Gabriel King is afraid of everything: spiders, the rope swing over the lake, andmost of all, going to fifth grade. Frita Wilson, his best friend, decides Gabriel needs some liberating from his fears, so they make a list and plan to tackle each one. But one of the reasons Frita is so determined to help Gabe is that she needs his help too. Hollowell, Georgia in 1976 isn't exactly the most integrated place, and Frita's the only black student in school in a town with an active Ku Klux Klan.
#1 NYT Bestseller #1 USA Bestseller #1 WSJ Bestseller An Amazon Editors' Best Book of the Year A Kirkus Best Fiction Book of the Year An iBooks Book of the Month “Fascinating, suspenseful, and bated-breath exciting…. Silva proves once again that he can rework familiar genre material and bring it to new life.” — Publishers Weekly, starred review “Silva builds suspense like a symphony conductor.... A winner on all fronts.” — Booklist, starred review Bestselling author Daniel Silva delivers another spellbinding international thriller—one that finds the legendary Gabriel Allon grappling with an ISIS mastermind. Gabriel Allon, the art restorer, spy, and assassin described as the most compelling fictional creation "since Ian Fleming put down his martini and invented James Bond" (Rocky Mountain News), is poised to become the chief of Israel’s secret intelligence service. But on the eve of his promotion, events conspire to lure him into the field for one final operation. ISIS has detonated a massive bomb in the Marais district of Paris, and a desperate French government wants Gabriel to eliminate the man responsible before he can strike again. Acclaimed novelist Daniel Silva has thrilled, entertained and educated readers with eighteen thoughtful and gripping spy novels featuring a diverse cast of compelling characters and ingenious plots that have taken them around the globe and back—from the United States to Europe, Russia to the Middle East. From its shocking opening to its explosive denouement in Washington, D.C., The Black Widow reveals itself as Silva’s most timely and powerful novel yet. Following the success of his smash hit The English Spy, this electrifying thriller showcases Silva’s consummate skill and brilliant imagination, and is sure to be a must read for his multitude of current and future fans.
Gabriel Black finds himself sentenced to prison for life without the possibility of parole for a murder he did not commit, and in his hopelessness starts a file to store evidence of the existence of God.
Following My Thumb follows the wandering, rambling, bumbling travels of Gabriel Morris from 1990-2000. In the summer of 1990, at the age of 18, he sets off to Europe with his over-sized backpack, thumb guiding the way. He hitchhikes the entire length of Great Britain, sleeps in barns, on bridges and beaches and under benches, explores the Greek Isles, sneaks into a Parisian movie theater, spends a night at the center of the Place de la Concorde roundabout, and more. In Part 2 of the book, he spends the bulk of the mid-1990s as a wandering traveler back home in the United States, searching for something elusive: a place to call home, a community, love, adventure, meaning, purpose. He both finds and loses all to varying degrees as he attends tribal Rainbow Gatherings in the woods, falls in and out of love on the road, lives on farms and communes, and spends several months in an idyllic valley, far from civilization in the Hawaiian rainforest. The book culminates with his amazing and thought-provoking travels in the mystical land of India.
In its early years, the American Republic was far from stable. Conflict and violence, including major land wars, were defining features of the period from the Revolution to the outbreak of the Civil War, as struggles over who would control land and labor were waged across the North American continent. The World of the Revolutionary American Republic brings together original essays from an array of scholars to illuminate the issues that made this era so contested. Drawing on the latest research, the essays examine the conflicts that occurred both within the Republic and between the different peoples inhabiting the continent. Covering issues including slavery, westward expansion, the impact of Revolutionary ideals, and the economy, this collection provides a diverse range of insights into the turbulent era in which the United States emerged as a nation. With contributions from leading scholars in the field, both American and international, The World of the Revolutionary American Republic is an important resource for any scholar of early America.
The World of Dark Shadows is science fiction and fantasy with a touch of horror at its best. It is an epic adventure of three friends, Jean de Leon, Mary Williams, and Tim Morgan, bound by their friendship and love for each other. They are guided by a symbiotic transformational Orb named Gabriel. Gabriel is from Zen a Psi-Force world in space without time. Together they journey through inter-dimensional space-time and alternate realities to the evil and forbidden, World of Dark Shadows, in a heroic attempt to obtain the, Ancient Book of Signs and Symbols and rescue their loved ones. Together the four friends struggle against dark forces, powers and principalities, in a dangerous struggle against all odds to rescue those they love from an insidious evil entity whose only purpose for existence is to bring forth death, destruction and possession of their eternal souls and conquest of their world. The prophecy said, three children wise beyond their ages with a transformational Orb, would challenge Lucifer's dominion to save all that they love and believe in. What the prophecy did not say was whether or not they would succeed.
James Sidbury's Ploughshares into Swords places the enslaved population of Virginia squarely within the emerging Atlantic world culture--of the market economy, of urban culture, of Virginia's rapidly changing religious culture. Sidbury stresses the way black Virginians appropriated white cultural forms, transformed their meaning, and in the process created symbols of black liberation and a culture that had autonomous features even though it drew from the larger culture. His skillfull interweaving of these two separate strands of argument provides rare insights into the entire process of identity formation and creolization.
