"Christianity is a religion founded on the mystery of the cross of Christ." --Leo the Great At the center of Christianity sits the cross of Christ. From the beginning, Christ's followers celebrated the cross as a symbol of their faith. It was honored in church worship, carved into rough tombstones, pressed onto loaves of bread and set out as a sign of sanctuary. The cross represented what Christians believed, who they hoped for and how they approached life. In this thoughtful book Judith Couchman takes up forty images of the cross from early Christianity. As we discover the meaning and significance of each of these uses, we learn a little more about the early church. More than that, she helps us focus on the meaning of the cross and the Savior's sacrifice. Ideal for Lenten devotional reading and appropriate for any season of the church calendar, this book includes original illustrations of each cross image. The Mystery of the Cross will enrich your understanding of Christian tradition and draw you into Christ's presence.
As a Christian, why do you wear a cross? That single question sparked a fire in Mike Beecham to understand why the dominant symbol of Christianity was the instrument of Jesus's death. His passion led him to a lifelong pursuit to better understand the deeper meanings, symbolisms, and complexities of the cross. In Understanding the Mystery of the Cross Mike Beecham shares his discoveries regarding: • the connection between the original fall of man and Jesus's crucifixion • the multifaceted purpose of the cross • the ramifications of Jesus's crucifixion today • the irrational contempt for the cross in modern society • and the symbolic nature of the cross Through scripture and the knowledge gained from years of biblical research, Mike Beecham will guide you to a better appreciation of the cross. This book will you give you greater insight into what Jesus sacrificed at his crucifixion. You will have a better sense of everything that the cross truly symbolizes. You will gain knowledge on your purpose as a Christian that can only be found by Understanding the Mystery of the Cross.
A profound collection of meditations and reflections on the cross. They speak of the mystery of suffering and the mystery of God's love shown particularly in the death and resurrection of Christ. Drawing on the liturgy of the Church, especially the Easter liturgy, Cardinal Hume reminds us that Christ shared our pain and that 'our suffering brings us closer to Christ and closer to God.'
The Mystery of the Cross and the Narrow Gate Revealed is a search to reconcile apparent contradictions in the Bible, especially those passages pertaining to salvation. Beginning with the premise of the infallibility of the Bible, it argues that both the Reformers' understanding of the atonement and their doctrine of salvation are invalid, since they are contradicted by numerous scriptures. In the end, the result of this search is a new understanding of both the atonement and salvation and the development of doctrines on these subjects, which will enable us to read canonically without seeing contradictions. Through faith and reason, a sound hermeneutic and careful exegesis, The Mystery of the Cross and the Narrow Gate uncovers the internal coherence of scripture, with the principal objective of restoring truth and bringing reform to a church that fails to grasp that the Holy Spirit is given to humankind to enable us to become holy and be made fit for the kingdom in heaven-refer www.themysteryofthecross.com.
Deep within the heart of every person is the quest to know a higher power. It was with this searching heart, during the crisis and despair of her life, that Valerie Arnold prayed a simple prayer: 'God, what makes your blood different from any other man? What are the properties of your blood that can wash away my sin? How can the shedding of your blood on Calvary bring newness to my life?' Sure, she had gone to church, never missing a service during all those formative years. After all, her dad was the pastor. She listened, she learned, but still she did not have the answers she sought. And so, with a passionate desire to know the living God, she embarked on her own hunt to uncover these truths, asking for revelation into the deep mysteries of God's grace and salvation. God's DNA Revealed: Unraveling the Mystery of the Cross documents Valerie's journey in this process and the discoveries she unveiled. Throughout the Bible, the Lord called upon different people to carry out assignments... So it was with a young lady who attended my church. When Valerie dared to utter the words 'show me, Lord, ' he did just that. I suggest that you find a quiet place to sit and read this powerful book, because once you start you won't be able to put it down. -Val J. Boulet, pastor/evangelist
Who were the women present at Christ's crucifixion? Why did they come, and why did they stay? What did they see? What did they hear? How do their actions speak to people today? In searching for answers to these and other questions, author Linda Lesniewski discovered that she shared a spiritual kinship with the women who stood there as well as those who have been changed by the cross throughout the years. Women who read this book will discover a new depth of love for Jesus Christ and realize a greater appreciation for his sacrifice. They will experience the wonders and mysteries of Christ's love, and their faith will be strengthened. Perfect for small groups or personal study, Women at the Cross brings alive the devotion, loyalty, and servanthood of the women who came, who stayed, and who continue to come even today.
