They were inseparable until an innocent mistake tore them apart. Growing up, Viola and Issy clung to each other in the wake of their mother's eccentricity, as she dragged them from a commune to a tiny Welsh village. They thought the three of them would be together forever. But an innocent mistake one summer set them on drastically different paths. Now in their twenties, Issy is trying to hold together a life as a magazine art director, while Viola is slowly destroying herself, consumed with guilt over the events they unknowingly set into motion as children. When it seems that Viola might never recover, Issy returns to the town they haven't seen in a decade, to face her own demons and see what answers, if any, she can find. A deeply moving, gripping debut, this is a novel about the secrets we carry, and the bonds between twins.
On the eve of their thirteenth birthday, identical twins Chloe and Sue agree to get matching tattoos to prove their bond is stronger than DNA. So begins Twins, Marcy Dermansky’s funny and disturbingly honest debut novel, the extraordinary story of blonde, beautiful twin sisters trying to survive adolescence and each other. Over the course of five years, Chloe and Sue overcome breakups, unhappy Hawaiian vacations, unicycle lessons, eating disorders, pill abuse, and their first painful explorations of love and sex. Told in alternating voices, Twins introduces two new unforgettable heroines on the verge, in a spellbinding tale of teen angst, obsession, and redemption in the suburbs.
When his twin brother dies in a car accident, Helmer is obliged to return to the small family farm. He resigns himself to taking over his brother's role and spending the rest of his days 'with his head under a cow'. After his old, worn-out father has been transferred upstairs, Helmer sets about furnishing the rest of the house according to his own minimal preferences. 'A double bed and a duvet', advises Ada, who lives next door, with a sly look. Then Riet appears, the woman once engaged to marry his twin. Could Riet and her son live with him for a while, on the farm?'The Twin' is an ode to the platteland, the flat and bleak Dutch countryside with its ditches and its cows and its endless grey skies. Ostensibly a novel about the countryside, as seen through the eyes of a farmer, 'The Twin' is, in the end, about the possibility or impossibility of taking life into one's own hands. It chronicles a way of life which has resisted modernity, is culturally apart, and yet riven with a kind of romantic longing. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.
“Saul Diskin’s extraordinary memoir is rich with unique and wonderful intimacy—the intimacy of twinship. For me this made that closest of bonds come alive in a way no other book I’ve read has succeeded in doing. Diskin makes one feel like a twin, see the world through a twin’s eyes, suffer with him in a way that is at times almost unbearably close and poignant. One becomes immersed in the life and death struggle. The medical detail is wonderfully well-done, as are all the relationships. The peculiar and overwhelming nature of twinship is brought out in a way that’s both uncannily spirited and wholly down-to-earth; completely unsentimental. The reader participates at every point and on every page in an intimacy that he knows only death can end.” —JOHN BAYLEY, author of Elegy for Iris " have captured the essence of the twin relationship more eloquently than anyone else I have ever read." Nancy Segal, author of Entwined Lives, Indivisible by Two and Someone Else's Twin. “What is it like to lose your mirror-image, your other half, your secret sharer? The End of the Twins is an arresting memoir that evokes the mysteries of twinship and the irrevocability of loss.” —ERICA JONG, author of Fear of Flying and Becoming Light “A moving account of a unique bereavement from which we can all learn about love and loss.” —HAROLD S. KUSHNER, author of When Bad Things Happen to Good People
One of School Library Journal's Best Picture Books of 2011 These look-alike twins have always shared everything—their room, their toys, a crib, and, since the day they were born, a blanket. But as they grow into new beds, they need new blankets, too. Now they face a new dilemma: they don't know how not to share. Told from the perspective of two five-year-olds, The Twins' Blanket playfully illuminates squabbles and affection between young siblings. Yum's minimalistic art astutely captures these twins' emotions as they toss, turn, and tug their new and old blankets—and embrace their growing independence.
Two abandoned children make their home in a castle - which turns out to be haunted by the Duke of Wellington! The ghost is a particularly determined spook who helps them hide from the castle's caretaker. But when developers want to turn their home into a spa, everyone who loves the castle must band together to save the day. Comic ghostly fun for newly confident readers aged 8+ and those looking for a fast, fun read.
Big sister Dora has twice the fun with her new little brother and sister! With two pages of full-color stickers, Dora fans can join the twins in a learing adventure. The back cover activity features a cutout word game that challenges kids to match pictures and learn some Spanish words. Now with two pages of stickers instead of one!
