Do you need to learn SAP for your day-to-day work? Get the detailed steps and screenshots that walk you through the processes you need to do your job. Get comfortable with logging on to and navigating the system, maintaining your data, creating reports, printing, and so much more. Whether youre entering data, automating tasks, or building your foundational knowledge of the SAP system, this book has your back.
Whether you're entering data, using SAP software on a daily basis, or need a foundational knowledge of navigating the SAP system, this book offers detailed steps and screenshots that walk you through the processes you need to do your job: logging on to the system, navigation and maintenance, creating reports, printing, and more.
In a friendly, easy-to-understand manner, this book will paint you a picture of what SAP is, and explain what its software offerings can do. From SAP history, overviews of the major product offerings, through business examples, it helps you discover the world of SAP. It also includes real-world examples and case studies to see the tools at work.
Are you tired of endless searches through the SAP transaction tree? Can t remember the code for some transactions you use only on a monthly basis? Do you want to know what s behind a specific, yet obscure-sounding code, but have trouble finding the answer? With this comprehensive transaction reference, you can now save time by getting easy access to the most commonly used transactions in SAP ERP. Find transactions by module and code, and learn what each transaction s functionality is, when to use them, and when best to avoid them. Plus, use the extensive key word index to find the right transaction code for the task you have to perform in no time. All major modules of SAP ERP are covered, including the most important system transactions.
SAP is the world leader in enterprise applications in terms of software and software-related service revenue. Based on market capitalization, it is the world's third largest independent software manufacturer supporting all sizes of industries helping them to operate profitability, grow sustainably and stay ahead of the competition in the market. This tutorial provides a basic understanding of one of the best-selling ERP packages in the world that is known as SAP R/3. This tutorial is meant for readers new to ERP terminology who want to learn how to develop business solutions for clients using the developer tools of SAP R/3. You need to have a basic understanding of the concepts of enterprise resource planning in order to make the most of this tutorial.
The Ultimate SAP ® User Guide is the essential handbook for all aspiring SAP professionals. SAP master and experienced author Rehan Zaidi has put out an easy-to-follow, illustrated guide that will help you take your SAP skills to the next level. At a time when SAP jobs are competitive, it's important to exceed expectations. This book will help you to do just that - with up-to-date content on the latest ERP 6.0 screens across modules. Whether you need help getting started on SAP, personalizing your SAP system, or creating your own reports, this book will guide you. Polished by a review panel of SAP experts, The Ultimate SAP User Guide is an affordable alternative to costly training. You can use the book as step-by-step training, or simply use it as a reference when your job calls for a new task or SAP skills. With The Ultimate SAP User Guide, you are on the way to SAP mastery.
Now you can hit the ground running with SAP Business One - quickly and easily. Focused on beginners and end-users, this detailed reference provides you with volumes of expert insights, step-by-step instruction and practice tests, as well as an ongoing example that the author builds upon in each successive chapter. In addition to best practices for maximizing the SAP Business One software, every chapter also provides you with an essential overview of the corresponding business context. All of the most critical components of Business One are covered in detail, such as purchasing, sales, inventory, sales opportunities, financial accounting and banking, service, human resources, and more. Plus, the detailed appendices provide you with an indispensable quick reference guide for all buttons, icons, and shortcuts guaranteed to save you countless hours in the months and years ahead. Suitable for self-study, this book, based on the SAP Business One 2005 release, is also an invaluable resource that you can turn to for timely help again and again
SAP is the world's leading provider of ERP software and services, with worldwide revenue in 2004 of $9.7 billion and a 57 percent market share among major business application providers; it is one of the world's largest software companies overall ERP is a flexible, open technology platform that helps businesses run more efficiently (and profitably) by providing integrated management of key operations and supply chains Written for IT professionals who find it hard to get through SAP's complex documentation, our book demonstrates how ERP can cut costs, provides a clear overview of how the ESA (enterprise service architecture) model affects ERP, and shows how to implement the new ERP in the real world Topics covered include reducing the cost of an existing IT backbone, using the new ERP to address a company's "pain points" and challenges, and proving the value of ERP through ROI (return on investment) and TCO (total cost of ownership) studies
In this thoroughly updated third edition of INTRODUCTION TO ABAP/4 PROGRAMMING FOR SAP, you’ll find real-world examples that will help you master ABAP, the main language used for building solid-state business applications in the SAP runtime environment. This book contains a learn-by-doing tutorial with real-world business examples for programming in today’s most powerful client-server environment. From the basics of tables, displays, loops, and conditional operators to tuning and troubleshooting techniques to web service calls, object orientation, or enhancing system performance, this tutorial is a must for anyone developing in the SAP environment. Whether you’ve already spent thousands on official training or learned SAP on your own, this book offers comprehensive technical knowledge on reports, interfaces, data extracts, and testing. Take control with INTRODUCTION TO ABAP/4 PROGRAMMING FOR SAP, THIRD EDITION.
