Over 100,000 copies sold! Coming Out, Then Coming Home Christopher Yuan, the son of Chinese immigrants, discovered at an early age that he was different. He was attracted to other boys. As he grew into adulthood, his mother, Angela, hoped to control the situation. Instead, she found that her son and her life were spiraling out of control—and her own personal demons were determined to defeat her. Years of heartbreak, confusion, and prayer followed before the Yuans found a place of complete surrender, which is God’s desire for all families. Their amazing story, told from the perspectives of both mother and son, offers hope for anyone affected by homosexuality. God calls all who are lost to come home to him. Casting a compelling vision for holy sexuality, Out of a Far Country speaks to prodigals, parents of prodigals, and those wanting to minister to the gay community. “But while he was still a long way off, his father saw him and felt compassion, and ran and embraced him and kissed him.” - Luke 15:20 Includes a discussion guide for personal reflection and group use.
Though American author Winston Churchill often focused on historical events as inspiration for his novels, his later work more often explored the way that events conspired to shape his characters' opinions and values. In A Far Country, protagonist Hugh Paret enters his career as a corporate lawyer full of high-minded ideals, but begins to change his outlook as he gains experience in the business world.
The dark of the night. Two girls are running for their lives. Terrified, one falls and, unable to get up, she forces her friend to go on without her, to save herself. For her, there is no escape as their attackers close in... When the body of an unidentified young girl is found in the canal, DCI Thakeray is put on the case. Meanwhile, Thackeray's girlfriend, Laura Ackroyd, is reporting on the controversial appointment of a female chairman at the town's football club. It seems some people are prepared to stoop to any depths to force her out. Thackeray and Ackroyd soon suspect their two inquiries are linked, but as Laura becomes more involved in her case, does she risk putting Thackeray's job - and her life - in danger?
From the bestselling author of The Piano Tuner, a stunning novel about a young girl’s journey through a vast, unnamed country in search of her brother. Fourteen-year-old Isabel was born in a remote village with the gift and curse of “seeing farther.” When drought and war grip the backlands, her brother Isaias joins a great exodus to a teeming city in the south. Soon Isabel must follow, forsaking the only home she’s ever known, her sole consolation the thought of being with her brother again. From the Trade Paperback edition.
“Tom Gulbronson is a rare combination: a man with the heart of a pastor and a mind like a steel trap. His well-trained mind allows him to delve deeply into the Word of God, and his pastor’s heart distills what he has learned with care and compassion for others.” —Amy Hollingsworth, author of The Simple Faith of Mister Rogers Many people today do not understand the grace of God and what they can become through the finished work of Christ. In this book, Dr. Gulbronson defines grace and how to appropriate it in our lives. The reader will discover the path to God’s abundant grace. This book is written for anyone desiring the full benefits of the New Covenant. Many are still living under the Old Covenant and are not realizing true freedom in the finished work of Christ. The author takes us on a journey of discovering grace and how to walk in that grace. He sets the tone by beginning the book with expositions of the book of Galatians. He then shares how grace affected so many biblical figures. There are thirty-one chapters in this book, and by reading one chapter daily, this book can be completed in one month, which would complete a study in grace. This journey of grace can bring confidence, assurance, and hope to the believer. May each reader realize the grace of Christ and His finished work on the cross.
Pree Fincastle, daughter of impoverished British missionaries in India, is left alone and destitute when tragedy strikes. She embarks on a journey in search of Kai, the son of her mother's ayah, and the only person she can trust. But Kai is not the man Pree thought he was, and the secrets he holds will unlock the door to another world, another time - and, shockingly, another life. From the whispering Ravi River to the hidden heart of the Peshawar, this is a story of penury and prostitution, tragedy and bloodshed, secrets and love. But ultimately it is a story of hope; a story that, once read, will never be forgotten...