Where do we come from? Are we merely a cluster of elementary particles in a gigantic world receptacle? And what does it all mean? In this highly original new book, the philosopher Markus Gabriel challenges our notion of what exists and what it means to exist. He questions the idea that there is a world that encompasses everything like a container life, the universe, and everything else. This all-inclusive being does not exist and cannot exist. For the world itself is not found in the world. And even when we think about the world, the world about which we think is obviously not identical with the world in which we think. For, as we are thinking about the world, this is only a very small event in the world. Besides this, there are still innumerable other objects and events: rain showers, toothaches and the World Cup. Drawing on the recent history of philosophy, Gabriel asserts that the world cannot exist at all, because it is not found in the world. Yet with the exception of the world, everything else exists; even unicorns on the far side of the moon wearing police uniforms. Revelling in witty thought experiments, word play, and the courage of provocation, Markus Gabriel demonstrates the necessity of a questioning mind and the role that humour can play in coming to terms with the abyss of human existence.
When a fellow slave is murdered, Gabriel Prosser decides to lead a revolt against the slaveowners of Richmond
For sceptics, angels may be no more than metaphors: poetic devices to convey, at least for those with a religious sensibility, an active divine interest in creation. But for others, angels are absolutely real creatures: manifestations of cosmic power with the capacity either to enlighten or annihilate those whose awestruck paths they cross.
God is everywhere! He has chosen to reveal Himself in our modern age, when humanity’s faith in His love seems to be disappearing from the world. He sent His archangel, Gabriel, the protector of children and the keeper of knowledge to remind us the God is with all of us, within each of us, and evidence for his existence is all around us. The Way of Gabriel is his revelation through me, a sinner, servant, and mere mortal, as a conduit who heard His calling, and I could not ignore. He calls to each of us to close our mouths so we may finally hear. All who have ears to hear should hear! The Way of Gabriel is a spiritual journey that takes the reader (who can be from across different faiths and experiences) from a place of darkness, uncertainty and the perception of being lost to a place as a New Child of God. In today's global torment of ever-increasing chaos, as well as the growing trend away from God's Word, The Way of Gabriel is a revelation to all mankind to remind us that we are all God's Children, and that God is within all of us, for, we are not simply animals living for the moment who have lost all faith in something bigger than ourselves. We only need to look within ourselves for His Gifts of Talent to see the power of the Lord, through His power to create, and to also see that power to create within us. The Way of Gabriel is a grand revelation, a method for approaching life in a vast universe full of potential and tremendous beauty. The Way of Gabriel is a spiritual guidebook for today and future peoples to follow as we grow as a society beyond the confines of today's world. This is for those who have lost their way, who long for spiritual and philosophical enlightenment, as God as their center, who yearn to recapture their faith in the Lord God, that He and His Word guide our path in a world steeped in noise and tumult. The Way is for those who seek the Quiet of the Lord in the Light Mind, and want to protect themselves from all that distracts them from hearing the Word within ourselves. Many paths lead to the Way, but the Way is the path to the Lord, and the Way wakes the beautiful, more beautiful.
Stuck in the Dark Realm, teen-turned-archangel Gabriel Adam must remember who he was in the world. A familiar face guides him through an apocalyptic landscape, the only way home, but a relentless destructive force hunts them. Meanwhile, on the Earth Realm, the horrific effects of the converging dimensions consume reality, encouraged by the machinations of the demon Mastema. Facing impossible odds without their two fellow archangels, Micah and Afarôt race to stop an inevitable doom. In this harrowing conclusion to The Revelation Saga, worlds collide as Gabriel seeks inner strength to conquer the darkness threatening to tear the world—and his humanity—apart.
Living in a "perfect" world without social ills, a boy approaches the time when he will receive a life assignment from the Elders, but his selection leads him to a mysterious man known as the Giver, who reveals the dark secrets behind the utopian facade.
From the time before the great pyramids were built, an ancient prophecy foretold that for the sake of humanity, when nature could no longer absorb the abuse of man, a newborn of unknown blood would walk among us. Led by the divinity of elders, he will change the world. Join Gabriel and his close companions on this journey of mystery, danger, and intrigue. As Gabriel must interpret riddles to find the path to the light, he must also learn on the way. As this journey will teach Gabriel about the altered genesis of man and his aggressive nature for self-fulfillment, it will also teach of mans forced dominance of women and the abusive, unequal treatment inflicted upon them from the beginning to this day. Then the last but the most important lesson of all is the nature of this world and the destructive imbalance that has been caused by man. And within the imbalance of man and nature, Gabriel must learn how this balance can be restored. The ecological problems with the planet are at the heart of this imbalance. As Gabriel learns whats needed to start the reversal of all the damages, he learns the secret of why this world is so special and the true meaning of God.
In the summer of 1964, a thirteen-year-old white boy whose best friend is black is caught in the middle when civil rights workers and Ku Klux Klan members clash in a small town near Tupelo, Mississippi.
"Gabriel Finley returns to Aviopolis to rescue his mother from Corax"--
Presents a life of the playwright which analyzes his role in the evolution of the Elizabethan stage, describing the cultural, political, and religious changes that were taking place in Europe throughout his lifetime.
Seventeen-year-old Gabriel Adam is used to relocating a lot. When a mysterious assassin burns his home to the ground, Gabriel’s father reveals the truth of why they are always on the move: Gabriel is one of four archangels, born human and sent to stop Armageddon. Now Gabe must set aside dreams of attending NYU to try to fulfill his newly discovered role. Racing against time, Gabe and his father travel to the English university town of Durham, hoping the last surviving member of an ancient religious sect can guide them. With the assassin in pursuit, Gabe must shoulder the weight of his new life and an impossible destiny as protector of the entire human race.
Eleven-year-old Gabriel, with the help of the young raven Paladin, which whom he has a magical bond, travels to the foreboding land of Aviopolis, where he must face challenges and unanswerable riddles to rescue his long-missing father.
On August 18, 1775 a black man was hanged and burned to oblivion. For nearly 235 years, the man and his story have remained obscure. By looking at the world of this free African American harbor pilot, the narrative of American Revolution takes on a different dimension.

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