The game of baseball has often resulted in brawls, both on the field and in the courtroom, and from the 1890's on, much of what baseball is today has been shaped by the law. In eighteen chapters, this eye-opening book discusses cases that involved rules of the game, new stadium construction, ownership of baseball memorabilia, injured spectators, television contracts, and much more.
“A truly important contribution to the literature of the game. In addition to the vast amounts of material summarized in [the book’s] chapters, Edmonds and Houdek conclude with the excellent and thorough “Index of Cases and Statutes” and “Subject Index,” both which will be of considerable value to anyone planning to research baseball and the law, or even baseball’s social history in general….highly recommended”—Nine “Impressive and well-researched…. The authors have painstakingly detailed an exhaustive account of baseball and the law…a meticulously detailed account of baseball’s most noteworthy legal occurrences. This is a great reference book and should be part of any law library’s collection.”—Law Library Journal “[A] most readable reference that serves multiple purposes…. Edmonds and Houdek have produced a book that will no doubt be an invaluable starting point for any researcher seeking greater insight with regard to any of the nearly 400 accounts referenced herein…enjoyable reference reading…provides unexpected pleasures and fascinating new information on nearly every page”—The SABR Deadball Era Committee Newsletter “During the past 20 years, books exploring the connection between baseball and the law have become a cottage industry. The genre now has a fine new addition: Baseball Meets the Law: A Chronology of Decisions, Statutes and Other Legal Events. As one might expect from two retired law library directors, the book is a detailed reference guide to the game’s most notable legal developments…. [It] is an ideal gift for anyone interested in baseball law.”—Florida Bar Journal “Every lawyer with an interest in sports law in general and in baseball in particular should read this book. It belongs in every academic library.”—Unbound: A Review of Legal History and Rarer Books; “If there’s a more complete compilation of the interactions of baseball and the law, I’d like to see it.”—Rick Huhn, Attorney and Baseball Author. Baseball and law have intersected since the primordial days. In 1791, a Pittsfield, Massachusetts, ordinance prohibited ball playing near the town’s meeting house. Ball games on Sundays were barred by a Pennsylvania statute in 1794. In 2015, a federal court held that baseball’s exemption from antitrust laws applied to franchise relocations. Another court overturned the conviction of Barry Bonds for obstruction of justice. A third denied a request by rooftop entrepreneurs to enjoin the construction of a massive video screen at Wrigley Field. This exhaustive chronology traces the effects the law has had on the national pastime, both pro and con, on and off the field, from the use of copyright to protect not only equipment but also “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” to frequent litigation between players and owners over contracts and the reserve clause. The stories of lawyers like Kenesaw Mountain Landis and Branch Rickey are entertainingly instructive.
Engages with the life and work of Larry Alexander to explore puzzles and paradoxes in legal and moral theory.
Longtime White Sox fan and historian, Paul Whitfield, takes the rich tradition of the White Sox and presents the legend and lore in brief, through quotes, humor, facts, figures and memories. A lot of ChiSox history in a little package!
Includes Part 1, Number 1: Books and Pamphlets, Including Serials and Contributions to Periodicals (January - June)
A union list of serials commencing publication after Dec. 31, 1949.
A. Scott Fenney is a hotshot corporate lawyer at a big Dallas firm. At 33, in the prime of his life, he rakes in $750,000 a year, drives a Ferrari and comes home every night to a mansion in Dallas's most exclusive neighbourhood. He also comes home to one of Dallas's most beautiful women, with whom he has a much-loved daughter, Boo. For Fenney, life could not be better. But when a senator's son is killed in a hit-and-run, Fenney is asked by the state judge to put his air-conditioned lifestyle on hold to defend the accused: a black, heroin-addicted prostitute - a very different client to the people Fenney usually represents. And, more importantly, she is not going be paying Ford Stevens $350 an hour for the privilege of his services. Under fire from all sides, Fenney drafts in a public defender to take the case on. Yet as Scott prepares to hand over to Bobby, he feels increasingly guilty about the path he is taking, because Scott still believes in the principle of justice. The question is: does he believe in it strongly enough to jeopardise everything in his life he holds dear? And to what lengths is the dead man's power-hungry father prepared to go to test Fenney's resolve?
Includes Part 1A: Books and Part 1B: Pamphlets, Serials and Contributions to Periodicals
Award Winner in the Humor category of The USA "Best Books 2011" Awards, sponsored by USA Book News. Funny, facetious, droll, amusing, jocular, whimsical, silly, witty, hilarious, hysterical, and thought-provoking, The Little Book of Humorous Quotes is the perfect mental supplement in today's stressed-out world. Is your mind on information overload? Give yourself a break - and a laugh. This humorous collection is organized to provide laughter every day, year in and year out, to yourself and anyone you speak to. Quote it. Note It. Promote it. Or devote it. The book shares 365 exceptionally entertaining quotes from more than 100 authors - everyone from classic humorists such as Oscar Wilde, Mark Twain and George Bernard Shaw to modern wits like Woody Allen, Erma Bombeck and Phyllis Diller. These quotes put the "fun" in funny. If you believe that laughter is the best medicine, just take one book and call me in the morning.
Like junk-food snacks, this biggest little collection of jokes has so many irresistible chuckles that you can’t laugh at just one. Enjoy jokes about teachers, parents, brothers and sisters, doctors and patients, Martians and Earthlings. And groaner book-and-author lists. Plus tongue-twisters, shaggy dogs, first dates, and Yes, Waiter, There’s a Fly in My Soup jokes.
Baseball and Philosophy brings together two high-powered pastimes: the sport of baseball and the academic discipline of philosophy. Eric Bronson asked eighteen young professors to provide their profound analysis of some aspect of baseball. The result offers surprisingly deep insights into this most American of games. The contributors include many of the leading voices in the burgeoning new field of philosophy of sport, plus a few other talented philosophers with a personal interest in baseball. A few of the contributors are also drawn from academic areas outside philosophy: statistics, law, and history. This volume gives the thoughtful baseball fan substancial material to think more deeply about. What moral issues are raised by the Intentional Walk? Do teams sometimes benefit from the self-interested behavior of their individual members? How can Zen be applied to hitting? Is it ethical to employ deception in sports? Can a game be defined by its written rules or are there also other constraints? What can the U.S. Supreme Court learn from umpiring? Why should baseball be the only industry exempt from antitrust laws? What part does luck play in any game of skill?
Now available in one bundle for the first time, the first six books of the Camilla MacPhee Mystery series are gathered together. Camilla MacPhee is the black sheep of her perfect, blonde family, and her uneasy association with the world of crime takes bizarre turns through hotel crucifixions, firebombing, vengeful exes, drowned lawyers, and bossy sisters in this seriously funny, dark mystery series. Speak Ill of the Dead - Camilla MacPhee Mystery #1 Camilla gets tangled up in what looks like a bizarre vendetta when a vicious fashion columnist with underworld connections is crucified in a downtown hotel room, and her best friend becomes the main suspect. The Icing on the Corpse - Camilla MacPhee Mystery #2 What starts with a terrified woman being stalked by a violent ex soon has Camilla embroiled in something even more sinister. Includes four more Camilla MacPhee mysteries: Little Boy Blues - Camilla MacPhee Mystery #3 The Devil’s in the Details - Camilla MacPhee Mystery #4 The Dead Don’t Get Out Much - Camilla MacPhee Mystery #5 Law and Disorder - Camilla MacPhee Mystery #6
DIVA major legal scholar and author writes on how to honor sociiety’s desire to further diversity legally and ethically./div

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