Reise in die Tiefen der Seele Michael Greenberg ist Schriftsteller und führt ein mehr oder weniger geordnetes Leben in New York. Doch dann wird seine Tochter krank – und alles ändert sich. Ein heißer Tag in Manhattan. Michael Greenberg sieht, dass ein Polizeiauto vor seinem Wohnhaus parkt. Was er erst später erfährt: Oben sind zwei Polizisten damit beschäftigt, seine von Visionen geschüttelte Tochter zu beruhigen. Dies ist der Beginn eines langen Weges, den er zu gehen hat, um sein Kind in die Wirklichkeit zurückzuholen. »Ich habe das Gefühl zu reisen, aber ohne Möglichkeit zur Umkehr«, sagt Sally. Ihr Vater folgt ihr auf dieser »Reise«, die sie unter anderem durch die Psychiatrie führt, hin zu einem halbwegs »normalen« Leben.
On December 1, 2007, during the arrest of several guerillas in Bogotá, the Colombian police confiscated a short video clip of political hostage Ingrid Betancourt. Accompanying the video was a twelve-page letter, dated October 24, 2007, written by Betancourt to her mother and family. Kidnapped on February 23, 2002, Betancourt has become an international symbol in the struggle for liberty and the fight against barbarity. Before being captured by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), she was a voice of hope for the Colombian people, leading a courageous fight against political corruption, violence, and illegal detentions. Presented in this small, poignant book is Betancourt’s letter to her mother printed in English, French, and Spanish. From the depths of the Colombian jungle, Betancourt’s words are an impassioned declaration of love to those dearest to her. In addition to this letter is a response to Betancourt written by her children, who since they were teenagers have rallied public support for their mother’s release. With a preface by Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Elie Wiesel, Letters to My Mother conveys a powerful message of love for family and country, and a heartrending plea for freedom.
This book is dedicated to my mother, and the community of mothers who all had a hand in raising me. Yes, this book is dedicated to all the mothers, all over the world, the phenomenal women who nurture us, care for us, raise us to be strong, and then release us into the world, thankless in their responsibility, thankless in their burden of such duty, thankless but never at a loss for love. This book is for you.
Susie Weksler was only eight when Hitler's forces invaded her Lithuanian city of Vilnius. Over the next few years, she endured starvation, brutality, and forced labor in three concentration camps. With courage and ingenuity, Susie's mother helped her to survive--by disguising her as an adult to fool the camp guards, finding food to add to their scarce rations, and giving her the will to endure. This harrowing memoir portrays the best and worst of humanity in heartbreaking scenes you will never forget. Winner of the Mildred L. Batchelder Award An ALA Notable Book An NCSS-CBC Notable Children's Trade Book in the Field of Social Studies
I knew I liked to write when I was a teenager, locking myself in my room. I was angry, frustrated and needed a positive outlet. I was tired of breaking things. I was sad having to pick up pieces of my little treasures. So I picked up a pencil to write about how I felt and why I was being self-destructive. I was determined to find a way to diffuse the confusion in my head. Taught very early to pray, I'd put my prayers on paper. Seeing something written brought me back into reality. I had a reference point. Something I could read over and over to remind myself who I was and that I would be okay. This is my story of survival. My journey from the traumatic experience of being molested countless times by my step-father while living within the strict religious practices of Jehovah's Witnesses to my healing process with Parents United. I thought my life of confusion, mistrust and low self-esteem could never change. As I got older, I attracted more dysfunction in my choices. I didn't know I could change that. I didn’t know any better. I became afraid for my children. I thought I was crazy and didn't have good parenting skills. After years of therapy, I learned to have control over my life and how to take the power back that I kept giving away. I am no longer a victim. It has been a long and twisty road. Today, I am proud to be happy, healthy and productive in my world. I am proud to be a survivor! I hope to inspire others and give them hope that the craziness in their heads can go away. I want to keep talking about this until the cycle is broken and all children are safe.