Explore key procurement processes and the day-to-day use of SAP MMLearn essential troubleshooting and problem-solving techniquesReduce ordering costs, decentralize purchase orders, and engage all levels of employees for successful procurement practicesCut straight to the heart of the matter with this book: efficiently using Materials Management (MM) in SAP ERP. This book teaches you everything you need to use MM in your everyday job. You'll find explanations of key procurement processes and how MM fits in, and then get down to the nitty-gritty. Written for procurement from the plant floor, this book will be an essential companion to you for your MM journey. Learn crucial system navigation, how to troubleshoot problems and system issues, and explore advanced functions and concepts that will improve your MM experience. Additionally, the book includes useful recommendations on how to perform procurement activities with fewer steps and greater ease.
-Learn SAP Basics and Improve Productivity From this book user can gain an edge of improved transections in SAP. All of little task where we can do something faster and automate will improve productivity. From book use automatic parameters for transaction to auto populate entries. -Improve SAP Navigation Skills SAP navigating skill is very important for new and existing users to learn. Shortcuts with the knowledge of shortcuts and customization users utilize system mush faster. -Favorites transaction code List Favorite transaction code list make easy buttons for users to click on transaction and also no longer require users to remember transaction codes. -Automate SAP Default Entries With parameters entry can be entered automatically. If user use specific one order type or sales organization frequently then the values will be automatically entered. -SAP GUI Color Customization GUI color can be customized. Learn step by step guide how to modify SAP GUI color. -Customize User Defaults for Date and Number Learn how to customize numbers and date in SAP. -Learn SAP ALV Report Tricks SAP ALV report give control of adjusting columns, display, filter and save adjusted custom layout of the report. -Find All Available Standard Report Find all possible reports from SAP. -Learn SAP Error and Massages Learn about SAP massages and their meaning to understand error. Learn visual errors from SAP. Why This Book? End users to improve their SAP GUI and navigations skills. In many projects end users do struggle with GUI functions. Users, consultants and beginners also improve their basic skills in SAP GUI. SAP GUI comes with huge amount of functions and book focused on most used functions. This Book focused on most used and productive functions for end users to improve productivity. Who is this book for? -End User -Consultants -Business Analysts -Managers -Beginners -SAP ABAPER (Programmer). Quick SAP Basic Introduction End User Guide for anyone new, experienced or anyone want to improve their basic SAP GUI skills.
Designed as a comprehensive reference for programmers and SAP® users or as review for certification, this book includes all of the major concepts related to the SAP Materials Management (MM) modulefunctionality, technical configuration, and implementation. With an easy-to-follow writing style, it begins with an introduction of the SAP ERP system and extends to the architecture of SAP R/3® technology. A complete glossary is included to help the reader understand the myriad of terms used with this module. This book serves as an excellent reference for both the earlier and more recent versions of SAP software.
Introduction to IFRS 15 and SAP revenue accounting and reporting -- Project execution approach -- Configuring SAP revenue accounting and reporting -- Transition strategy and options -- Business cases: telecom and high tech -- Conclusion
Chapters include: SAP explained, SAP technology basics, SAP ERP : SAP's core product, Using SAP's user interface, Reporting and query basics, Extending SAP with Microsoft and other products [and many more].
Suitable as a reference before starting your next SAP implementation project, this title comes with a preview of what to expect, what questions to ask, and when to take which steps. It also includes: Project requirements; SAP implementation method; Logistical tasks; System integration and contracting; Project planning; and, Work stream model.
"Whether you're already en route to SAP S/4HANA or taking your first look, this book is your go-to introduction to the new suite. See what SAP S/4HANA offers for your core business processes: finance, manufacturing, sales, and more. Learn about your reporting, extension, and adoption options, and consult customer case studies to learn from current customers. From the cloud to SAP Leonardo, get on the cutting edge of SAP!"--
SAP for Dummies, SAP BooksStep by Step Screenshots Guided Handholding Approach to LearningExplaining FI, CO Modules & Concepts to guide Consultants, Users, End Users gain confidence, get comfortable with and improve productivity using SAP FICO. Topics CoveredChapter I Navigation in SAP [Part - I]Chapter II ConceptsChapter III Data EntryChapter IV Standard Reports in FICOChapter V Navigation in SAP - [Part II]Chapter VI SAP Tips & TricksChapter VII Customizing SAP LayoutChapter VIII Report Parameter SelectionsChapter IX List FunctionsChapter X ABC AnalysisChapter XI Extract ManagementBegin your journey with this book to understand and optimize using SAP FICO to take your career to greater heights.
Are you an SAP Business One user who wants to make your life easier? Tune out the wide world of SAP and zone in on the SAP B1 tasks and transactions that support all of your critical processesfrom financials to production and beyond. With step-by-step instructions and tips from members of the SAP Business One North American Partner Advisory Council, including Carl Britton Lewis, this book is what youve been waiting for: The key to doing your job better in SAP B1.

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