional thrill ride that will bring you to tears of both sadness and joy, and is filled with the antics and adventures of colorful characters that will make you laugh out loud.
Lesson plans for using the novel The War With Grandpa in the classroom. Gives teachers curriculum ideas, unit tests, vocabulary and critical thinking lessons.
A young woman moves across an ocean to uncover the truth about her grandparents' mysterious estrangement and pieces together the extraordinary story of their wartime experiences In 1948, after surviving World War II by escaping Nazi-occupied France for refugee camps in Switzerland, Miranda's grandparents, Anna and Armand, bought an old stone house in a remote, picturesque village in the South of France. Five years later, Anna packed her bags and walked out on Armand, taking the typewriter and their children. Aside from one brief encounter, the two never saw or spoke to each other again, never remarried, and never revealed what had divided them forever. A Fifty-Year Silence is the deeply involving account of Miranda Richmond Mouillot's journey to find out what happened between her grandmother, a physician, and her grandfather, an interpreter at the Nuremberg Trials, who refused to utter his wife's name aloud after she left him. To discover the roots of their embittered and entrenched silence, Miranda abandons her plans for the future and moves to their stone house, now a crumbling ruin; immerses herself in letters, archival materials, and secondary sources; and teases stories out of her reticent, and declining, grandparents. As she reconstructs how Anna and Armand braved overwhelming odds and how the knowledge her grandfather acquired at Nuremberg destroyed their relationship, Miranda wrestles with the legacy of trauma, the burden of history, and the complexities of memory. She also finds herself learning how not only to survive but to thrive--making a home in the village and falling in love. With warmth, humor, and rich, evocative details that bring her grandparents' outsize characters and their daily struggles vividly to life, A Fifty-Year Silence is a heartbreaking, uplifting love story spanning two continents and three generations.
When it comes to family, love, tradition and pride are a powerful brew . . . The fourth of the Sweet Tea story collections (SWEET TEA & JESUS SHOES, MORE SWEET TEA, ON GRANDMA'S PORCH) treats readers to a panorama of Southern life, both then and now. Family dramas, comic mishaps, sentimental remembrances and poignant choices illuminate these thirteen stories by new and established authors. There's something for every reader: The gritty realism of a hunt for wild boars, the gentle grieving for a home now filled only with memories, the funny battle between a woman and her recipe for deviled eggs, and much more. Come sit a spell on the front porch. Prop your feet up, sip a cold glass of sweet iced tea, and lose yourself in a way of life that's as irresistible as pecan pie and as unforgettable as a chilled slice of watermelon on a hot summer day. Welcome to a place that exists between the pages of How It Was and How It Might Have Been--just a little bit south of the long path home. Sweet Tea Collections: Sweet Tea & Jesus Shoes, On Grandma's Porch, and More Sweet Tea
My grandfather grew up in Arizona in the 1920s and 1930s. One weeks after the attack on Pearl Harbor he joined the Navy. During the summer of 2012, my mother visited him and recorded his stories about growing up, World War II, and his time as an employee at the Pacific Bell Telephone Company. This is the history of the 20th century as he lived it. These are his words.
Six award winning authors have created a poignant, humorous collection of nostalgic tales. Here life's lessons are handed down--liberally sprinkled with hilarity--from eccentric relatives, outrageous pets and unrepentant neighbors, and served up with a generous dollop of that most valued of all Southern commodities: good old fashioned storytelling. From Mississippi to Georgia, from Florida to Tennessee, these daughters of the South will take you on a lush tour of the times and the places they know best, each voice as refreshing and inviting as a glass of cold sweet tea on a hot afternoon.
She was young, successful and beautiful. Being a widow for 14 years had made her independent and decision making came easy. Her life had been wonderfully un-eventful until she met him. He turned her life upside down and filled a void she didn't know she had. The handsome stranger that came into her life so un-expectedly was perfect in every way. Except there was something about him that wasn't quite right. What was it that held her back from loving him completely? What was it about him that gave her concern? If she ever discovered what it was, would she still feel so completely lost in his charm? She had allowed him to invade her family, her heart and her home. But, was he here to stay? And at what price.
Time seems to stand still when we share a meal with family and friends or with strangers. The concept that food releases a chemical reaction enhancing our capacity for tolerance and understanding is a common thread in the stories of this book. They take us from WWII Germany to present-day Europe and America . When the author’s daughter, Angie, comes home from school and asks, “Mommy, was grandpa a Nazi?”, the author wants to find who wants to know and meets with Angie’s teacher, Ruth Singer, who is teaching about the Holocaust. They have much in common, and their love of cooking leads to a lifelong friendship. “Gita’s Diary” is about a Polish refugee whose culinary skills help the author’s grandmother and her children to survive while the grandfather is in a Nazi labor camp. In “Gentiles Only”, Ruth Singer discovers that in the 1950’s Jews are not welcome in some Miami Beach hotels. “Forbidden Love” is about Silke, a Norwegian immigrant, who falls in love with Julian, a Black man. She learns that in the 1970’s racially mixed couples are taboo in America . They separate, but a cousin’s magic cooking reunites them. Paul, an American art student in “Aix Marks the Spot”, abandons his prejudice against the Irish when a young Irish pastry chef serves him a delicious dessert. Soon after the 9/11 attack, Claudia, a Catholic Latina, meets Azir, a Muslim, on a cruise ship. In “Plain Couscous” they set aside their religious differences to enjoy each other and Claudia’s picnic. “Mutti’s Story” and “Vati’s Story” helped Angie to understand her grandparents’ experiences during WWII. The stories’ recipes are listed at the end of the chapter. Complete recipes are in the Appendix.
Rhoda loves spending time with Toppy. He is not only her beloved grandpa, but also the world-famous wildlife artist Charles R. Knight! Every outing with Toppy -- from visits to the American Museum of Natural History and the Central Park Zoo to tea parties at The Plaza Hotel -- is filled with fun and adventure. Lovers of animals, art, natural history, and New York City will relish this vivacious and winsomely depicted true story. Presented through Rhoda's eyes, it celebrates the enchantment of scientific inquiry, a tender grandparent-grandchild bond, and the vision of a pioneering artist who opened our eyes to the wonders of the ancient world. Included in this book are dozens of Charles R. Knight's original paintings and drawings, interspersed with Matte Stephens's winsome illustrations.
With touching photographs of grandfathers and grandchildren of various ages and races, Why I Love Grandpa gives 100 reasons why grandfathers are truly special. In Why I Love Grandpa, best-selling author Gregory E. Lang and his daughter, Meagan, celebrate the importance of a grandfather in his grandchildren's lives, each reflecting on memories of their own grandfathers. A grandfather's position in the family is honored and almost sacred. With touching photographs of grandfathers and grandchildren of various backgrounds and ages, Why I Love Grandpa gives 100 reasons why grandfathers are truly special.
Set in the Middle East, a boy struggles against monsters, mankind, the environment, and with his own growing pains. The story starts in modern-day Kurdistan, where the boy has been dragged by his family against his will when he and his siblings are transported back through time into a strange land with intriguing customs with only their beloved grandpa to lead the way. They are forced to forget their former life and are plunged into an epic journey to save mankind from the chaos dragon, Tiamat. The Drake Epics: Journey to Qara is filled with fast-paced action, mystery, intrigue, and self-discovery.

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