LouiLouise, the granddaughter of a railroad baron, was born in 1920 and a few years later became the elder sister of twin girls. They grew up on Philadelphia's Main Line, where their mother Adele, a beautiful widow, built a large mansion. Adele soon sought her place in society and sent Louise to numerous schools she researched to mingle with the students of the well known and wealthy. The journal follows Louise through her debut, World War II, numerous romantic encounters, and four marriages past the death of her mother and the tragic events that surrounded it.
Two sisters, one destiny . . . Lex and Livia are on the run. In Time of the Twins, Lex, an impulsive military cadet, and Livia, a pampered Airess, have just found out they are twins, which is against the law in the great City of Indra. Now they are leaving behind the only world they have ever known: for Lex, it was the dark world of the Hub below the surface of Indra, where she survived the brutal Orphanage to become an elite member of Indra’s Population Control Forces, and for Livia, it was a life of luxury on the sky island of Helix, where she was brought up to be a Proper Indrithian Young Woman. With help from the charming and handsome Kane, Lex’s best friend and Livia’s newfound love, and Zavier, a gruff rebel who would prefer to leave them all behind, they make the grueling trek through the dangerous underground tunnels toward the Outlands beyond the dome of Indra in search of the mother they thought was dead. When they finally reach the Outlanders' colony, they discover their mother holds the key to unlocking their past, and they must confront an ancient prophecy, “The Time of the Twins.” The prophecy claims they are the long-awaited “twin saviors,” destined to save the City of Indra from the oppressive High Council who have long reigned over all of its people. Will Lex and Livia agree to be a part of their mother’s dangerous plan and take on the daunting role of the “twin saviors”? Will they trust their mother and put themselves in jeopardy to save countless lives? It’s a responsibility they never asked for . . . but one that may prove impossible to ignore. With unforgettable characters, an action-packed pace, and the sparks of new romance, the Jenner sisters have created a page-turning, heart-stopping adventure that will leave you wanting more.
For fourteen years the kingdom of Agramon has suffered under the despotic rule of one evil man, a sorcerer who hides away on a death-plagued island and controls the people with an undead army. A prophecy tells of twins children of the former king and queen who will lead the people to freedom and spell the end of the tyranny. Jonah and Isabelle Gomez are twins who have heard those stories but assumed they were meant to stay in their hometown and live out ordinary, mundane lives. Now, on their fourteenth birthday, they discover the prophecies refer to them; they must travel to the capital of Balaban to reclaim their rightful thrones. With the assistance of Nathan, the greatest swordsman in the kingdom, and Alit, a fierce warrior woman from a foreign land, these teenagers risk their lives confronting vicious soldiers and ruthless kidnappers as they come face-to-face with their destinies. Even worse, the twins must deal with the incredible weight of those crowns as they begin to see just how much power, responsibility, and danger come with being the rulers of Agramon.
As the Battle of New Orleans rages on, twins Pierre and Andrew set out to find and free their mother and sister from slavery, however the task is filled with great danger as they soon encounter alligators and evil-spirited pirates. Reprint.
Cowboy Daddy Shauntelle Dexter’s twin girls think they’ve found their perfect new dad in cowboy Noah Cosgrove. But how could she ever be interested in the man her family believes responsible for her brother’s death? Besides, while she’s putting down roots in Cedar Ridge, the big-city contractor will soon be hitting the highway straight out of town—until he’s roped into building Shauntelle’s dream restaurant. Working beside her reopens old wounds Noah would rather forget. But he doesn’t know real trouble until his mother and the twins join forces. One wily matchmaker, two precocious little girls and one beautiful woman may be more than a reluctant cowboy can resist.
More than half of the human race is dead because of the nuclear explosions in World War Three. Pain, death, and hopelessness rule the world and crush the people left to scramble for survival. These survivors pray for an end to their suffering. Finally, their prayers are answered. Rising amid the chaos and destruction are the immortal twins, taught to survive and trained for one purpose. Three thousand years of life has taught them how to end the suffering, how to bring hope back to the world. To end the suffering, they must fight against one of their own. A tyrant who wants to rule the city with an iron fist, oppressing the people further and leaving them with no hope. The twins begin the fight alongside others like themselves so they can bring peace to the war-ravaged world. The battle they begin is one that forces them to face hardships they have never seen before in their long lives. This very battle could rip them apart at the seams. Can they restore peace to a world destroyed by its own people, or will they lose each other forever

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