In a shattered future London, three brothers grafted to powerful "lifesuits" squat in Buckingham Palace and load up on movies, video games, and porn. But when the city's scavengers rise against them, the brothers discover their suits aren't just for survival. Will they save the future... or bollocks it? Includes UXB stories from Dark Horse Presents, and loads of never-before-seen story material. * A dark, dystopian, post-apocalyptic tale. "Amazing art and witty dialog." —BAMFAS
Autumn 1940: the Front Line is now Britain itself. With invasion imminent, cities are blitzed nightly as for the first time a nation becomes the target of a campaign of aerial assault. And even after the planes have passed overhead, a deadly menace remains: thousands upon thousands of unexploded bombs. Buried under ground, their clocks ticking remorselessly, UXBs blocked supply routes, closed Spitfire factories and made families into refugees. Dealing with this threat soon became Churchill's priority. For the first time, Danger UXB reveals the story of this desperate struggle against the ticking clock. It was a battle of wits that pitted German ingenuity against British resourcefulness, told through four key figures in the new science of bomb disposal: Robert Davies GC, who saved St Paul's Cathedral; Stuart Archer GC, protector of the vital Welsh oil refineries; the extraordinary Earl of Suffolk GC; and John Hudson GM, the horticulturalist who mastered the V1. An astonishing and compelling account of courage and self-sacrifice, this is the truth of how the Blitz was beaten.
This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 4th International Symposium on Foundations of Information and Knowledge Systems, held in February 2006. The 14 revised full papers presented together with three revised short papers and one invited paper were carefully reviewed and selected from 54 submissions. Among the topics covered are the theoretical foundations of information and knowledge systems, as well as mathematical fields such as discrete mathematics, combinatorics, logics and finite model theory, and applications thereof for research on database and knowledge base theory.
​Das deutsche Steuerrecht ist durch beständigen Wandel geprägt. Der Steuerrechtswissenschaft fällt die Aufgabe zu, sich abzeichnende Entwicklungen möglichst frühzeitig zu identifizieren und wissenschaftlich zu durchdringen. Auf Anregung des Max-Planck-Instituts für Steuerrecht und Öffentliche Finanzen haben sich bereits zum zweiten Mal führende Steuerrechtswissenschaftlern der jüngeren Generation mit von ihnen als besonders wichtig erachteten „Zukunftsfragen“ des deutschen Steuerrechts befasst. Die Bandbreite der behandelten Themen reicht von den verfassungsrechtlichen und europarechtlichen Rahmenbedingungen der Steuerrechtsordnung über das Potential der Kodifikationsidee im Steuerrecht bis hin zur Besteuerung des Finanzsektors und zur Vermeidung der Umsatzsteuerdefinitivbelastung bei Körperschaften des öffentlichen Rechts.
Old Folk? Old folk, wearing tartan slippers, trammelled into the backwater of a comfy armchair in front of the tele? “Sit down GrandMa, I’ll get you a nice cup of cocoa”. Oh yes, this is the lot of many geriatrics these days. When these out-of-sight ‘oldies’ do grope for a cane to stand up on shaky legs and open their mouths, they are perceived as cantankerous, rude, gossipy and out-of-date: “Have another biscuit GrandPa.” Born in times of war and adversity, these humble oldies remain canny, experienced and brave – they reminisce and remember! They are especially ‘up for it’ when confronted with challenges, problems or oppression that could seriously affect their ways of life, bring about financial difficulties, interfere with a colleagues’ welfare, even to destroy hard-earned reputations. Geriatricks 1 has a cast of doughty, eccentric and humourous oldie characters who will just not ‘stay out of sight and sit quietly’. It unfolds as a series of novellas and poetry that will transport you into a world where ‘old ‘uns’ address or answer their call to duty! Will their devilish plots, ploys and whirlwind fightbacks confound, bemuse to eventually lead to the defeat of their adversaries, and bring about victory – or not?

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