Felix Batterinski grew up tough in Northern Ontario. After enjoying brief fame as an "enforcer" for the NHL's Philadelphia Flyers, he finds himself eking out a living as a player-coach in Finland. But a controversial play spells the end of his comeback bid, and Felix begins a tragic descent into disillusion and despair.
The safe in Ken's basement was a gun safe almost the size of a refrigerator. It weighed four hundred pounds and was bolted to the wall. With a few turns of the dial Ken opened the safe and pulled out a wooden box and handed it to Adams. He opened the lid, took out the knife and handed it to Sara. "It's exactly the same as the others," Adams said. Ken took the disc out of the safe. "The computer is in my office upstairs." They were all anxious to see what the disc contained, yet they were afraid of what they might find. Ken downloaded the disc and printed the document. Adams retrieved the paper from the printer and went to work circling every third letter in from the end of each word. Sara and Ken sat in wait as Adams decoded the message. "Oh no!" Adams looked as if he saw a ghost. He handed her the decoded message and she began to read. With every word she was trembling more and more
The last season in Newport, Rhode Island is the summer of 1941, just before Pearl Harbor. It is the end of an era of social glitter and privilege. Sera, a young Portugese beauty from nearby Stonington, Connecticut, falls in love with Russell, a young Naval Lieutenant from a socially prominent Newport family, who is stationed at the War College--the naval base near Newport where secret military scenarios are played out by future commanders. She is swept off her feet by the charming Russell who thinks nothing of borrowing secret documents to raise the money his family won't give him to date Sera. But Sera will not stand for that. Sophistocated thrills and romance energize The Last Season, from the author of The Gypsy Man and The Perfect Machine. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.
A wonderful portrait of British upper-class life in the Season of 1939 - the last before the Second World War. The Season of 1939 brought all those 'in Society' to London. The young debutante daughters of the upper classes were presented to the King and Queen to mark their acceptance into the new adult world of their parents. They sparkled their way through a succession of balls and parties and sporting events. The Season brought together influential people not only from Society but also from Government at the various events of the social calendar. Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain chaperoned his debutante niece to weekend house parties; Lord Halifax, the Foreign Secretary, lunched with the Headmaster of Eton; Cabinet Ministers encountered foreign Ambassadors at balls in the houses of the great hostesses. As the hot summer drew on, the newspapers filled with ever more ominous reports of the relentless progress towards war. There was nothing to do but wait - and dance. The last season of peace was nearly over.
First published in 1989, this is an account of the oldest of traditions. It was called the London Season, and for three centuries it had been a time of fashionable suppers and brilliant balls that introduced England's most aristocratic and eligible girls to society. Though by 1939 the stately gavottes and minuets had long since given way to waltzes and fox-trots, the cream of young womanhood still curtsied low before the Queen and then went out to dance the night away with the young men they would one day marry. But the Season of 1939 was different: it was to be the last. And like many a finale, it lives on in memory as a lovely, enchanted dream, all the more beautiful for the horror and destruction that would follow so soon. Based on a wealth of first-hand reminiscences, press clippings, and memorabilia, 1939: The Last Season of Peace is a fascinating portrait of this fairy tale about to end. It captures the end of an era as it recreates a world whose inhabitants still believed in empire and tradition. It is a vivid picture of a generation suspended in a brief moment of sunlit summer glory, before the gathering storm of World War II swept it all away.
FINDING LIFE IN THE LAST SEASON Encouragement for the Aged and Those Who Care for Them This collection of short stories and devotions address the pain and loss of end of-life issues in a straightforward but encouraging way. With the youngest of the "baby boomers" now approaching the age of 50, the numbers of those caring for an aging loved one are growing at a staggering rate. With that grows the need for both to be understood, and to understand, this last season of life. While there is little material available to address these spiritual and emotional needs, God's word is most clear on the esteem He places on the elderly. With that in mind, Finding Life in the Last Seasonwas written to speak to the needs of this swiftly growing audience, and to impact the mission field of the elderly living in care facilities. This collection of devotions and short stories were written and shared in care facility outreaches for the aged, sick and dying over a decade of ministry, and have encouraged thousands with the truth that God's love is constant in changing circumstances; and that through Christ, there is life... even in the last season. DIANE DOERING has been a Bible teacher, retreat speaker, radio host, worship leader and is a Licensed Minister. Born and raised in the Chicago area, Diane has lived in Omaha, Nebraska since 1987. Diane and her husband, Bob, have been married for 23 years. They have two children; Matt, age 18 and Cassie, age 14. Diane and Bob Doering are the Directors of Threefold Cord Ministries, a ministry to the poor, the orphan and the widow; which ministers the gospel to the aged and dying in care facilities, and raises support for orphaned children in impoverished countries (www.threefoldcord.org). Threefold Cord Ministrieswas founded by Diane and Bob Doering in 2000 and they serve this work fulltime as a missionary family. This ministry is operated free from debt, with integrity, and with the sole purpose of reaching the poor, the orphan and the widow with the gospel of Jesus Christ.
This is a book about paying an old and dear friend back that has done so much for you. Thank you my friend. You will be missed. It is also about survival and attempting to walk softly through this crazy world we live in. With this, my second book, I am trying to prove my point instead of my opinion. Douglas B. Egenolf was born and raised just south of Indianapolis, Indiana and is the youngest of seven children. He has traveled the United States through his work and for pleasure. He is a lifetime member of the National Rifle Association and a current member of the Ruffed Grouse Society. He still calls Indiana his home where he resides with his wife and kids.
A unique collection of over 300 photos recalling the final year of Oxford Rebels (1975) - the riders, the races, the champions. With references and photos of all the British League teams that year. Plus the results of the matches with individual riders' scores.
Last Season of Innocence discusses the lives of the preteens and teenagers who were in junior high school, high school, and the first year of college in the 1960s. Brooks offers a unique account of this much-chronicled decade by examining the experiences of these often overlooked young people.
This is it-senior season and a good chance to compete for state! Player dad Steve Pelham isn't about to miss a second of the excitement he's sure will be provided by his son, Woody, and the other ten seniors of the high school team. Not even the specter of cancer's return is going to keep Steve from a minute of this, "The Final Season." Even non-baseball fans will delight in this front-row viewing of emotional wins and losses, pivotal personal choices, and trying tests of faith as the Sandy Pines Panthers claw their way toward the state championship series. The book culminates in a climactic surprise ending that will leave readers both stunned and impressed.