A reissue of a much-loved adventure which has stood the test of time and is as exciting today as when it was first published nearly 70 years ago. It all begins when Nick breaks the classroom window with his football, and the Headmaster says Nick has to pay for the damage. Nick has no more hope of raising the money than of going to the Moon, so that's when rivalling Ted's and Toppy's gangs decide to sign a truce and plan Operation Glazier to get the money for Nick. The plan goes smoothly and soon the money has been collected, but when it goes missing the boys turn detective to try and find the culprit.
How unfair', wrote one national newspaper in 1951, ‘that accomplishments enough to satisfy the pride of six men should be united in Mr Day-Lewis.' Poet, translator of classical texts, novelist, detective writer (under the pen-name Nicholas Blake), performer and, at that time, Professor of Poetry at Oxford, C Day-Lewis had many careers all at once. This first authorised biography tells the private story behind the many headlines that this handsome, charming Anglo-Irish Poet Laureate generated in his lifetime. With unparalleled access to Day-Lewis's archives and the recollections of first-hand witnesses, Peter Stanford traces the link between life and art to reassess the work of a poet lauded in his lifetime but whose literary reputation has latterly become a matter of controversy with Westminster Abbey refusing him the place in Poets' Corner traditionally allotted to Poets Laureate. Day-Lewis first made his name as one of the ‘poets of the thirties', launching a communist-influenced poetic revolution alongside WH Auden and Stephen Spender that aspired to spark wholesale political change to face down fascism. In the 1940s, ‘Red Cecil', as he had become known, broke with communism and Auden and went on to produce some of his most popular and enduring verse, prompted by his long love affair with the novelist, Rosamond Lehmann. Torn between her and his wife, he reflected on his double life in verse and became for some the supreme poet of the divided heart. Later, with his second wife, the actress Jill Balcon, he promoted poetry with a series of popular recitals and radio and television programmes. Together, they had two children, Tamasin and Daniel, later an Oscar-winning actor. Day-Lewis was always pulled between a fulfilling domestic life and a restless desire to explore. His travels, his exploration of his Irish roots and his infidelities are all part of the rich and many-faceted life that Peter Stanford describes. It is, however, as a poet that he is best remembered, and the poetry itself, often autobiographical, forms an integral part of this intriguing and long-overdue biography.
"This is a brief, readable account of English prose fiction for children from its beginnings main streams of development and includes the 'Courtesy Books' of a later age, and the work of the remarkable John Newbery in the eighteenth century. The nineteenth century which began with Mrs. Sherwood's The Fairchild Family - 'designed to strike the fear of hellfire into every child's soul' - later saw the works of Lewis Carroll, Stevenson, Henty and the development of the school story from 'Tom Brown' to 'Stalky.'"--Book Jacket.
Das altenglische Heldenlied erzählt, wie Beowulf aus Gautland am danischen Königshof das menschenfressende Ungetüm Grendel, die Meerhexe und den feuerspeienden Drachen besiegt.
Bde. 16, 18, 21, and 28 each contain section "Verlagsveränderüngen im deutschen Buchhandel."
Includes entries for maps and atlases.
Ein kleiner Bruder, der wunderbar Klavier spielt. Eine große Schwester, die Ballett tanzt. Für Jane ist es manchmal nicht leicht, die "Normale" in der Familie zu sein. Immerhin hat sie ihren Hund namens Kaugummi. Dann wird sie eines Tages für den Film Der geheime Garten entdeckt. Sie soll tatsächlich die Hauptrolle spielen! Ob sie das alles wirklich kann? Die Dreharbeiten werden die aufregendste und tollste Zeit ihres Lebens.
Tapsi soll in der Küche Mäuse fangen, findet Frau Harschmann, denn Tapsi würde das korrekte Fliegen auf dem Besen sowieso nicht lernen. Mildred will aber ihr Kätzchen nicht allein zurücklassen, als ihre Klasse für eine Woche ans Meer fliegt. Aber Tapsi heimlich mitzunehmen bringt Mildred noch mehr Schwierigkeiten, als sie eh schon hat.
Vom Hofe des Sultans von Marokko gelangt der edle Araberhengst Sham mit dem stummen Stallburschen nach schicksalhaften Ereignissen am französischen Hof nach England, wo er als äThe Godolphin Arabianä zum Stammvater der englischen Vollblutzucht wird. Ab 10.

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