Do you ever stop to wonder what you have been through until you got where you are?Or simply want to record your journey in a one sentence a day Journal? The One sentence a day 5 Year Journal shows you what you were thinking each day—for five years of your life. Simply turn to today's date, record the one life changing moment you had, and when you finish the one sentence a day journal, start over. As you return to the daily pages again over the years, you'll notice how your focus change (or don't)! This classically but simply designed journal—is the perfect gift for anyone who loves to reflect back at some point in their life.
Yes, You Can (5-Year One Line A Day Journal) If you are looking for a self-reflection and gratitude journal, this journal is a very inspirational tool for you or your busy mother. You or your mother can use it to think about so many things and cultivate a thankful heart in your life. On the other hand, you can get rid of negative thinking and turn it into positive every day. If you do so, you will find life is so meaningful and full of joy. You can use this journal for five years. This book's size is 7x10 inches. It can be a great gift for yourself, mother, friends and family... It is a powerful tool for you to renew your life and you can have a better life. Details: The Five-Year One Line A Day Memory Book/Self-Reflection Memory and Gratitude Journal+Notebook+Diary+Lined Journal (Gratitude/Record/Reflect/Remember). 7x10 Inches. Matte Cover. Paperback Cover. Best Birthday, Mother's Day and Christmas Gifts for You, Your Friends, Family, Christian... Unique Mother's Day Gift Ideas, Personalized Mother's Day Gift. Click on "Look Inside" to find out more and grab a copy for yourself and a friend today!
This one line a day diary will allow you to easily record up to 5 years of memories. The journal contains a page for each day of the year, each containing 5 lines - one for each year. Limiting yourself to only one line a day helps to develop a daily writing habit by removing the pressure of filling a page. If you are struggling to fit in everything you want, it can be fun trying to fit the day's events into only one sentence or write a list, there are no rules. Alternatively if you can't think of anything to write, record the weather or your thoughts on a current news piece, write about future plans or even a very short story. If you're really stuck try to think of one word to describe your day or your mood. As you build your diary you will be able to look back and reflect on previous entries as you create new ones. The less blank days you have the better for looking back through the years.
This unique Q&A book prompts you with a single question for each day of the year, with space for diary entries over a five year period. The "Q & A 365 Day Scrapbook and Journal Diary for Moms and Kids" is something you will treasure for years, as your daily entries accumulate and build a lasting memory of your thoughts and events on each day of the year. Best of all, the simple format of this journal diary book makes it easy to capture the moment by answering a single question, such as, "What is the funniest thing my child has said recently?" Or, "What one thing can I do to make this the best year ever?" Imagine the memories and moments you will capture by simply writing one or two sentences per day in response to a single question. In fact, with this journal book you will capture 5 years of 365 questions, totaling 1,825 memories. Don't lose your precious memories. Capture them in this unique question and answer format journal book.