Two abandoned children make their home in a castle - which turns out to be haunted by the Duke of Wellington! The ghost is a particularly determined spook who helps them hide from the castle's caretaker. But when developers want to turn their home into a spa, everyone who loves the castle must band together to save the day. Comic ghostly fun for newly confident readers aged 8+ and those looking for a fast, fun read.
When Pam and Jim Brown hid their twins in the children's home fearing for their lives, never in a million dreams did they think they would not see them again. James and Kelly Brown were twins born to destiny. They lived a simple life in the children's home with Sister Mary and Sister Anne: that was until Alex Carter showed up one day, pretending to be their long lost uncle. Now the question is: Will james ever find out what his power is? Will Kelly learn to use her extraordinary power properly? Alex knows they are running out of time, but he struggles to find out what their powers are and to teach them the full use of their powers. Alex's wife, Vicky, wants to protect the twins forever, but she knows that's impossible, they were born to protect themselves. Cane Price would like nothing better than to get rid of the twins before they get him. Will Kelly and James be strong enough in their individual powers to face Cane when the time comes? Step into the life of Kelly and James, where there is mystery and the unknown. Who will win in the end?
Through a series of true short stories, a wonderful book that follows the lives of Roxy & Tyler the mischievous Dobermann duo. Full of comedy & classic situations that any dog owners will relate to, from bin-raiding to rabbit chasing. The stories capture the true personalities of Roxy & Tyler, and shows the positive side of this magnificent breed that is sometimes forgotten.
The Saskias, Saskia Chandler and Saskia Hunt, lead double lives. Quite apart from being ordinary young girls holding down ordinary jobs, they are also the super-powerful SuperTwins, and the jobs they manage to hold down while being the twins are decidedly not ordinary. Impossible things for the Air Force and fixing problems with tangled timelines in the past are all in a days work for Kyra and Katya. This ability to travel in time, with a little help from Voice, their disembodied guide and mentor, comes in useful when they become involved with the security services and an assassination attempt. Throughout all this, they attempt to lead normal lives, although Saskia Chandler is decidedly not a normal girl. The girls eventually come to the conclusion that far from being Richie, as she began her life, she's always been Saskia, which appears a little odd, but makes perfect sense to them.
In 1838 Hugo began a play entitled Les Jumeaux (The Twins), but halfway through the third act he relinquished it, and the drama remained unfinished. It was finally published in 1889, as a fragment, after his death. The MS. was broken off with the words, "Interrompu le 28 Aout par la maladie "; and the illness was no doubt that weakness of the eyes by which Hugo for several years was troubled.
This is perhaps the world's first war book in which the author has not used the word `enemy' anywhere in the text and he has his own reasons for this. The two combatant countries India and Pakistan whose war events are subject matter of this work, should never be enemy of each other because they are not only the brothers but also the twins born at the same time and are inseparably linked by the geography of the sub-continent.
For fourteen years the kingdom of Agramon has suffered under the despotic rule of one evil man, a sorcerer who hides away on a death-plagued island and controls the people with an undead army. A prophecy tells of twins children of the former king and queen who will lead the people to freedom and spell the end of the tyranny. Jonah and Isabelle Gomez are twins who have heard those stories but assumed they were meant to stay in their hometown and live out ordinary, mundane lives. Now, on their fourteenth birthday, they discover the prophecies refer to them; they must travel to the capital of Balaban to reclaim their rightful thrones. With the assistance of Nathan, the greatest swordsman in the kingdom, and Alit, a fierce warrior woman from a foreign land, these teenagers risk their lives confronting vicious soldiers and ruthless kidnappers as they come face-to-face with their destinies. Even worse, the twins must deal with the incredible weight of those crowns as they begin to see just how much power, responsibility, and danger come with being the rulers of Agramon.
Adolph Hitler has assumed power in Germany. A brilliant theoretical and experimental physicist has clandestinely discovered the secret of nuclear energy and the nuclear bomb. No other physicist has come close to this realization. The German physicist is prepared to deliver this secret to his Fuehrer and assure him control of the world. Who is this physicist? How can he be stopped? The intelligence services of two countries combine in an effort to disrupt the physicist's efforts. There is one chance. Time is of the essence. What is there about the physicist's past that can be utilized to try and prevent this threat to the world? Will it succeed? The future of the world hangs in the balance.
In the evening of June 28, 1967, 150 young Americans were sworn into the Marine Corps as part of the pre-game ceremonies of a Minnesota Twins baseball game. Before the end of the fourth inning these volunteers were being hustled on to buses, on their way to boot camp. It was a journey that would take them from a boyhood of baseball in the American heartland to manhood on the killing fields of Vietnam. Christy Sauro was one of the Twins Platoon, and in this book he tells what it was like-from the pomp and ceremony of induction to the all-too-real initiation by fire that would shortly follow: in mere months, he and most of the Twins Platoon were on the ground in Vietnam and promptly faced with some of the toughest fighting of the war, the Siege of Khe Sanh and the Tet Offensive, including the brutal Battle for Hue. From baseball to boot camp to brutal combat, his is a firsthand story of American life being lived at the limits-and changed forever.
