Wally has moved - he's in a new place in every scene. So, if you thought you'd found him, you'd better think again You'll need to look again for Woof, Wenda, Wizard Whitebeard and Odlaw, too.
Wow! Five fantastic Where's Wally? titles and a sticker book in one sumptuous slipcase. Featuring the first five bestselling Where's Wally? adventures: Where's Wally?, Where's Wally Now?, Where's Wally? 3 The Fantastic Journey, Where's Wally? In Hollywood and Where's Wally? The Wonder Book. Plus Where's Wally? The Fabulous Flying Carpets Sticker Book, with over 250 stickers and a play scene to create your own Wally adventures. Hours of eye-boggling fun!
A slip-cased set of special editions of the first four best-selling 'Where's Wally?' adventures, presented for a new generation of readers.
Lets you join Wally and his friends. This Santa themed sticker activity book features 24 pages of wintry sticker-based activities (spot the differences, jigsaws, games, mazes, searches and more) and six sticker sheets bursting with hundreds of stickers to complete them.
A Where's Wally? for the Tate Modern generation, the book is filled with a host of extra puzzles and activities.
Vier Miniausgaben zum Fest: große Freude, kleiner Preis! Der Weihnachtsmann hat ein Problem und das trägt den schönen Namen Rudolf. Just am 24. Dezember leidet das rotnasige Musterexemplar eines Rentierbullen an einer Erkältung, vor allem aber an grober Unlust. Ersatz muss her, und zwar ein echter Könner! Wer käme da ernsthaft in Frage außer Rover, dem Hund, der jede Abkürzung kennt? Mit den Mack'schen Kindern und zwei versehentlich nach Lappland gebeamten Echsen im Schlepptau starten Rover und der Weihnachtsmann den Wettlauf gegen die Zeit. Aber schon kitzeln die Strahlen der aufgehenden Sonne sie im Nacken! Werden sie es schaffen, allen Kindern von Australien bis Alaska in der Nacht auf den 25. Dezember ihr Geschenk zu bringen? Immerhin geht es um die Glaubwürdigkeit des Weihnachtsmannes. Und was wäre der, wenn das Unternehmen misslänge? Doch nichts weiter als ein alter Mann mit weißem Bart wie Millionen andere!
This eye-boggling slipcase contains special mini editions of the first four bestselling Wally adventures, presented for a new generation of readers. They're so complex that this slipcase comes complete with a magnifying lens so that readers can get every speck of pleasure possible!
Wizard Whitebeard's enchanted scroll is missing and it's up to you and Wally to find it! Make your way through Whitebeard's library, stopping in every section, from Adventure to Crime to Puzzles and even to Space! With a comic strip, puzzles, activities and a brand-new search and find spread, the Where's Wally Official Annual 2015 is the perfect Christmas stocking filler!
There are games, tongue-twisters, riddles, fascinating facts and lots more in this bumper activity book compiled from four popular Wally titles.
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Synopsis coming soon.......

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