Regardless of the circumstances of each individual’s life, every life begins with a mother. Throughout your life, you may have many different relationships with your mother—or perhaps you may have none at all. For the most part, it’s safe to say that all of us have questions or perhaps just something important we’d like to say to our mothers. In A Letter to My Mother: Letters from Daughters Full of Love, Hope, Despair, Regret, and Forgiveness, women from various backgrounds and regions of the United States each write deep, heartfelt letters to their mothers. Each letter is a real, personal attempt at resolution between the roles of mother and daughter. In this collection of heart-to-heart communications—meant to inspire the reader to address his or her own unspoken words—the authors raise a number of points, issues, and praise with respect to their relationships with their mothers. From positive friendships to bitter abandonment, each woman bares her heart completely in her own letter to her mother.
For years, Cathy and her mother have been working out their relationship on the comic pages in such an honest, relatable, humor-filled way that thousands of mothers and daughters have written to say the comic strip is the single thing that has helped them keep speaking to each other over the years. In Confessions to My Mother, Cathy helps daughters speak to their mothers in an even more poignant way--with page after page of everything from embarrassing truths... "The last time you came to visit I spent a whole day hiding things before you got here." to belated admissions... I'm sorry for the 10 to 15 years I spent grunting at you." to personal revelations... The inside of my bathroom cabinet looks exactly as bad as the inside of your bathroom cabinet." and heartfelt sentiments.. "When I make your chicken soup, it doesn't taste like your chicken soup." "The thing I am the most sure of in my life is that you love me." "Because of you, I can't throw out a cardboard box." According to creator Cathy Guisewite, Confessions to My Mother is "all the deep, insightful, meaningful things I want to say to Mom, but never actually say because I'm too busy acting like a five-year-old when I'm with her."
Collects essays and letters from thirty-three women writers about the bond between mothers and daughters.
Powerful, disturbing, stirring, Jamaica Kincaid's novel is the deeply charged story of a woman's life on the island of Dominica. Xuela Claudette Richardson, daughter of a Carib mother and a half-Scottish, half-African father, loses her mother to death the moment she is born and must find her way on her own. Kincaid takes us from Xuela's childhood in a home where she could hear the song of the sea to the tin-roofed room where she lives as a schoolgirl in the house of Jack Labatte, who becomes her first lover. Xuela develops a passion for the stevedore Roland, who steals bolts of Irish linen for her from the ships he unloads, but she eventually marries an English doctor, Philip Bailey. Xuela's is an intensely physical world, redolent of overripe fruit, gentian violet, sulfur, and rain on the road, and it seethes with her sorrow, her deep sympathy for those who share her history, her fear of her father, her desperate loneliness. But underlying all is "the black room of the world" that is Xuela's barrenness and motherlessness. The Autobiography of My Mother is a story of love, fear, loss, and the forging of a character, an account of one woman's inexorable evolution evoked in startling and magical poetry.
This book has been written for anyone who has become a caregiver at a moments notice, and to say thank you to the many people who reached out to help her family in the time of need. It is intended to be a guide, but not a cure-all. She speaks with a voice of integrity and understanding and included in these pearls of wisdom are successful strategies used to care for her mother, whose acute stroke left her with a severe case of aphasia and apraxia and the inability to walk. Also, her father has been diagnosed with orthostatic hypotension. Her belief is that miracles can happen in the midst of trouble and that all it takes is tender loving care to make them happen. She is the recipient of the Master of Divinity Degree from Princeton Theological Seminary. In addition, she is an itinerant elder and has pastored in the African Methodist Episcopal Church, First Episcopal District.
Within this book is a collection of my mothers poems written for her lost loves, her love of her country, living in a new country, her love for her children, her grandchildren, great grandchildren and all who came into her world. Before she died, she gave me some of her poetry, written in books but mostly scribbled on scraps of paper, old envelopes and clothing labels. She wrote the words as they occurred on whatever she could quickly find so as not to forget the words and inspiration. This book is a journey of the heart, captured in poetry. It is real life in words, touching the deep recesses of the heart. It helps to bridge our humanity and spirituality within an encompassing message of love. My mother was born in Scotland on 17th March, 1925 and passed away in Tasmania on 19th July, 2004. I miss her every day, I miss her support, her wit and humour, her knowledge and wisdom, but most of all her unconditional love. Sometimes when my daughters and I are gathered together, we will smell the unmistakable smell of April Violets, which was my mothers favourite perfume. We know instantly that Mum has come to join in the family time together with us. Sometimes there will be a message given and sometimes she comes to share the love. I look forward to spending time with her embodied once more in another life and time.