Twins separated at birth are reunited. As they get to know each other, they discover an ancient magic hidden for years. They team up to protect the hidden kingdom of Fairland alongside their unique animal guardians. When they are challenged by a forgotten enemy with dark powers, they must trust and depend on each other. Tre and Skylin are guided on their journey into unknown territory by Mallrok, a mystic shaman. The twins may look alike, but are very different in other ways. Together they complete each other as the Twins of Fairland. Join the Twins of Fairland on their journey of discovery filled with rescues, hidden kingdoms, magical powers, and forgotten enemies. The Twins of Fairland is a well crafted, easy to read story for the preteen/teen reader.
After their parents were killed in an automobile accident when the twins were two, Sarah Fay and Shannon Ray are twins being raised by their grandmother on a small farm on the edge of a wooded area in the beautiful Ozarks area of Missouri. Sarah loves to eat and sleep so Shannon has his job cut out for him on weekends when he tries to get her out of bed early and down to the fishpond. Sarahs love of Grams delicious blueberry pancakes often helps Shannon get her to the pond Saturday mornings. This sunny, Spring Saturday seemed a normal day as the twins made their usual bet about who caught the biggest fish so the loser would have to make the other twins bed all next week. The day turned out to be anything but normal. When their German Shepard dog, Rex, joined them at the pond, they decide to play their usual hide from Rex game while he was splashing in the pond. Rex quickly finds them and on the way back to the pond, Rex senses danger. Seeing his strange behavior and realizing there is an even stranger, creepy silence in the woods, they stand quietly on the path where Rex, with the hair on his back raised, stopped suddenly. A huge, hairy creature slowly stepped around a tree into the clearing not twenty-five feet from where Sarah and Shannon stand frozen with fear behind their trembling dog. The creature was so close they could smell him. His stench was so bad it almost made them cough. The creature roared, then stepped back where he stood near a tree watching them before he disappeared into the woods. Rex, no longer sensing danger, led the twins safely to the pond. While jogging back to the house, Shannon informed Sarah he could hardly wait to tell his friends at school Monday about seeing a Bigfoot. Monday brought great disappointment to Shannon when his friends wouldnt believe him. Sarah, seeing how crushed Shannon was by his buds nonbelief, helped him come up with the plan to get solid proof of Bigfoot. The plan had been perfected, put in place, and was proving successful when suddenly Bigfoot needs help. Could the twins come up with a rescue plan in time to prevent a Bigfoot from drowning in an abandoned well? Thanks to Shannons strength and Saras bravery they are successful in helping Bigfoot save his child. When the Bigfoot family is safely united and has gone back in the woods, Shannon realizes the family could be in serious danger if they present their proof. Shannon has learned some things are far more important than having friends believe you. Knowing hunters might shoot them, he decides to keep quiet about Bigfoot and his family to protect them. After all the woods is their home.
One of School Library Journal's Best Picture Books of 2011 These look-alike twins have always shared everything—their room, their toys, a crib, and, since the day they were born, a blanket. But as they grow into new beds, they need new blankets, too. Now they face a new dilemma: they don't know how not to share. Told from the perspective of two five-year-olds, The Twins' Blanket playfully illuminates squabbles and affection between young siblings. Yum's minimalistic art astutely captures these twins' emotions as they toss, turn, and tug their new and old blankets—and embrace their growing independence.
The mighty Lalas are dying. The great sentient trees are departing the world that they have protected since the beginning of time, leaving the people bereft and confused. The fabric weaves of its own will, winding around the Twins, binding them inextricably into the cloth as they are violently thrust into a threatening world. Separated at birth, Davmiran and Tomas, heirs to the throne of Gwendolen, struggle to find the truth that will save their world. Assisted by a group of extraordinary warriors, scholars, magi, and friends, Tomas chooses his battles and demonstrates his strength and fortitude. But Davmiran lies unconscious in the Heights of Lormarion as the world awaits his revival so that he too can fulfill his unique and compelling destiny.
LouiLouise, the granddaughter of a railroad baron, was born in 1920 and a few years later became the elder sister of twin girls. They grew up on Philadelphia's Main Line, where their mother Adele, a beautiful widow, built a large mansion. Adele soon sought her place in society and sent Louise to numerous schools she researched to mingle with the students of the well known and wealthy. The journal follows Louise through her debut, World War II, numerous romantic encounters, and four marriages past the death of her mother and the tragic events that surrounded it.
One hundred years have passed since the fiery Cataclysm that changed the face of Krynn forever. For one hundred years, the people of Krynn have struggled to survive. But for some, those one hundred years have passed in the blink of an eye. Catapulted forward in time by Raistlin’s powerful magic, Caramon and Crysania find themselves aiding the mage’s unholy quest to master the Queen of Darkness. To his dismay, Raistlin discovers along the way that the annals of Time are not so easily bent to his will. Neither are the longings of his heart.
Alone in her ramshackle house, 13-year-old Yolanda Mae Crick looks in the mirror and sees a boy's face instead of her own. Yolanda follows his reflection to the ancient world of Tessar, where she learns to use her extraordinary gift, the vision to see the truth. But will she ever find the real boy behind the reflection?

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