The sign of the Cross, the tracing of the Cross of Christ onto the body, is a private and public gesture of blessing that millions of Christians do during worship and throughout their day. Greek scholar and practicing Orthodox Christian Andreopoulos explores the history, symbolism, and meaning of the gesture in this short book. He finds the sign one of the most fascinating elements of ritual symbolism, one that combines simplicity and profound meaning to a greater extent than any other symbol.
From the bestselling author of The Lamb's Supper and Signs of Life comes an illuminating work on the Catholic Eucharist and its link to the Jewish Passover meal. Well-known Catholic theologian Dr. Scott Hahn explains Christ's Paschal sacrifice on the cross as the fulfillment of the traditional fourth cup used in the celebration of Passover, drawing symbolic parallels to the Last Supper and Christ's death on Calvary. Through his scholarly insights and important biblical connections, Mass will come alive for you as never before!
Reveals that the alchemical transformation of base metal into gold symbolizes the transformation of the current Iron Age into the Golden Age, and that the greatest secret of alchemy, the imminent date of the apocalypse, is coded into an obscure monument in southwestern France.
God told the prophet Amos that He will do nothing that he does not reveal to His servants, the prophets. Yet, in Paul's letters, Paul talks again and again about the Mystery. God had kept this mystery secret since before the foundation of the world! This Bible study will look into what this mystery was and why God, who had always revealed His will to the prophets, had to keep this secret for thousands of years.
Most drawings of the scene at Calvary show three crosses -- the one on which Jesus hung and two on which the thieves hung. But are these drawings correct in their portrayals? Discover the relevance of the four crosses to our walk with Christ. Understanding this concept will tie together many other precious Truths that God has recorded in both the Old and New Testaments.
In this fast-paced mystery surrounding ancient artifacts, long forgotten manuscripts and a malignant evil lurking in the shadows, MacBridan finds himself up against an enemy more ruthless, more deadly than he has ever faced before. The body count and the suspense continue to rise the closer he gets, all in a place where no one is who they appear to be.
Jean Vanier celebrates the gospel of John in his highly anticipated latest work, Drawn into the Mystery of Jesus through the Gospel of John. Thoroughly personal and inspiring, it challenges all Christians to encounter the fullness of life lived in close communion with God. Vanier writes: "These insights that I share in this book come from the life of Jesus in me ... They also flow from my life with people who are weak and who have taught me to welcome Jesus from the place of the poverty in me." Jean Vanier was a friend and influential mentor to the late Henri Nouwen. Toward the end of his life, Nouwen left Harvard to live and work at one of Jean Vanier's L'Arche communities. This was perhaps the most profound experience of Christianity Nouwen experienced. The thought and spiritual direction/discipleship of Jean Vanier is available to all in Drawn into the Mystery of Jesus through the Gospel of John.
Teacher Conci DAmato McVey finds herself embroiled in yet another mystery as she discovers a fabulous fifteen-carat emerald in an unlikely place, and the race is on as many factions are in close pursuit to obtain the emerald and to find the remaining two pieces of the Pheramengo Cross, worth over twenty million dollars intact. In her fourth novel, The Mystery of the Pheramengo Cross, Gloria DAlessandro has spun an intricate web of murder and mystery. As Conci searches for the answers with her Auntie, Sister Mary Concetta Rose, they find out than the answer to The Mystery of the Pheramengo Cross lies a little too close to homeliterally!

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