We all cherish how wonderfully mothers' duties are accomplished, and the unconditional love that they provide to their children. The pain of carrying babies throughout pregnancy and the fact that mothers would sacrifice everything just to ensure their babies are well fed and nurtured is admirable. This book provides you with insights on how to bridge communication barriers to get back on track with your daughters, and also how to share life with your loved ones.
When Lisa Faulkner won Celebrity MasterChefit was the culmination of an emotional journey that began with her mother's death from cancer when Lisa was 16. Lisa's clearest memories of her mum are of her cooking delicious meals for the family, and in recreating her recipes in this book Lisa is not just keeping her mother's memory alive - she is also able to pass on to her own daughter, Billie, the love of cookery she inherited from her mum. With evocative photographs and easy-to-follow recipes, you too can tempt family and friends with fabulous home cooking all year round. With anecdotal snippets from Lisa's life as well as invaluable personal tips, the recipes include dishes suitable for entertaining - My MasterChef Fish Stew, Pan Fried Scallops with Pea and Mint, Lemon Mascarpone Tart and Pistachio Biscottii - alongside failsafe family fare: The Best Fish Pie, The Perfect Roast, Nanna's Bread and Mummy's Christmas Cake.
This is a story of how a small group of people made a transformation from Jew to Jewish American to American Jews. It is not unlike the transformation and Americanization of other peoples. How it differs is from the very fact that a religion, a set of beliefs transformed into a nationality. It is about a period of time in one woman's life, my mother who was a blend of Europe and America. She was a mixture of ethnicity, culture, religion and Americanized traditions; a potpourri of ideas and actions unlike most and yet common to us all. This is also my story as well as hers. It is about our lives and times of changes. It is about the games we played, the education we received, the changes in religious practices, the friends we had, and the environments in which we lived. My mother possessed virtues that were stark realities of everyday life. It was that there was always room at her table and there never was a shortage of food. She was a powerful loving matriarch who touched the lives of a great many people with a "touch" of this (knowledge), and a "touch" of that, (love).
Twenty-five houses designed by currently practicing architects.
This eye-opening, 5x8, 428 page, non-fiction book contains a multitude of inspirational messages received by the extraordinary trance medium Monserrate Conesa, as dictated to her daughter Gilda Miros. A compilation of fifty years of communications with "The World Beyond." This incredible and heartwarming book contains messages that will inspire the readers; provoking an awareness of their immortality and confirming that there is life after death. These fascinating spirit messages reveal - once and for all - that reincarnation does exist; that loving family members and close friends continue to seek one another after this life, and that death is just a swift transition from one world to another Spirit life stories, eternal loves, mother/daughter past lives and spirit advice; written with great love and accuracy by the author Gilda Miros. This true incredible account of psychic communication is a marvelous gift to the world.
After reading this book, you will be convinced that there is a God or power that can change or shape your destiny. From childhood through the adolescent ages, the author describes the challenges of growing up in the inner city neighborhood. You will be amazed with her encounter with powerful forces.
A tribute to mothers everywhere. This lovely book honors all a mother has done-and continues to do- for her family, while expressing the deep gratitude that is felt for a mother. Most of all, it's a beautiful reminder of the important role mothers play in the lives of their children.
Shortly after Albert Cohen left France for London to escape the Nazis, he received news of his mother’s death in Marseille. Unable to mourn her, he expressed his grief in a series of moving pieces for La France libre, which later grew into Book of My Mother. Achingly honest, intimate, and moving, this love song is a tribute to all mothers. Cohen himself expressed, "I shall not have written in vain if one of you, after reading my hymn of death, is one evening gentler with his mother because of me and my mother." From the Trade Paperback edition.

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